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Bonus crew

The Bonus Crew is an item available in CityVille that gives players a helping hand for your next crew. It is a random gift from the Mystery Gift-icon Mystery Gift or Special Delivery Crate-icon Special Delivery Crate. It is also available from Cityville giveaways and dropped by the Crew Center. When won, it goes into your inventory until you start construction on a community building/landmark that requires Staff Members.

Bonus Crew do not work for staffing Malls or Neighborhoods.

If you have bonus crew staffed for the City Hall, you will have the option to replace them with neighbors during special City Hall timed goals.

How to use[]

When you start building a new community building, it will automatically be put into a position on the crew. If you are able to fill all the staff positions with neighbors before finishing the building, the crew will not be used and is available for your next construction project. If you have enough bonus crew to fill all positions, you will not have the option to hire staff.

All the bonus crew in your inventory will be reflected in any buildings that require staffing and has empty slots. At this point they are not committed to any particular building. However once you do finish the building, the amount required gets removed from you inventory and committed to that specific building. This means that they will "disappear" from other buildings. Example: You see observatory with 12 bonus crew and you also see a ranger station with 10 bonus crew. Both buildings can be completed at this time and you decide to complete the ranger station. This takes 10 bonus crew from your inventory, so when the observatory is checked, there will only be 2 bonus crew filling the observatory.

Bonus Crew

Bonus Crew

Bonus crew used in position

Example of using a Bonus Crew