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Businesses are buildings which provides a player with coins, experience (XP) and collection items. One energy is needed to collect from a business. Goods or Premium Goods are also required to supply businesses in order for them to operate. New businesses can be obtained by reaching a certain level, increasing population, completing certain goals or collections, or having a certain amount of neighbors.

With the exception of the Empty Lot, all businesses start out as only a framework in the form of a construction site, which must be built to complete the construction. After completion, supply the business with goods/premium goods and let customers visit. When the goods are sold out from serving the maximum number of customers, a business will be available to be collected. Its earnings can vary depending on factors like the bonus payout from decorations or landmarks.

A player may start a Franchise by building a Business identical to their own in a neighbors's Empty Lot. These shops are handled by the mayor of the city where they stand. Once every 24 hours you can supply each shop from the Franchise Headquarters as well as collecting income. Regardless of the activity of the owner of the store's location, the needed supplies and the payout will be the same. However, the neighbor will need to accept supplies on a daily basis or else the player will not be able to send more.

Many active players may find businesses more profitable than Housing.

As of May 18, 2011, businesses can be upgraded to supply more goods and serve more customers for higher earnings. See Business Upgrades for details.

Building a New Business[]


Businesses can be found in the "Businesses" tab of the Build Menu. If unlocked, the player will need to have enough Coins or Cash to purchase the business. Some businesses require the player to be at a certain level, have a set amount of neighbors, have a particular population or have completed one of the game's goals in order to unlock for purchase.

Like houses and community buildings, businesses require building and are basic construction zones when they are originally placed. The construction zones are the same size as the building will be upon completion. The player then must use their energy to complete the building. This can vary from building to building - some businesses require 3 build actions (thus Energy-icon 3 Energy), and others can require 7 or 8 build actions, or more. Your neighbors can help you with building when they visit your city - if your building is incomplete, they can use one of their help actions to boost it.

Once the build actions are completed, the building becomes ready to use immediately, unlike community buildings. But only if it is connected to an asphalt road or a sidewalk.

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Before a business receives goods for the first time, it is surrounded with balloons to suggest a "grand opening". As soon as the player provides a business with its first supplies, the balloons will detach from the building and float away. When you open a new business, many citizens will go to the shop.

Maintaining Businesses[]

To keep businesses running, a player will be required to supply it with goods. These goods can be collected by the player through farming, shipping, trains, a Goods Factory and other methods. Unless the business is fully stocked with supplies, citizens cannot shop there. If a player does not have enough goods to cover the full supply needed (e.g. 140 goods for a Cinema), they can't supply it.

If there are premium goods and regular goods available in storage, the regular goods will be used first and the remaining deficit will be taken from the premium goods. For example when supplying a Cinema (which requires 140 goods) and there are 100 premium goods in storage and only 40 regular goods, the business will automatically take the 40 regular goods before consuming the 100 premium goods.

Once a business has received supplies of goods, citizens will begin visiting the business. A player can monitor how many people have visited their business by hovering over the building with the cursor. It will read, for example: "Served: 17/110".

The speed between delivering new supplies and the building becoming ready for collection depends on how many citizens the city has (population), the happiness of the population, the presence of tourists, and how many other businesses are also supplied.

Therefore, if a player supplies their Sushi Bar and has no other supplied businesses, their citizens will only have one place to shop - so it will be ready for collection very quickly. A player with a low population will find their businesses become ready for collection much slower than a player with a very high population. Tourists will spend twice as more at businesses than normal residents.


For complete list of all businesses, click here.
For list of only upgradable businesses, click here.
Here is the list of Downtown Businesses.

The following chart consists of businesses that are permanently on the Build Menu or else available from other ways. Does not contain limited edition or upgrades. It also does not include businesses created after the release of Downtown CityVille.

