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Build A Bakery!
Build A Bakery!-icon
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Goal Information
DescriptionYour growing population is impressive! Build me a magnifique bakery and you may earn my vote.
HintsOnly your friends can send the chocolate I require. Ask them, s'il vous plaît.
Mission fromChef Andre-icon Chef Andre
Build Business-iconBuy a Bakery
Supply Business-iconSupply a Bakery with Goods
Collect Business 3-iconCollect from a Bakery
GoodsGoods-icon 25 Goods
Incoming Shipment-icon Incoming Shipment Build A Bakery!-icon Build A Bakery! The Pastry Tour!-icon The Pastry Tour! & Plant A City Flag-icon Plant A City Flag

Build A Bakery! is one of the Goals in CityVille. It was released on December 2nd, 2010


Build A Bakery!-feed Player just built a fabulous French Bakery in Player's Town.

Mayoral candidate Player has just added the smell of freshly baked Goods to Player's Town with a new bakery! It's time to give your town one too!


Build a Bakery

Goal Info

Build a Bakery Complete

Goal Completed