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Requirements:XP-icon Level 30
Completion:Complete Cargo Terminal
Complete Passenger Terminal
Complete Vacation Terminal
Complete Private Jet Terminal
Complete Airport Terminal Extensions

The Airport is a Community building in CityVille. It will bring both tourists and work like a pier for goods supply. If it's removed, it will go back into your Inventory.

The Airport is a gradually upgradeable building which increases its functionality as it is upgraded. Initially it will have a Cargo Terminal which brings goods. The completion of the airport will also require the construction of three other terminals and at least 2 extensions.

According to Zynga's Board all planes may now be stored in the Warehouse.


On January 4, 2013, the Cargo terminal was made upgradeable to Level 5 and the other 3 upgradeable to Level 3, beginning with the goal Nonstop Flight!-icon Nonstop Flight!.



On Jan 23, 2012, an airport teaser was implemented onto players' gameboards. It showed a yellow plane circling around with a plane tag. When clicked it gave the following message:

Get ready to Welcome the World to Your City. Airports are coming soon!

That looks like a great city down there! Let's build an airport to connect it to the world!


Cargo Plane[]

Cargo Planes run routes from the airport and trade coins for goods.

Passenger Jet[]

Passenger Planes run routes from the Airport and trade goods for tourists and coins.

Vacation Planes[]

Vacation Planes run routes from the Airport and collect Experience Points on the way. For each neighbor who gets on your plane, more experience is given.

Private Jets[]

Private Jets run routes from the Airport and trade goods for coins, experience, premium goods, energy, zoning permits and temporary V.I.P. Bonuses.


Tourists are customers for your businesses that are unloaded from your Passenger Planes. Having these tourists in your city speeds up how quickly the businesses in your city sell out after you supply them. This is the same effect housing has on your businesses. Before unloading the tourist passengers from the landed Passenger Jet, make sure the businesses in your city are resupplied with purchasable goods (not sold out or empty). This ensures they have places to go shopping.



  • Players are limited to one Airport.
  • Players can only have 10 Extension Terminals.
  • Extension Terminals to the airport cannot be placed against the incomplete terminal sections.
Based on players' experience as posted in this thread, neighbors now can help with both passenger and cargo planes, they can speed them up and harvest them, counting towards mastery and un-withering is under investigation but comments say it counts towards mastery


Build An International City!-icon Build An International City!

Cargo Terminal:

Build an Airport!-icon Build an Airport! Send Planes to Master Routes!-icon Send Planes to Master Routes! Run Your Airport!-icon Run Your Airport! Travel the World!-icon Travel the World!

Passenger Terminal:

Roman Holiday-icon Roman Holiday Bring In Tourists!-icon Bring In Tourists! Master Routes-icon Master Routes Unlock Souvenirs!-icon Unlock Souvenirs!

Vacation Terminal:

Prepare for Takeoff!-icon Prepare for Takeoff! Buddy System-icon Buddy System That's the Ticket!-icon That's the Ticket!

Private Jet Terminal:

Private Jet Terminal (Goal)-icon Private Jet Terminal (Goal) Earn V.I.P. Bonuses!-icon Earn V.I.P. Bonuses!


In August 2011, CityVille Player Steven " Provincia" submitted a story into a story line contest which mentioned airports and all the steps to complete one, which won the contest.