Image Business Cost Earnings Supply Size Requirement(s) Coins per Good Collections to Profit Franchise Cost Can Upgrade
Empty Lot-icon Empty Lot 00000000000000000000Coins-icon 0 Coins 00000000000000000000Varies 00000000000000000000Varies 4x4 Increasing Neighbors 00000000000000000000Varies n/a n/a
Bakery-icon Bakery 00000000000000000200Coins-icon 200 Coins 00000000000000000040Coins-icon 40 Coins 00000000000000000010Goods-icon 10 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 10 Population 4 5 00000000000000000160Coins-icon 160 Coins Level 3
Flower Kiosk-icon Flower Kiosk 00000000000000000400Coins-icon 400 Coins 00000000000000000095Coins-icon 95 Coins 00000000000000000025Goods-icon 25 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 30 Population 3.8 5 00000000000000000320Coins-icon 320 Coins Level 3
Coffee Shop-icon Coffee Shop 00000000000000000600Coins-icon 600 Coins 00000000000000000320Coins-icon 320 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 50 Population 3.2 2 00000000000000000480Coins-icon 480 Coins Level 3
Toy Store-icon Toy Store 00000000000000000800Coins-icon 800 Coins 00000000000000000180Coins-icon 180 Coins 00000000000000000050Goods-icon 50 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 100 Population 3.6 5 00000000000000000640Coins-icon 640 Coins Level 3
Burger Joint-icon Burger Joint 00000000000000001000Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 00000000000000000240Coins-icon 240 Coins 00000000000000000075Goods-icon 75 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 150 Population 3.2 5 00000000000000000800Coins-icon 800 Coins Level 3
Taco Truck-icon Taco Truck 00000000000000001000Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 00000000000000000180Coins-icon 180 Coins 00000000000000000050Goods-icon 50 Goods 3x3 3.6 6 n/a
Video Game Store-icon Video Game Store 00000000000000001300Coins-icon 1,300 Coins 00000000000000000050Coins-icon 50 Coins 00000000000000000010Goods-icon 10 Goods 3x3 Reputation-icon 8 Neighbors 5 26 00000000000000001040Coins-icon 1,040 Coins Level 3
Diner-icon Diner 00000000000000001600Coins-icon 1,600 Coins 00000000000000000230Coins-icon 230 Coins 00000000000000000050Goods-icon 50 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 350 Population 4.6 7 00000000000000001280Coins-icon 1,280 Coins Level 3
Fast Food Chicken-icon Fast Food Chicken 00000000000000005000Coins-icon 5,000 Coins 00000000000000000178Coins-icon 178 Coins 00000000000000000040Goods-icon 40 Goods 3x3 4.45 n/a
St. Patty's Pub-icon St. Patty's Pub 00000000000000001800Coins-icon 1,800 Coins 00000000000000000188Coins-icon 188 Coins 00000000000000000040Goods-icon 40 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 9 4.45 n/a n/a
Cosmetic Store-icon Cosmetic Store 00000000000000001900Coins-icon 1,900 Coins 00000000000000000120Coins-icon 120 Coins 00000000000000000025Goods-icon 25 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 400 Population 4.8 16 00000000000000001520Coins-icon 1,520 Coins
General Store-icon General Store 4x4 n/a n/a
Quick Stop-icon Quick Stop 4x4 n/a n/a
Shamrock Sing-A-Long-icon Shamrock Sing-A-Long 00000000000000002100Coins-icon 2,100 Coins 00000000000000000405Coins-icon 405 Coins 00000000000000000090Goods-icon 90 Goods 4x4 XP-icon Level 9 4.5 6 n/a Level 3
Ice Cream Parlor-icon Ice Cream Parlor 00000000000000002200Coins-icon 2,200 Coins 00000000000000000308Coins-icon 308 Coins 00000000000000000070Goods-icon 70 Goods 3x3 Fourth Of July Fever!-icon Fourth Of July Fever! 4.4 8 n/a Level 3
Barbecue Restaurant-icon Barbecue Restaurant 00000000000000002500Coins-icon 2,500 Coins 00000000000000000338Coins-icon 338 Coins 00000000000000000075Goods-icon 75 Goods 3x3 Oooo, Aaaah-icon Oooo, Aaaah 4.51 8 n/a
Pool Hall-icon Pool Hall 00000000000000002200Coins-icon 2,200 Coins 00000000000000000420Coins-icon 420 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 4x4 Population-icon 450 Population 4.2 6 00000000000000001760Coins-icon 1,760 Coins
Juice Bar-icon Juice Bar 00000000000000008000Coins-icon 8,000 Coins 00000000000000000675Coins-icon 675 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 4.5 n/a n/a
Greek Restaurant-icon Greek Restaurant 00000000000000002500Coins-icon 2,500 Coins 00000000000000000330Coins-icon 330 Coins 00000000000000000075Goods-icon 75 Goods 3x3 4.4 8 00000000000000002000Coins-icon 2,000 Coins
Indian Restaurant-icon Indian Restaurant 00000000000000002500Coins-icon 2,500 Coins 00000000000000000330Coins-icon 330 Coins 00000000000000000075Goods-icon 75 Goods 3x3 4.4 8 00000000000000002000Coins-icon 2,000 Coins
Thai Restaurant-icon Thai Restaurant 00000000000000002500Coins-icon 2,500 Coins 00000000000000000330Coins-icon 330 Coins 00000000000000000075Goods-icon 75 Goods 3x3 4.4 8 00000000000000002000Coins-icon 2,000 Coins
Taqueria-icon Taqueria 00000000000000002500Coins-icon 2,500 Coins 00000000000000000330Coins-icon 330 Coins 00000000000000000075Goods-icon 75 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 10 4.4 8 00000000000000002000Coins-icon 2,000 Coins
Candle Shop-icon Candle Shop 00000000000000002500Coins-icon 2,500 Coins 00000000000000000420Coins-icon 420 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 10 4.2 6 n/a Level 3
Fiddle Shop-icon Fiddle Shop 00000000000000002400Coins-icon 2,400 Coins 00000000000000000258Coins-icon 258 Coins 00000000000000000060Goods-icon 60 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 10 4.3 10 n/a
Bike Shop-icon Bike Shop 00000000000000002500Coins-icon 2,500 Coins 00000000000000000330Coins-icon 330 Coins 00000000000000000075Goods-icon 75 Goods 3x3 Reputation-icon 9 Neighbors 4.4 8 00000000000000002000Coins-icon 2,000 Coins Level 3
Bookstore-icon Bookstore 00000000000000003000Coins-icon 3,000 Coins 00000000000000000430Coins-icon 430 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 4.3 7 n/a Level 3
Comic Book Store-icon Comic Book Store 00000000000000010000Coins-icon 10,000 Coins 00000000000000000425Coins-icon 425 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 4.25 n/a n/a
Packing Store-icon Packing Store 00000000000000003000Coins-icon 3,000 Coins 00000000000000000430Coins-icon 430 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 Open Packing Store-icon Open Packing Store 4.3 7 n/a
Shoe Store-icon Shoe Store 00000000000000003500Coins-icon 3,500 Coins 00000000000000000572Coins-icon 572 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 700 Population 4.4 7 00000000000000002800Coins-icon 2,800 Coins
Noodle Shop-icon Noodle Shop 00000000000000004000Coins-icon 4,000 Coins 00000000000000000405Coins-icon 405 Coins 00000000000000000090Goods-icon 90 Goods 3x3 4.5 10 n/a Level 3
Fireworks Shop-icon Fireworks Shop 00000000000000004250Coins-icon 4,250 Coins 00000000000000000445Coins-icon 445 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 Time To Go Lunar-icon Time To Go Lunar or
A Dynamite Meal!-icon A Dynamite Meal!
4.45 n/a n/a Level 3
Ride Maintenance Shop-icon Ride Maintenance Shop 00000000000000007500Coins-icon 7,500 Coins 00000000000000000480Coins-icon 480 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 4.8 16 n/a
Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand-icon Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand 00000000000000008000Coins-icon 8,000 Coins 00000000000000000448Coins-icon 448 Coins 00000000000000000080Goods-icon 80 Goods 3x3 5.6 18 n/a
Produce Paradise-icon Produce Paradise 00000000000000012500Coins-icon 12,500 Coins 00000000000000001413Coins-icon 1,413 Coins 00000000000000000253Goods-icon 253 Goods 5x5 XP-icon Level 40 5.58 n/a
City Dojo-icon City Dojo 00000000000000004250Coins-icon 4,250 Coins 00000000000000000495Coins-icon 495 Coins 00000000000000000110Goods-icon 110 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 750 Population 4.5 9 n/a Level 3
French Restaurant-icon French Restaurant 00000000000000004500Coins-icon 4,500 Coins 00000000000000000495Coins-icon 495 Coins 00000000000000000110Goods-icon 110 Goods 3x3 4.5 10 00000000000000003600Coins-icon 3,600 Coins Level 3
Laundromat-icon Laundromat 00000000000000005000Coins-icon 5,000 Coins 00000000000000000515Coins-icon 515 Coins 00000000000000000115Goods-icon 115 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 1000 Population 4.48 10 00000000000000004000Coins-icon 4,000 Coins
Tofu Burger-icon Tofu Burger 00000000000000005000Coins-icon 5,000 Coins 00000000000000000507Coins-icon 507 Coins 00000000000000000115Goods-icon 115 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 1100 Population 4.41 10 00000000000000004000Coins-icon 4,000 Coins
Dance Studio-icon Dance Studio 00000000000000005300Coins-icon 5,300 Coins 00000000000000000774Coins-icon 774 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 / 6.45 7 00000000000000004240Coins-icon 4,240 Coins Level 3
Ku Drive-In-icon Ku Drive-In 00000000000000300000Coins-icon 300,000 Coins 00000000000000001759Coins-icon 1,759 Coins 00000000000000000330Goods-icon 330 Goods 4x4 XP-icon Level 55 5.33 171 n/a Level 3
Song Bird Pet Shop-icon Song Bird Pet Shop 00000000000000150000Coins-icon 150,000 Coins 00000000000000001719Coins-icon 1,719 Coins 00000000000000000320Goods-icon 320 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 50 5.37 88 n/a Level 3
Elf Shoeshop-icon Elf Shoeshop 3x3 n/a n/a
Bait Shop-icon Bait Shop 3x3 n/a n/a
Street Grill-icon Street Grill 00000000000000005000Coins-icon 5,000 Coins 00000000000000000540Coins-icon 540 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 2x2 Stuffed Pigeons-icon Stuffed Pigeons 4.5 10 n/a
Sunglasses Store-icon Sunglasses Store 00000000000000005500Coins-icon 5,500 Coins 00000000000000000534Coins-icon 534 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 1200 Population 4.45 11 00000000000000004400Coins-icon 4,400 Coins Level 3
Department Store-icon Department Store 00000000000000008000Coins-icon 8,000 Coins 00000000000000000588Coins-icon 588 Coins 00000000000000000135Goods-icon 135 Goods 4x4 XP-icon Level 13 4.36 14 00000000000000006400Coins-icon 6,400 Coins
City Supermarket-icon City Supermarket 00000000000000005750Coins-icon 5,750 Coins 00000000000000000569Coins-icon 569 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 4x4 Population-icon 1250 Population 4.38 11 00000000000000004600Coins-icon 4,600 Coins
Zoo Cafeteria-icon Zoo Cafeteria 00000000000000006000Coins-icon 6,000 Coins 00000000000000000585Coins-icon 585 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 18 4.5 11 n/a Level 3
Zoo Gift Shop-icon Zoo Gift Shop 00000000000000005500Coins-icon 5,500 Coins 00000000000000000352Coins-icon 352 Coins 00000000000000000080Goods-icon 80 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 20 4.4 16 n/a
French Cafe-icon French Cafe 00000000000000003000Coins-icon 3,000 Coins 00000000000000000660Coins-icon 660 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 Vive La France!-icon Vive La France! 4.4 5 n/a Level 3
Bowling Alley-icon Bowling Alley 00000000000000006000Coins-icon 6,000 Coins 00000000000000000765Coins-icon 765 Coins 00000000000000000180Goods-icon 180 Goods 4x4 XP-icon Level 25 4.25 8 n/a Level 3
Asobu Arcade-icon Asobu Arcade 00000000000000090000Coins-icon 90,000 Coins 0000000000000001,625Coins-icon 1,625 Coins 00000000000000000300Goods-icon 300 Goods 4x4 XP-icon Level 23 5.42 n/a n/a
Panini Shop-icon Panini Shop 00000000000000006300Coins-icon 6,300 Coins 00000000000000000528Coins-icon 528 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 4.4 12 00000000000000005040Coins-icon 5,040 Coins
Italian Restaurant 2-icon Italian Restaurant 00000000000000006500Coins-icon 6,500 Coins 00000000000000000645Coins-icon 645 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 1500 Population 4.3 11 00000000000000005200Coins-icon 5,200 Coins Level 3
Pizzeria-icon Pizzeria 00000000000000006700Coins-icon 6,700 Coins 00000000000000000630Coins-icon 630 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 3x3 4.5 11 00000000000000005360Coins-icon 5,360 Coins
Cheese Market-icon Cheese Market 00000000000000007200Coins-icon 7,200 Coins 00000000000000000690Coins-icon 690 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 28 4.6 11 00000000000000005760Coins-icon 5,760 Coins Level 3
Jet Ski Shop-icon Jet Ski Shop 00000000000000009000Coins-icon 9,000 Coins 00000000000000000700Coins-icon 700 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 31 5 13 n/a
