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Attractions are a type of business available in CityVille. Unlike other businesses, they require materials to finish building. However, they do not require any goods to supply. Depending on how many customers visit the attraction, the earning profit varies. During the set running time, it is able to accept up to 300 customers. To attract the most customers, release tourists from the Cruise Ship, Hotel, and Sailboat Hotel to maximize earnings.

Attractions require players to be at XP-icon Level 25 to purchase. To unlock an attraction would require 50 cash.

Decorations placed near attractions do not give out any payout bonus.

Re-Opening Attractions[]

After collecting from your attraction, a wrench icon is found above it. The attraction is closed for maintenance and a timer is set for how long it will take before it is ready to accept customers again. You can wait for repairs to finish or to speed this up, you can collect Wrench-icon wrenches via wall post requests or spend Cash-icon Cash. Special attractions, Enrique's Euphoria Arena and MJ's Immortal Arena, require CDs or Gloves to reopen.

Attractions can run at the same time. Request for wrenches cannot be sent out from multiple attractions at the same time. They are treated as one request, since the rides use the same wrenches.

When an attraction is "ready to open," this green button Attraction start button will appear above it.

As of January 25, 2012 attractions no longer needs Building Materials.

Types of Attractions[]