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The Build Menu lets the player purchase items for Cash and Coins. It is here that all houses, businesses, Hybrid Buildings, decorations, crops and plots, shipping objects, community buildings, energy refills, expansions, and wonders can be purchased and built. There are different tabs for each of these types of objects in addition to a tab with the latest objects.

July 2012[]

In July 2012, the Build Menu layout was changed. New features include:

  • top five best sellers list
  • separated Offer
  • cash to coins button Cash to Coins-btn
  • tabs that filter within the categories now as a fold-out Tab Fold Out-btn

January 2013[]

With the release of Hybrid Buildings, a new tab was added to the Build Menu in January 2013.

Try Before You Buy![]

Try Before You Buy

This feature introduced on Jan. 25, 2012 allows players to try out select items before buying them. Click on the eye icon to place the item in your city. The items are temporary and will be removed at the end of the gaming session.

Try Before You Buy dialog



Orignal Build Menu


Build Menu prior to 2013

Build Menu 2013

Current Build Menu