Seafood Restaurant-icon Seafood Restaurant 00000000000000007500Coins-icon 7,500 Coins 00000000000000000609Coins-icon 609 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 3x3 Reputation-icon 15 Neighbors 4.35 13 00000000000000006000Coins-icon 6,000 Coins
Tourist Shop-icon Tourist Shop 00000000000000017500Coins-icon 17,500 Coins 00000000000000000550Coins-icon 550 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 40 5.5 32 n/a
Handbag Store-icon Handbag Store 00000000000000010000Coins-icon 10,000 Coins 00000000000000000654Coins-icon 654 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 2000 Population 5.45 16 00000000000000008000Coins-icon 8,000 Coins
Boat Shop-icon Boat Shop 00000000000000009000Coins-icon 9,000 Coins 00000000000000000770Coins-icon 770 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 3x3 See Food Training-icon See Food Training 5.5 12 n/a
Taffy Shop-icon Taffy Shop 00000000000000014000Coins-icon 14,000 Coins 00000000000000000470Coins-icon 470 Coins 00000000000000000090Goods-icon 90 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 35 5.22 30 n/a
Sushi Bar-icon Sushi Bar 00000000000000012500Coins-icon 12,500 Coins 00000000000000000605Coins-icon 605 Coins 00000000000000000110Goods-icon 110 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 2300 Population 5.5 21 00000000000000010000Coins-icon 10,000 Coins
Wedding Store-icon Wedding Store 00000000000000015000Coins-icon 15,000 Coins 00000000000000000702Coins-icon 702 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 2750 Population 5.4 22 00000000000000012000Coins-icon 12,000 Coins
Cinema-icon Cinema 00000000000000100000Coins-icon 100,000 Coins 00000000000000000749Coins-icon 749 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 4x4 Cinema Investment-icon Cinema Investment 5.35 134 00000000000000080000Coins-icon 80,000 Coins
Chic Boutique-icon Chic Boutique 00000000000000250000Coins-icon 250,000 Coins 00000000000000000795Coins-icon 795 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 55 5.3 315 00000000000000200000Coins-icon 200,000 Coins
Skate Shop-icon Skate Shop 00000000000000300000Coins-icon 300,000 Coins 00000000000000000928Coins-icon 928 Coins 00000000000000000175Goods-icon 175 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 55 5.3 324 n/a
Luggage Store-icon Luggage Store 00000000000000200000Coins-icon 200,000 Coins 00000000000000000636Coins-icon 636 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 53 5.3 315 00000000000000160000Coins-icon 160,000 Coins
Jewelry Store-icon Jewelry Store 00000000000000500000Coins-icon 500,000 Coins 00000000000000000830Coins-icon 830 Coins 00000000000000000155Goods-icon 155 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 60 5.35 603 00000000000000400000Coins-icon 400,000 Coins
Hotel Restaurant-icon Hotel Restaurant 00000000000000600000Coins-icon 600,000 Coins 00000000000000000851Coins-icon 851 Coins 00000000000000000155Goods-icon 155 Goods 4x4 Cruise Control!-icon Cruise Control! 5.49 706 n/a
Furniture Store-icon Furniture Store 00000000000000750000Coins-icon 750,000 Coins 00000000000000000864Coins-icon 864 Coins 00000000000000000160Goods-icon 160 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 8000 Population 5.4 869 00000000000000600000Coins-icon 600,000 Coins
Music Store-icon Music Store 00000000000000900000Coins-icon 900,000 Coins 00000000000000000881Coins-icon 881 Coins 00000000000000000163Goods-icon 163 Goods 3x3 Population-icon 9000 Population 5.4 1022 00000000000000720000Coins-icon 720,000 Coins
Tower Eats-icon Tower Eats 00000000000001000000Coins-icon 1,000,000 Coins 00000000000000000900Coins-icon 900 Coins 00000000000000000165Goods-icon 165 Goods 4x4 Population-icon 10 Population 5.45 1112 00000000000000800000Coins-icon 800,000 Coins
Toy Tower-icon Toy Tower 00000000000001750000Coins-icon 1,750,000 Coins 00000000000000002393Coins-icon 2,393 Coins 00000000000000000475Goods-icon 475 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 45 5.03 732 n/a Level 3
Watch Shop-icon Watch Shop 00000000000000018500Coins-icon 18,500 Coins 00000000000000000534Coins-icon 534 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 4.45 0 n/a
Donut Shop-icon Donut Shop 00000000000000042000Coins-icon 42,000 Coins 00000000000000000702Coins-icon 702 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 3x3 5.4 60 n/a
Magic Shop-icon Magic Shop 00000000000000033000Coins-icon 33,000 Coins 00000000000000000702Coins-icon 702 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 3x3 5.4 48 n/a
Camera Shop-icon Camera Shop 00000000000000022000Coins-icon 22,000 Coins 00000000000000000668Coins-icon 668 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 4.45 33 n/a
Lamp Store-icon Lamp Store 00000000000000010000Coins-icon 10,000 Coins or
ZCoin-icon 110 zCoins
00000000000000000512Coins-icon 512 Coins 00000000000000000115Goods-icon 115 Goods 3x3 ZLevel-icon 50 zLevel 4.45 n/a
DVD Rental Store-icon DVD Rental Store ZCoin-icon 120 zCoins 00000000000000000493Coins-icon 493 Coins 00000000000000000110Goods-icon 110 Goods 3x3 ZLevel-icon 50 zLevel 4.48 n/a
Jeans Store-icon Jeans Store ZCoin-icon 120 zCoins 00000000000000000473Coins-icon 473 Coins 00000000000000000105Goods-icon 105 Goods 3x3 ZLevel-icon 40 zLevel 4.5 n/a
Corner Store-icon Corner Store Pea Collection Turn-in 00000000000000000270Coins-icon 270 Coins 00000000000000000060Goods-icon 60 Goods 3x3 Pea Collection 4.5 0 00000000000000004000Coins-icon 4,000 Coins
Tavern-icon Tavern Down-Town Collection Turn-in 00000000000000000352Coins-icon 352 Coins 00000000000000000080Goods-icon 80 Goods 3x3 Down Town Collection 4.4 0 00000000000000004000Coins-icon 4,000 Coins
Tuxedo Rental-icon Tuxedo Rental Jet Setter Collection Turn-in 00000000000000000575Coins-icon 575 Coins 00000000000000000125Goods-icon 125 Goods 3x3 Jet Setter Collection 4.6 0 00000000000000008000Coins-icon 8,000 Coins
Western Saloon-icon Western Saloon Super Villains Collection Turn-in 00000000000000000720Coins-icon 720 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 Super Villains Collection 6 0 n/a
Bed And Breakfast-icon Bed And Breakfast Win from Daily Bonus 5th day 00000000000000000609Coins-icon 609 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 4x4 Daily Bonus 4.35 0 n/a
Farmer's Market 2-icon Farmer's Market not buyable 00000000000000000280Coins-icon 280 Coins 00000000000000000060Goods-icon 60 Goods 4x4 CityVille Hometown: XP-icon Level 7 4.67 0 n/a
Hardware Store-icon Hardware Store not buyable 00000000000000000704Coins-icon 704 Coins 00000000000000000160Goods-icon 160 Goods 3x3 Hardware Store!-icon Hardware Store! 4.4 0 n/a
Sporting Store-icon Sporting Store not buyable 00000000000000000555Coins-icon 555 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 Sporting News!-icon Sporting News! 5.55 n/a n/a
Hotdog Kiosk-icon Hot Dog Kiosk not buyable 00000000000000000450Coins-icon 450 Coins 00000000000000000090Goods-icon 90 Goods 2x2 Eating Contest!-icon Eating Contest! 5 n/a n/a
Scuba Dive Shop-icon Scuba Dive Shop not buyable 00000000000000000853Coins-icon 853 Coins 00000000000000000155Goods-icon 155 Goods 3x3 New Opportunities-icon New Opportunities 5.5 n/a
The Claw-icon The Claw not buyable 00000000000000000660Coins-icon 660 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 Start Your Engines!-icon Start Your Engines! 5.5 0 n/a
Wood Shop-icon Wood Shop not buyable 00000000000000000678Coins-icon 678 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 For The Birds-icon For The Birds 4.37 n/a n/a
Garden Shop-icon Garden Shop not buyable 00000000000000001500Coins-icon 1,500 Coins 00000000000000000300Goods-icon 300 Goods 3x3 Blow Them Away!-icon Blow Them Away! 5 0 n/a
T-Shirt Shop-icon T-Shirt Shop not buyable 00000000000000000368Coins-icon 368 Coins 00000000000000000080Goods-icon 80 Goods 3x3 Mall drop 4.6 n/a n/a
Sneaker Shop-icon Sneaker Shop not buyable 00000000000000000150Coins-icon 150 Coins 00000000000000000040Goods-icon 40 Goods 3x3 Mall drop 3.75 n/a n/a
Chocolate Kiosk-icon Chocolate Kiosk not buyable 00000000000000000610Coins-icon 610 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 2x2 Mall drop 4.69 n/a n/a
Aztec Restaurant-icon Aztec Restaurant not buyable 00000000000000000515Coins-icon 515 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 Mall drop 5.15 0 n/a
Mall Department Store-icon Mall Department Store not buyable 00000000000000000755Coins-icon 755 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 4x4 Mall drop 5.03 0 n/a
Beauty Salon-icon Beauty Salon not buyable 00000000000000000925Coins-icon 925 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 Mall 2 drop 6.17 n/a n/a
Cook Ware-icon Cook Ware not buyable 00000000000000000824Coins-icon 824 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 3x3 Mall 2 drop 6.34 n/a n/a
Print Shop-icon Print Shop not buyable 00000000000000000714Coins-icon 714 Coins 00000000000000000110Goods-icon 110 Goods 3x3 Mall 2 drop 6.49 n/a n/a
Mattress Store-icon Mattress Store not buyable 00000000000000000612Coins-icon 612 Coins 00000000000000000090Goods-icon 90 Goods 3x3 Mall 2 drop 6.8 n/a n/a
Tea Shop-icon Tea Shop not buyable 00000000000000001023Coins-icon 1,023 Coins 00000000000000000170Goods-icon 170 Goods 3x3 Mall 2 drop 6.02 n/a n/a
Bronze Fashion-icon Bronze Fashion not buyable Goods-icon 300 Goods Coins-icon 1617 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.39
Bronze Sports-icon Bronze Sports not buyable Goods-icon 315 Goods Coins-icon 1698 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.39
Bronze Gourmet-icon Bronze Gourmet not buyable Goods-icon 305 Goods Coins-icon 1644 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.39
Bronze Gadget-icon Bronze Gadget not buyable Goods-icon 310 Goods Coins-icon 1671 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.39
Bronze Toys-icon Bronze Toys not buyable Goods-icon 320 Goods Coins-icon 1725 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.39
Silver Fashion-icon Silver Fashion not buyable Goods-icon 380 Goods Coins-icon 1984 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.22
Silver Sports-icon Silver Sports not buyable Goods-icon 395 Goods Coins-icon 2062 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.22
Silver Gourmet-icon Silver Gourmet not buyable Goods-icon 385 Goods Coins-icon 2010 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.22
Silver Gadget-icon Silver Gadget not buyable Goods-icon 390 Goods Coins-icon 2036 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.22
Silver Toys-icon Silver Toys not buyable Goods-icon 400 Goods Coins-icon 2088 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.22
Gold Fashion-icon Gold Fashion not buyable Goods-icon 485 Goods Coins-icon 2435 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.02
Gold Sports-icon Gold Sports not buyable Goods-icon 500 Goods Coins-icon 2510 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.02
Gold Gourmet-icon Gold Gourmet not buyable Goods-icon 490 Goods Coins-icon 2460 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.02
Gold Gadget-icon Gold Gadget not buyable Goods-icon 495 Goods Coins-icon 2485 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.02
Gold Toys-icon Gold Toys not buyable Goods-icon 505 Goods Coins-icon 2535 Coins 3x3 Famous Mall drop 5.02
Spa-icon Spa not buyable 00000000000000000749Coins-icon 749 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 4x4 Valentine's Day Event (2011)/Hotel Reward 5.35 0 n/a
Arcade-icon Arcade Obtain from Hotels or Catch Tonie The Techie 00000000000000000800Coins-icon 800 Coins 00000000000000000210Goods-icon 210 Goods 3x3 Hotel VIP Reward/Tonie The Techie 3.8 0 n/a
Driving Range-icon Driving Range Obtain from Hotel 00000000000000000570Coins-icon 570 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 4x4 Hotel Reward 3.8 0 n/a
Mud Bath-icon Mud Bath Obtain from Hotel 00000000000000000750Coins-icon 750 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 3x3 Hotel VIP Reward 5.76 0 n/a
Racquetball Club-icon Racquetball Club Obtain from Hotel 00000000000000001200Coins-icon 1,200 Coins 00000000000000000290Goods-icon 290 Goods 3x3 Hotel VIP Reward 4.1 0 n/a
Glass Blowing Shop-icon Glass Blowing Shop not buyable 00000000000000001804Coins-icon 1,804 Coins 00000000000000000340Goods-icon 340 Goods 3x3

