12x12 Expansion
12x12 Expansion-icon
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Requirements:Zoning Permits
Cost:Coins-icon 20000 Coins

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12x12 Expansion is an upgrade available in the Build Menu that cost Coins-icon 20,000 Coins (or at discounted prices), requires a certain amount of Zoning Permits and is available as of Level 15. Every time you buy an expansion, you will need more permits, up to your 25th expansion; after which you will only need 40 permits for every subsequent expansion.

Originally, each expansion cost Coins-icon 20,000 Coins initially and gradually increases in price with each expansion while the required permits remained at 40. As of March 31, 2011[1], the population requirement is enforced and the monetary cost of each player's next expansion has been reset to 20,000.


The population requirement for your next expansion is always 1000+ more than your population level at the time of your last expansion. Essentially, each expansion can give room for as much as 11700 new population (achieved by adding 9 Parkside Villas without road access), so it is definitely possible to build population fast enough to allow continued expansions. An increase of 1000 population can be achieved for a lot less money by building 8 Spring Bungalows, but they will use up a much larger area given by the expansion, especially if road access is provided. [NOTE]: With the implementation of Neighborhoods, more housing and population can fit within each expansion.

Population RequirementEdit

The population requirement is currently Population-icon 5000 Population. It is 5000 from the population you had at the time of your last expansion.

Tip: Store extra housing in the warehouse before expanding.

Goals Edit

Designated AreasEdit

For these goals, you need to expand to specific areas. If you have already expanded to these areas, the task will automatically be checked off.


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