Broadway is an 9x3 building in CityVille. It can be placed from a pop-up announcement that appears if you are XP-icon Level 20 or above. You can only have one Broadway building.

It is made up of three individual buildings, all working in the same way as hotels with the exception that neighbors cannot reserve rooms. Each of these "hotels" require 30 materials, Staff Members-icon 9 Staff Members, and Energy-icon 9 Energy to complete. Each building resembles a real-life show with it's decor, staff and name - Tiger Prince resembles The Lion King, Dogs resembles Cats, and Fantasm resembles The Phantom of the Opera.

Sending it to your Inventory resets all progress made towards completing it.


Image Name Supply Payout
Dogs Theater-icon Dogs Theater Goods-icon 300 Goods Coins-icon 1,800 Coins
Fantasm Theater-icon Fantasm Theater Goods-icon 500 Goods Coins-icon 3,150 Coins
Tiger Prince Theater-icon Tiger Prince Theater Goods-icon 800 Goods Coins-icon 5,280 Coins


Dogs Theater:

Who Let the Dogs Out?-icon Who Let the Dogs Out?Let's Dance!-icon Let's Dance!Set the Stage!-icon Set the Stage!

Fantasm Theater:

A Star is Born!-icon A Star is Born!Waiting in the Wings!-icon Waiting in the Wings!Take off the Mask!-icon Take off the Mask!

Tiger Prince Theater:

The Tiger's Share-icon The Tiger's ShareEye of the Tiger!-icon Eye of the Tiger!The Crown Jewel-icon The Crown Jewel

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