Sailboat Hotel VIP Reward

5.31 n/a n/a
Balloon Store-icon Balloon Store 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash 00000000000000001181Coins-icon 1,181 Coins 00000000000000000220Goods-icon 220 Goods 3x3 5.37 n/a n/a
Hot Cocoa Shop-icon Hot Cocoa Shop 00000000000000004000Coins-icon 4000 Coins 00000000000000000441Coins-icon 441 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 4.41 10 00000000000000003200Coins-icon 3,200 Coins
Appliance Store-icon Appliances Store 00000000000000000025Cash-icon 25 Cash 00000000000000000405Coins-icon 405 Coins 00000000000000000090Goods-icon 90 Goods 3x3 Also a Reward from Build A Second Mall!-icon Build A Second Mall! 4.5 n/a n/a
Sports Car Dealership-icon Sports Car Dealership 00000000000000000032Cash-icon 32 Cash 00000000000000000830Coins-icon 830 Coins 00000000000000000155Goods-icon 155 Goods 4x4 5.35 n/a n/a
Tonga Room-icon Tonga Room 00000000000000000035Cash-icon 35 Cash 00000000000000000999Coins-icon 999 Coins 00000000000000000165Goods-icon 165 Goods 3x3 6.05 n/a n/a Level 3
Swimwear Shop-icon Swimwear Shop 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash 00000000000000000530Coins-icon 530 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 4x4 5.3 n/a n/a
Fireworks Tent-icon Fireworks Tent 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash 00000000000000000920Coins-icon 920 Coins 00000000000000000200Goods-icon 200 Goods 3x3 4.6 n/a n/a
Seasonal Clothing-icon Seasonal Clothing 00000000000000000020Cash-icon 20 Cash 00000000000000000368Coins-icon 368 Coins 00000000000000000080Goods-icon 80 Goods 3x3 4.6 n/a n/a
Perfume Shop-icon Perfume Shop 00000000000000000032Cash-icon 32 Cash 00000000000000000800Coins-icon 800 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 5.33 n/a n/a
Extreme Sports Store-icon Extreme Sports Store 00000000000000000033Cash-icon 33 Cash 00000000000000000780Coins-icon 780 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 3x3 6 n/a 00000000000000000026Cash-icon 26 Cash
Cable Car Restaurant-icon Cable Car Restaurant 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000000795Coins-icon 795 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 5.3 n/a n/a
Italian Ice Parlor-icon Italian Ice Parlor 00000000000000000025Cash-icon 25 Cash 00000000000000000715Coins-icon 715 Coins 00000000000000000130Goods-icon 130 Goods 3x3 5.5 n/a 00000000000000000020Cash-icon 20 Cash
Tapas Restaurant-icon Tapas Restaurant 00000000000000000035Cash-icon 35 Cash 00000000000000001100Coins-icon 1100 Coins 00000000000000000200Goods-icon 200 Goods 3x3 5.5 n/a n/a
EV Charging Station-icon EV Charging Station not buyable 00000000000000002393Coins-icon 2,393 Coins 00000000000000000475Goods-icon 475 Goods 4x4 Down To Earth-icon Down To Earth 5.04 n/a n/a
Grooming Parlor-icon Grooming Parlor not buyable 00000000000000001580Coins-icon 1,580 Coins 00000000000000000290Goods-icon 290 Goods 3x3 Rescue Penelope the Poodle 5.45 n/a n/a
Salvador's-icon Salvador's not buyable 00000000000000003148Coins-icon 3,148 Coins 00000000000000000430Goods-icon 430 Goods 4x4 High Roller-icon High Roller 7.32 n/a n/a Level 3
Mega Nail Salon-icon Mega Nail Salon not buyable 00000000000000003148Coins-icon 3,050 Coins 00000000000000000430Goods-icon 410 Goods 4x4 Parental Advisory-icon Parental Advisory 7.44 n/a n/a Level 3
Bella B Store-icon Bella B Store not buyable 00000000000000003382Coins-icon 3,382 Coins 00000000000000000480Goods-icon 480 Goods 4x4 Triple Threat-icon Triple Threat 7.04 n/a n/a Level 3
Valor Industries-icon Valor Industries not buyable 00000000000000003472Coins-icon 3,472 Coins 00000000000000000500Goods-icon 500 Goods 3x3 Case Closed-icon Case Closed 6.94 n/a n/a
Thrift Shop-icon Thrift Shop 00000000000000007000Coins-icon 7,000 Coins 00000000000000001048Coins-icon 1,048 Coins 00000000000000000175Goods-icon 175 Goods 3x3 5.99 n/a n/a
Intuition Technologies-icon Intuition Technologies 00000000000000000080Cash-icon 80 Cash 00000000000000003000Coins-icon 3,000 Coins 00000000000000000400Goods-icon 400 Goods 3x3 7.5 n/a n/a Level 3
Luxury Shopping Centre-icon Luxury Shopping Centre not buyable 00000000000000003290Coins-icon 3,290 Coins 00000000000000000460Goods-icon 460 Goods 4x4 Growing Pains-icon Growing Pains 7.15 n/a n/a
Big Play Brewery-icon Big Play Brewery 00000000000000000046Cash-icon 46 Cash 00000000000000001781Coins-icon 1,781 Coins 00000000000000000335Goods-icon 335 Goods 4x4 Icing On The Cake-icon Icing On The Cake 5.32 n/a n/a
Gas Station-icon Gas Station 00000000000000003000Coins-icon 3,000 Coins 00000000000000000375Coins-icon 375 Coins 00000000000000000075Goods-icon 75 Goods 3x3 5 8 n/a
Body Of Work-icon Body Of Work 00000000000005750000Coins-icon 5,750,000 Coins 00000000000000003075Coins-icon 3,075 Coins 00000000000000000415Goods-icon 415 Goods 3x3 7.41 1870 n/a Level 3
Intent Insurance-icon Intent Insurance 00000000000007250000Coins-icon 7,250,000 Coins 00000000000000003219Coins-icon 3,219 Coins 00000000000000000445Goods-icon 445 Goods 3x3 7.23 2253 n/a Level 3
Egg Nog Shop-icon Egg Nog Shop 00000000000000000600Coins-icon 600 Coins 00000000000000000130Coins-icon 130 Coins 00000000000000000050Goods-icon 50 Goods 3x3 2.6 5 n/a Level 3
Fish Market-icon Fish Market 00000000000000000055Cash-icon 55 Cash 00000000000000001980Coins-icon 1,980 Coins 00000000000000000380Goods-icon 380 Goods 4x4 5.21 n/a n/a
Car Wash-icon Car Wash not buyable 00000000000000000799Coins-icon 799 Coins 00000000000000000125Goods-icon 125 Goods 4x4 Car Collector!-icon Car Collector! 6.39 n/a n/a
Theater Prop Shop-icon Theater Prop Shop 00000000000000006100Coins-icon 6,100 Coins 00000000000000000930Coins-icon 930 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 Winter Event (2011) 6.2 7 n/a
Nutcracker Shop-icon Nutcracker Shop 00000000000000007200Coins-icon 7,200 Coins 00000000000000001072Coins-icon 1,072 Coins 00000000000000000180Goods-icon 180 Goods 4x4 Winter Event (2011) 5.96 7 n/a
Exploratorium-icon Exploratorium 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 3x3 5.4 n/a n/a Level 3
Car Charging Station-icon Car Charging Station 00000000000001750000Coins-icon 1,750,000 Coins 00000000000000002729Coins-icon 2,729 Coins 00000000000000000475Goods-icon 475 Goods 3x3 5.75 n/a n/a Level 3
Internet Provider-icon Internet Provider 00000000000000000050Cash-icon 50 Cash 0000000000000001,869Coins-icon 1,869 Coins 00000000000000000335Goods-icon 335 Goods 3x3 5.58 n/a n/a Level 3
Web Company-icon Web Company 00000000000000010000Coins-icon 10,000 Coins 0000000000000001,507Coins-icon 1,507 Coins 00000000000000000274Goods-icon 274 Goods 5x5 5.5 n/a n/a Level 3
Silicon Central-icon Silicon Central 00000000000000005800Coins-icon 5,800 Coins 00000000000000000875Coins-icon 875 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 3x3 6.25 n/a n/a Level 3
Snowmobile Mart-icon Snowmobile Mart 00000000000000096000Coins-icon 96,000 Coins 00000000000000000773Coins-icon 773 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 6.44 n/a n/a
Slot Car Shop-icon Slot Car Shop 00000000000000084000Coins-icon 84,000 Coins 00000000000000000667Coins-icon 667 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 6.67 n/a n/a
Street Grill-icon Street Grill 00000000000000005000Coins-icon 5,000 Coins 00000000000000000540Coins-icon 540 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 2x2 Stuffed Pigeons-icon Stuffed Pigeons 4.5 10 n/a
Fun Slide-icon Fun Slide Carnival Ticket-doober 250 Tickets 00000000000000001500Coins-icon 1,500 Coins 00000000000000000300Goods-icon 300 Goods 3x3 Street Carnival 5 n/a n/a
