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The Free shipping on EVERYTHING on BESTBUY.COM is a collection of items which can be acquired by collecting rent from Best Buy-icon Best Buy during the Best Buy Brings More Surprises! Promotion.

This collection supersedes the Best Buy More Surprises Collection from the first promotion.

This collection was available on November 4, 2011. But upon the official start of the event, the collection was reset and the Camera collectible was replaced with the Smartphone.

There is also a chance of acquiring these collectibles by putting them on your wishlist and either opening a Mystery Gift or clicking a neighbor's train wall post.

Each of these collectibles has a 20% chance of dropping.

The first trade-in reward is the Best Buy Sign. Subsequent trade-ins will reward the following coins and energy.

Collectibles Trade in Reward
Smartphone-icon Coffee Maker-icon Free Shipping-icon Beats-icon TV-icon Coins-icon Energy-icon
Smartphone Coffee Maker Free Shipping Beats TV Coins-icon 2,500 Coins Energy-icon 5 Energy