Grouping of Bonuses are ways to increase the payouts for Businesses, Housing, Zoos, Malls, Food Court, Hotels and Neighborhoods. Bonuses obtained from a properly placed decorations near the site are added together and increasing the income by up to hundreds of percent. Some decorations gives increased bonus to themed items and nominal bonus to rest of items (e.g. Trojan Horse). Special decorations are usually available only for a limited time during an appropriate event and beyond this time can not be purchased or obtained.

382 percet bonus

382% bonus payout

420 percet bonus

420% bonus payout

Bonus amountEdit

1x1 usually 1% but some decorations gives 2%, 3%, 4%, 10% (Buble Snowman) or 100% (Super Solar Panel, 2012 Fireworks)

2x1 usually 2% but the Park Bench With Planters gives a 5% payout boost to housing and businesses, with an additional 5% boost to winter themed items. Bella with Fan gives 6%

3x1 usually 3%

2x2 usually 4% but may be up to 100% (18%=Windmill, Arch Light, 22%=Firework Display, 100%=Flying Reindeer, News Helicopter)

4x1 usually 4%

3x2 usually 6%

4x2 usually 9% but may be up to 27% (e.g. Pirate Putt Putt)

3x3 usually 9% but may be up to 18% (Cherry Hill) or 27% (Perfect Tree, Blood Mobile) or 30% (Best Buy More Surprises) or 45% (Caroling Crew) or 48% (Bird Sanctuary)

4x4 usually 16% but may be up to 32% (e.g. Basketball Court) or 21%-33% (Rose Garden)

6×4 the Football Field gives 30% payout bonus to businesses and residences.

6x6 the Black Diamond Slope gives a 70% payout boost to housing and businesses, with an additional 70% boost to winter themed items

8x4 usually 64% (Tennis Court)