Rocket Ship Ride-icon Rocket Ship Ride Carnival Ticket-doober 400 Tickets 00000000000000002800Coins-icon 2,800 Coins 00000000000000000500Goods-icon 500 Goods 4x4 Street Carnival 5.6 n/a n/a
Sky Diving School-icon Sky Diving School Shell-icon 75 Shells 00000000000000001500Coins-icon 1,500 Coins 00000000000000000300Goods-icon 300 Goods 3x3 Surf 'N Shop 5 n/a n/a
Ride Maintenance Shop-icon Ride Maintenance Shop 00000000000000007500Coins-icon 7,500 Coins 00000000000000000480Coins-icon 480 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 4.8 16 n/a
Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand-icon Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand 00000000000000008000Coins-icon 8,000 Coins 00000000000000000448Coins-icon 448 Coins 00000000000000000080Goods-icon 80 Goods 3x3 5.6 18
Balloon Store-icon Balloon Store 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash 00000000000000001181Coins-icon 1,181 Coins 00000000000000000220Goods-icon 220 Goods 3x3 5.37 n/a
The Claw-icon The Claw not buyable 00000000000000000660Coins-icon 660 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 Start Your Engines!-icon Start Your Engines! 5.5 0 n/a
Karaoke Club-icon Karaoke Club 00000000000000000020Cash-icon 20 Cash 00000000000000001000Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 00000000000000000200Goods-icon 200 Goods 3x3 Limited Edition 5 n/a n/a
Movie Megaplex-icon Movie Megaplex 00000000000000000046Cash-icon 46 Cash 00000000000000003000Coins-icon 3,000 Coins 00000000000000000400Goods-icon 400 Goods 6x6 Limited Edition
Sale Item
7.5 n/a n/a
Drive-In Movie Theater-icon Drive-In Movie Theater 00000000000000001500Coins-icon 1,500 Coins
no longer available
00000000000000000270Coins-icon 270 Coins 00000000000000000060Goods-icon 60 Goods 4x4 Kung Fu Panda 2!-icon Kung Fu Panda 2! 4.5 6 n/a
Greasy Spoon-icon Greasy Spoon not buyable 00000000000000001001Coins-icon 1,001 Coins 00000000000000000180Goods-icon 180 Goods 3x3 Mystery Crate 5.56 n/a n/a
Jet Ski Shop-icon Jet Ski Shop 00000000000000009000Coins-icon 9,000 Coins 00000000000000000700Coins-icon 700 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 31 5 13 n/a
Taffy Shop-icon Taffy Shop 00000000000000014000Coins-icon 14,000 Coins 00000000000000000470Coins-icon 470 Coins 00000000000000000090Goods-icon 90 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 35 5.22 30
Skate Shop-icon Skate Shop 00000000000000300000Coins-icon 300,000 Coins 00000000000000000928Coins-icon 928 Coins 00000000000000000175Goods-icon 175 Goods 3x3 XP-icon Level 55 5.3 324 n/a
Oddities Museum-icon Oddities Museum 00000000000000000025Cash-icon 25 Cash 00000000000000000784Coins-icon 784 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 3x3 Summer Fun Event 5.6 n/a n/a
Outdoor Hall-icon Outdoor Hall 00000000000000000035Cash-icon 35 Cash 00000000000000002500Coins-icon 2,500 Coins 00000000000000000500Goods-icon 500 Goods 4x4 Germany Event 5 n/a n/a
French Bakery-icon French Bakery 00000000000000000035Cash-icon 35 Cash 00000000000000000660Coins-icon 660 Coins 00000000000000000120Goods-icon 120 Goods 3x3 Bastille Day/French Pack 5.5 n/a
Chippy Shop-icon Chippy Shop 00000000000000000035Cash-icon 35 Cash 00000000000000001100Coins-icon 1,100 Coins 00000000000000000200Goods-icon 200 Goods 3x3 British Event 5.5 n/a n/a
Balalaika Shop-icon Balalaika Shop 00000000000000065000Coins-icon 65,000 Coins 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 3x3 5.4 n/a n/a Level 3
Glass Shop-icon Glass Shop 00000000000000065000Coins-icon 65,000 Coins 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 3x3 5.4 n/a n/a Level 3
Venetian Mask Shop-icon Venetian Mask Shop 00000000000000008000Coins-icon 8,000 Coins 00000000000000001167Coins-icon 1,167 Coins 00000000000000000200Goods-icon 200 Goods 3x3 5.84 n/a n/a Level 3
Venetian Restaurant-icon Venetian Restaurant 00000000000000550000Coins-icon 550,000 Coins 00000000000000001869Coins-icon 1,869 Coins 00000000000000000355Goods-icon 355 Goods 3x3 5.26 n/a n/a Level 3
Buffet Restaurant-icon Buffet Restaurant not buyable 00000000000000001980Coins-icon 1,980 Coins 00000000000000000380Goods-icon 380 Goods 4x4 Moving Up In The World-icon Moving Up In The World 5.21 n/a n/a
Robot Store-icon Robot Store 00000000000000001000Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 00000000000000000167Coins-icon 167 Coins 00000000000000000025Goods-icon 25 Goods 3x3 6.68 n/a n/a Level 3
Bike Share Shop-icon Bike Share Shop 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 3x3 5.4 n/a n/a Level 3
Shanghai Center-icon Shanghai Center not buyable 00000000000000003243Coins-icon 3,243 Coins 00000000000000000450Goods-icon 450 Goods 6x4 Build The Great Pyramid Wonder!-icon Build The Great Pyramid Wonder! 7.21 n/a n/a
Science Center-icon Science Center not buyable 00000000000000003245Coins-icon 3,245 Coins 00000000000000000450Goods-icon 450 Goods 4x4 Tesla Coil Wonder-icon Tesla Coil Wonder 7.21 n/a n/a
Italian Plaza-icon Italian Plaza not buyable 00000000000000002067Coins-icon 2,067 Coins 00000000000000000400Goods-icon 400 Goods 5x5 Life In The Fast Lane!-icon Life In The Fast Lane! 5.17 n/a n/a
Parisian Bakery-icon Parisian Bakery not buyable 00000000000000002111Coins-icon 2,111 Coins 00000000000000000410Goods-icon 410 Goods 5x5 Hot Off The Grill!-icon Hot Off The Grill! 5.15 n/a n/a
Hades Grill-icon Hades Grill 00000000000000006600Coins-icon 6,600 Coins 00000000000000000999Coins-icon 999 Coins 00000000000000000165Goods-icon 165 Goods 3x3 Greek Event 6.05 7 n/a
Greek Carpenter-icon Greek Carpenter 00000000000000100000Coins-icon 100,000 Coins 00000000000000001670Coins-icon 1,670 Coins 00000000000000000310Goods-icon 310 Goods 3x3 Greek Event 5.39 60 n/a
Club Monaco-icon Club Monaco not buyable 00000000000000001167Coins-icon 1,167 Coins 00000000000000000200Goods-icon 200 Goods 4x4 Greek Mystery Crate 5.84 n/a n/a
Circus Snack Shack-icon Circus Snack Shack 00000000000000012500Coins-icon 12,500 Coins 00000000000000001413Coins-icon 1,413 Coins 00000000000000000253Goods-icon 253 Goods 3x3 Circus Event 5.58 16 n/a
The Far Out Freak Show-icon The Far Out Freak Show 00000000000000000035Cash-icon 35 Cash 00000000000000000999Coins-icon 999 Coins 00000000000000000165Goods-icon 165 Goods 4x4 Circus Event 6.05 n/a n/a
Sideshow Souvenirs-icon Sideshow Souvenirs not buyable 00000000000000000999Coins-icon 999 Coins 00000000000000000165Goods-icon 165 Goods 3x3 Clownward Spiral-icon Clownward Spiral 6.05 n/a n/a
Produce Paradise-icon Produce Paradise 00000000000000012500Coins-icon 12,500 Coins 00000000000000001413Coins-icon 1,413 Coins 00000000000000000253Goods-icon 253 Goods 5x5 XP-icon Level 40 5.58 n/a
Saddles Shop-icon Saddles Shop 00000000000000009000Coins-icon 9,000 Coins 00000000000000001284Coins-icon 1,284 Coins 00000000000000000225Goods-icon 225 Goods 3x3 Farm Event 5.71 8 n/a
Tractor Shop-icon Tractor Shop 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash 00000000000000000876Coins-icon 876 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 3x3 Farm Event 6.25 n/a n/a
Trophy Store-icon Trophy Store 00000000000000020000Coins-icon 20,000 Coins 00000000000000001445Coins-icon 1,445 Coins 00000000000000000260Goods-icon 260 Goods 3x3 Sports Event 5.56 n/a
Archery Store-icon Archery Store 00000000000000350000Coins-icon 350,000 Coins 00000000000000001781Coins-icon 1,781 Coins 00000000000000000331Goods-icon 331 Goods 3x3 Sports Event 5.38 n/a
Cantina-icon Cantina 00000000000000003800Coins-icon 3,800 Coins 00000000000000000640Coins-icon 640 Coins 00000000000000000095Goods-icon 95 Goods 3x3 Mexico Event 6.74 6 n/a
