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Arctic Habitat
Arctic Habitat-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirements:Level 20
Sell for:Coins-icon 50 Coins
Construction:Energy-icon 6 Energy
Allows: Population-icon 50 Population

The Arctic Habitat was released on July 12th 2011. It is a 4x4 space that takes three arctic animals. You need to have all of the Mountain Habitat animals to unlock the Arctic Habitat. It is placeable from the footer of the New Arctic Habitat!-icon New Arctic Habitat! goal.

Arctic Animals[]

Snow Owl Walrus Musk Ox
Snow Owl-icon Walrus-icon Musk Ox-icon
Common Common Common
Dall Sheep King Penguin Polar Bear
Dall Sheep-icon King Penguin-icon Polar Bear-icon2
Uncommon Uncommon Rare


Snow Owl Snow Owls have feathers on their feet so they don't need socks!
Walrus Walruses are a little long in the tooth!
Musk Ox A Musk Ox uses its horns for protection as well as a coat rack!
Dall Sheep Dall Sheep live life on the edge... of cliffs!
King Penguin To the King Penguin, every event is a black tie affair!
Polar Bear Polar bears are good at parties because the know how to break the ice!