Sombrero Store-icon Sombrero Store 00000000000000006800Coins-icon 6,800 Coins 00000000000000001024Coins-icon 1,024 Coins 00000000000000000170Goods-icon 170 Goods 3x3 Mexico Event 6.02 7 n/a
House of Churros-icon House of Churros 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 3x3 Mexico Event 5.40 n/a n/a
Russian Tea Room-icon Russian Tea Room 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash 00000000000000001468Coins-icon 1,468 Coins 00000000000000000265Goods-icon 265 Goods 3x3 Russian Event 5.53 n/a n/a
Caviar Shop-icon Caviar Shop 00000000000000000065Cash-icon 65 Cash 00000000000000002198Coins-icon 2,198 Coins 00000000000000000430Goods-icon 430 Goods 3x3 Russian Event 5.11 n/a n/a
Helicopter Tours-icon Helicopter Tours 00000000000000000070Cash-icon 70 Cash 00000000000000002306Coins-icon 2,306 Coins 00000000000000000455Goods-icon 455 Goods 4x4 Metropolis Event 5.07 n/a n/a
Urban Beans-icon Citizen Bean 00000000000000000084Cash-icon 84 Cash 00000000000000003099Coins-icon 3,099 Coins 00000000000000000420Goods-icon 420 Goods 4x4 Metropolis Event 7.38 n/a n/a
Urban Beans-icon Urban Beans not buyable 00000000000000001670Coins-icon 1,670 Coins 00000000000000000310Goods-icon 310 Goods 4x4 Free Gift Offer:
Cash-icon 179 Cash Package
5.39 n/a n/a
Sale-Mart-icon Sale-Mart 00000000000000000092Cash-icon 92 Cash 00000000000000003290Coins-icon 3,290 Coins 00000000000000000460Goods-icon 460 Goods 4x4 Campaign Rally Sale 7.15 n/a n/a
Skillets and Things-icon Skillets and Things 00000000000000007400Coins-icon 7,400 Coins 00000000000000001096Coins-icon 1,096 Coins 00000000000000000185Goods-icon 185 Goods 3x3 Metropolis Event 5.92 7 n/a
Tree Nursery-icon Tree Nursery 00000000000000000045Cash-icon 45 Cash 00000000000000001759Coins-icon 1,759 Coins 00000000000000000330Goods-icon 330 Goods 4x4 Eco Event 5.33 n/a n/a
Grooming Parlor-icon Grooming Parlor not buyable 00000000000000001580Coins-icon 1,580 Coins 00000000000000000290Goods-icon 290 Goods 3x3 Rescue Penelope the Poodle 5.45 n/a n/a
Casino-icon Casino not buyable 00000000000000003243Coins-icon 3,243 Coins 00000000000000000450Goods-icon 450 Goods 5x5 Mafia Wars 2 Promotion 7.21 n/a n/a
Real Estate Showroom-icon Real Estate Showroom Zynga Game Cards
no longer available
00000000000000001000Coins-icon 1000 Coins 00000000000000000170Goods-icon 170 Goods 3x3 GameStop Promotion 5.88 n/a n/a
Blood Bank-icon Blood Bank 00000000000000004000Coins-icon 4,000 Coins 00000000000000000531Coins-icon 531 Coins 00000000000000000110Goods-icon 110 Goods 3x3 Halloween (2011) 4.83 8 n/a
Mummy Exhibit-icon Mummy Exhibit 00000000000000009000Coins-icon 9,000 Coins 00000000000000000980Coins-icon 980 Coins 00000000000000000180Goods-icon 180 Goods 3x3 Halloween (2011) 5.44 10 n/a
Potion Shop-icon Potion Shop not buyable 00000000000000000960Coins-icon 960 Coins 00000000000000000100Goods-icon 100 Goods 3x3 Halloween Mystery Crate Game 6.9 n/a n/a
Backwoods Blacksmith-icon Backwoods Blacksmith not buyable 00000000000000000290Coins-icon 290 Coins 00000000000000000050Goods-icon 50 Goods 3x3 Halloween Mystery Crate Game 5.8 n/a n/a
Werewolf Lodge-icon Werewolf Lodge 00000000000000018000Coins-icon 18,000 Coins 00000000000000000580Coins-icon 580 Coins 00000000000000000080Goods-icon 80 Goods 3x3 Unlocked by: At Death's Door-icon At Death's Door 7.25 n/a n/a
Tomb Stone Store-icon Tomb Stone Store 00000000000000012500Coins-icon 12,500 Coins 00000000000000001413Coins-icon 1,413 Coins 00000000000000000253Goods-icon 253 Goods 3x3 Halloween (2011) 5.58 9 n/a
Brain Shop-icon Brain Shop 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 3x3 Halloween (2011) 5.4 n/a n/a
Witches Hat Shop-icon Witches Hat Shop 00000000000000009000Coins-icon 9,000 Coins 00000000000000001242Coins-icon 1,242 Coins 00000000000000000180Goods-icon 180 Goods 3x3 Unlocked by: Sweet Spot-icon Sweet Spot 6.9 8 n/a
Halloween Costume Shop-icon Halloween Costume Shop Candy-doober 30 Candy 00000000000000001468Coins-icon 1,468 Coins 00000000000000000265Goods-icon 265 Goods 3x3 Trick or Treat House 5.54 n/a n/a
Franken Battery-icon Franken Battery Candy-doober 200 Candy 00000000000000002198Coins-icon 2,198 Coins 00000000000000000430Goods-icon 430 Goods 3x3 Trick or Treat House 5.11 n/a n/a
Pie Bakery-icon Pie Bakery 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash 00000000000000001468Coins-icon 1,468 Coins 00000000000000000265Goods-icon 265 Goods 3x3 Fall Event (2011) 5.54 n/a n/a
Turkey Roost-icon Turkey Roost 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 4x4 Fall Event (2011) 5.5 n/a n/a
Sweater Shop-icon Sweater Shop 00000000000000035000Coins-icon 35,000 Coins 00000000000000001513Coins-icon 1,513 Coins 00000000000000000275Goods-icon 275 Goods 3x3 Fall Event (2011) 5.5 24 n/a
MicroManage Inc.-icon MicroManage Inc. 00000000000000000081Cash-icon 81 Cash 00000000000000003025Coins-icon 3,025 Coins 00000000000000000405Goods-icon 405 Goods 3x3 Metropolis 2 Event 7.47 n/a n/a
Barbershop-icon Barbershop not buyable 00000000000000000411Coins-icon 411 Coins 00000000000000000070Goods-icon 70 Goods 3x3 Fall Mystery Game 5.87 n/a n/a
Department Store 2-icon Department Store not buyable 00000000000000002045Coins-icon 2,045 Coins 00000000000000000395Goods-icon 395 Goods 4x4 Fall Mystery Game 5.18 n/a n/a
Hiking Supply Shop-icon Hiking Supply Shop 00000000000000000035Cash-icon 35 Cash 00000000000000000999Coins-icon 999 Coins 00000000000000000165Goods-icon 165 Goods 3x3 Fall Event (2011) 6.05 n/a n/a
Swiss Watch Shop-icon Swiss Watch Shop 00000000000000000046Cash-icon 46 Cash 00000000000000001167Coins-icon 1,167 Coins 00000000000000000200Goods-icon 200 Goods 3x3 Swiss Event 5.83 n/a n/a
Swiss Chocolate Shop-icon Swiss Chocolate Shop 00000000000000850000Coins-icon 850,000 Coins 00000000000000002002Coins-icon 2,002 Coins 00000000000000000383Goods-icon 385 Goods 3x3 Swiss Event 5.2 n/a n/a
Holiday Bakery-icon Holiday Bakery 00000000000000009800Coins-icon 9,800 Coins 00000000000000001376Coins-icon 1,376 Coins 00000000000000000245Goods-icon 245 Goods 3x3 Winter Event (2011) 5.61 8 n/a
Holiday Tree Lot-icon Holiday Tree Lot 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 4x4 Winter Event (2011) 5.40 n/a n/a
Tree Lot-icon Tree Lot (Business) That's A Wrap!-icon That's A Wrap! 00000000000000000999Coins-icon 999 Coins 00000000000000000165Goods-icon 165 Goods 4x4 Winter Event (2011) 6.05 n/a n/a
Spinning Top Shop-icon Spinning Top Shop 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 3x3 Winter Event (2011) 5.4 n/a n/a
Artificial Tree Shop-icon Artificial Tree Shop 00000000000000650000Coins-icon 650,000 Coins 00000000000000001914Coins-icon 1,914 Coins 00000000000000000365Goods-icon 365 Goods 3x3 Winter Event (2011) 5.24 340 n/a
Fish Market-icon Fish Market 00000000000000000055Cash-icon 55 Cash 00000000000000001980Coins-icon 1,980 Coins 00000000000000000380Goods-icon 380 Goods 4x4 Metropolis 3 Event 5.21 n/a n/a
Cell Phone Store-icon Cell Phone Store 00000000000000700000Coins-icon 700,000 Coins 00000000000000001936Coins-icon 1,936 Coins 00000000000000000370Goods-icon 370 Goods 3x3 Metropolis 3 Event 5.23 362 n/a
Winter Sporting Shop-icon Winter Sporting Shop not buyable 00000000000000001119Coins-icon 1,119 Coins 00000000000000000190Goods-icon 190 Goods 3x3 Winter Mystery Game 5.89 n/a n/a
Ornament Shop-icon Ornament Shop not buyable 00000000000000001976Coins-icon 1,976 Coins 00000000000000000380Goods-icon 380 Goods 3x3 Winter Mystery Game 5.2 n/a n/a
Rocking Horse Shop-icon Rocking Horse Shop 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 3x3 Winter Event (2011) 5.4 n/a n/a
Holiday Department Store-icon Holiday Department Store 00000000000000000060Cash-icon 60 Cash 00000000000000002089Coins-icon 2,089 Coins 00000000000000000405Goods-icon 405 Goods 4x4 Winter Event (2011) 5.16 n/a n/a
Cozy Cafe-icon Cozy Cafe 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash 00000000000000001468Coins-icon 1,468 Coins 00000000000000000265Goods-icon 265 Goods 3x3 Winter Event (2011) 5.54 n/a n/a
Electric Train Shop-icon Electric Train Shop not buyable 00000000000000002263Coins-icon 2,263 Coins 00000000000000000445Goods-icon 445 Goods 3x3 Holiday Town Expansion 5.09 n/a n/a
Car Wash-icon Car Wash not buyable 00000000000000000799Coins-icon 799 Coins 00000000000000000125Goods-icon 125 Goods 4x4 Car Collector!-icon Car Collector! 6.39 n/a n/a
Health Complex-icon Health Complex not buyable 00000000000000002500Coins-icon 2,500 Coins 00000000000000000500Goods-icon 500 Goods 5x5 New Year's Resolutions 2012-icon New Year's Resolutions 2012 5 n/a n/a
Late Night Snack Shop-icon Late Night Snack Shop 00000000000000020000Coins-icon 20,000 Coins 00000000000000001445Coins-icon 1,445 Coins 00000000000000000260Goods-icon 260 Goods 3x3 New Year Event (2012) 5.56 n/a n/a
High End Clothing Shop-icon High End Clothing Shop 00000000000000000064Cash-icon 64 Cash 00000000000000002176Coins-icon 2,176 Coins 00000000000000000425Goods-icon 425 Goods 3x3 New Year Event (2012) 5.21 n/a n/a
Magnifique Men's Clothing-icon Magnifique Men's Clothing 00000000000000500000Coins-icon 500,000 Coins 00000000000000001848Coins-icon 1,848 Coins 00000000000000000350Goods-icon 350 Goods 3x3 France Event 5.25 271 n/a
Bourdeaux Boulevard-icon Bourdeaux Boulevard 00000000000000000065Cash-icon 65 Cash 00000000000000002154Coins-icon 2,154 Coins 00000000000000000420Goods-icon 420 Goods 4x4 France Event 5.13 n/a n/a
The Bratwurst Barn-icon The Bratwurst Barn 00000000000000100000Coins-icon 100,000 Coins 00000000000000001670Coins-icon 1,670 Coins 00000000000000000310Goods-icon 310 Goods 3x3 German Event 5.39 60 n/a
German Brewery-icon German Brewery 00000000000000000045Cash-icon 45 Cash or
Gold Mystery Gift-icon Gold Mystery Gift
00000000000000001759Coins-icon 1,759 Coins 00000000000000000330Goods-icon 330 Goods 4x4 German Event 5.33 n/a n/a
Hungry Dragon Buffet-icon Hungry Dragon Buffet 00000000000000000055Cash-icon 55 Cash 00000000000000001990Coins-icon 1,990 Coins 00000000000000000380Goods-icon 380 Goods 3x3 Lunar New Year Event (2012) 5.24 n/a n/a
Li's Lanterns-icon Li's Lanterns 00000000000000000035Cash-icon 35 Cash 00000000000000001549Coins-icon 1,549 Coins 00000000000000000283Goods-icon 283 Goods 3x3 Lunar New Year Event (2012) 5.47 n/a n/a
Duty Free Shopping-icon Duty Free Shopping not buyable 00000000000000001847Coins-icon 1847 Coins 00000000000000000350Goods-icon 350 Goods 3x3 Add A Second Port!-icon Add A Second Port! 5.28 n/a n/a
Cirrus Tower-icon Cirrus Tower 00000000000005250000Coins-icon 5,250,000 Coins 00000000000000003025Coins-icon 3,025 Coins 00000000000000000405Goods-icon 405 Goods 4x4 Metropolis 4 Event 7.47 1752 n/a
Elevator Company-icon Elevator Company 00000000000000000080Cash-icon 80 Cash 00000000000000003000Coins-icon 3,000 Coins 00000000000000000400Goods-icon 400 Goods 3x3 Metropolis 4 Event 7.5 n/a n/a
Deja Vu Cafe-icon Deja Vu Cafe 00000000000000160000Coins-icon 160,000 Coins 00000000000000001697Coins-icon 1,697 Coins 00000000000000000316Goods-icon 316 Goods 4x4 France Event 2 5.37 95 n/a
Cousseau Carriage Co.-icon Cousseau Carriage Co. 00000000000000090000Coins-icon 90,000 Coins 00000000000000001670Coins-icon 1,670 Coins 00000000000000000310Goods-icon 310 Goods 4x4 France Event 2 5.39 54 n/a
Jewelry Du Jour-icon Jewelry Du Jour 00000000000000000032Cash-icon 32 Cash 00000000000000000926Coins-icon 926 Coins 00000000000000000150Goods-icon 150 Goods 3x3 France Event 2 6.17 n/a n/a
Dominic's Restaurant-icon Dominic's Restaurant 00000000000000000050Cash-icon 50 Cash 00000000000000001870Coins-icon 1,870 Coins 00000000000000000355Goods-icon 355 Goods 4x4 Italian Event 5.27 n/a n/a
Suit Yourself-icon Suit Yourself 00000000000000150000Coins-icon 150,000 Coins 00000000000000001693Coins-icon 1,693 Coins 00000000000000000315Goods-icon 315 Goods 3x3 Italian Event 5.38 89 n/a
Flamenco School-icon Flamenco School 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000001648Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000305Goods-icon 305 Goods 3x3 Spanish Event 2 5.40 n/a n/a
Club del Sol-icon Club del Sol 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash or
Spain Passport Stamp-icon 60 Spain Passport Stamps
00000000000000000876Coins-icon 876 Coins 00000000000000000140Goods-icon 140 Goods 4x4 Spanish Event 2 6.25 n/a n/a
Flamenco Dancing-icon Flamenco Dancing A Spanish Spark!-icon A Spanish Spark! 00000000000000002479Coins-icon 2,479 Coins 00000000000000000495Goods-icon 495 Goods 5x5 Welcome The World!-icon Welcome The World! 5.01 n/a n/a
The Matador Restaurant-icon The Matador Restaurant 00000000000000004600Coins-icon 4,600 Coins 00000000000000000747Coins-icon 747 Coins 00000000000000000115Goods-icon 115 Goods 4x4 6.5 7 n/a
One Leaf Tea Shop-icon One Leaf Tea Shop 00000000000000060000Coins-icon 60,000 Coins 00000000000000001625Coins-icon 1,625 Coins 00000000000000000300Goods-icon 300 Goods 3x3 Japan Event 5.42 37 n/a
The Secret Ingredient-icon The Secret Ingredient 00000000000000000080Cash-icon 80 Cash 00000000000000003000Coins-icon 3,000 Coins 00000000000000000400Goods-icon 400 Goods 3x3 / 7.5 n/a
Charbroiled Grills-icon Charbroiled Grills 00000000000000000040Cash-icon 40 Cash 00000000000000001759Coins-icon 1,759 Coins 00000000000000000330Goods-icon 330 Goods 3x3 / 5.33 n/a
Suzushii Fan Shop-icon Suzushii Fan Shop 00000000000000050000Coins-icon 50,000 Coins 00000000000000000799Coins-icon 799 Coins 00000000000000000125Goods-icon 125 Goods 3x3 Japan Event 6.39 63 n/a
Electronics Business-icon Electronics Business 00000000000000000025Cash-icon 25 Cash or
Japan Passport Stamp-icon 75 Japan Passport Stamps
00000000000000001413Coins-icon 1,413 Coins 00000000000000000253Goods-icon 253 Goods 4x4 Japan Event 5.59 n/a n/a
The Handle Bar-icon The Handle Bar 00000000000000040000Coins-icon 40,000 Coins 00000000000000001535Coins-icon 1,535 Coins 00000000000000000280Goods-icon 280 Goods 3x3 USA Event 5.48 27 n/a
Gower Drug Store-icon Gower Drug Store 00000000000000050000Coins-icon 50,000 Coins 00000000000000001580Coins-icon 1,580 Coins 00000000000000000290Goods-icon 290 Goods 3x3 USA Event 5.45 32 n/a
Ghost Town Trading Post-icon Ghost Town Trading Post 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash or
US Passport Stamp-icon 90 US Passport Stamps
00000000000000001435Coins-icon 1,435 Coins 00000000000000000258Goods-icon 258 Goods 4x4 USA Event 5.56 n/a n/a
London Taxi Stand-icon London Taxi Stand 00000000000000035000Coins-icon 35,000 Coins 00000000000000001513Coins-icon 1,513 Coins 00000000000000000275Goods-icon 275 Goods 3x3 UK Event 5.50 24 n/a
Fezziwig's Pub-icon Fezziwig's Pub 00000000000000000030Cash-icon 30 Cash 00000000000000001436Coins-icon 1,436 Coins 00000000000000000258Goods-icon 258 Goods 4x4 UK Event 5.56 n/a n/a
Nigel's Guitars-icon Nigel's Guitars 00000000000000000025Cash-icon 25 Cash or
UK Passport Stamp-icon 75 UK Passport Stamps
00000000000000001413Coins-icon 1,413 Coins 00000000000000000253Goods-icon 253 Goods 4x4 UK Event 5.58 n/a n/a
Fantasy Bookstore-icon Fantasy Bookstore Turning The Page!-icon Turning The Page! 00000000000000002349Coins-icon 2,349 Coins 00000000000000000465Goods-icon 465 Goods 3x3 Welcome The World!-icon Welcome The World! 5.05 n/a n/a

For complete list of all businesses, click here.

Cost and Efficiency[]

Like all things in CityVille, it is fair to assume that higher level businesses will be more profitable than lower level businesses. There are a number of different ways to calculate profit capabilities of a business.

Building Size and Decoration Bonuses[]

The bonus payout that a building recieves from Decorations is dependent upon how you choose to place decorations around a building. However, larger buildings have a larger surrounding in which they can recieve bonuses, meaning that a 4×4 business can potentially gain a larger decoration bonus than a 3×3 business.

Because so many more decorations can be placed around a 4×4 business like a Cinema or Tower Eats, with strategic decoration placing they can become the most profitable businesses in the game, far surpassing the Wedding Store. Whether using coins or cash, decorations can significantly improve the output of your businesses. With an over 200% lead 4×4 businesses are the way to go for maximum money making potential.

You need only setup one busines in your city with the maximum ammount of decorations around it, then you just move businesses in and out of this setup as you collect from them- however moving and collecting from businesses like this will prevent you from getting a large bonus from the bonus bar. This use of decorations can be used well with the advise from the Total Profit Per Energy Section to maximize profit.

Supply Size and Collection Energy[]

All businesses take energy to collect earnings from them. The less supplies it takes to stock a business, the more energy per supply the business requires for you to collect from it. A Bakery for instance takes 10 goods to stock, so it will take 10 energy to collect earnings from 100 goods from a bakery, where as it takes 1 energy to collect earnings from 100 goods from a Coffee Shop. And mall too.

Coins Per Good[]

Coins per good is calculated by dividing the amount of coins earned collecting from a business by the goods required to supply the business. This is also known as the business' "efficiency".

Coins per good

The Coins per good equation

Coffee Shop-icon

For example, the Coffee Shop earns 320 coins, and takes 100 goods to supply. 320/100 = 3.2. You get 3.2 coins per good from the Coffee Shop.

Video Game Store-icon

The Video Game Store earns 50 coins per good, and takes 10 good to supply. 50/10 = 5. You get 5 coins per good from the Video Game Store.

Using this simple equation, you can find the worth of each good that is supplied into any business. The more coins per good, the more the goods are worth. The higher coins per good ratio, the more efficient & more profitable the business is.

See full chart here: Coins Per Good.


Technically, your business does not begin to make "profit" until you have paid off the original price of the business through collecting revenue from it. The formula to find the approximate number of collections for a profit is (Cost of business)/(payout).

This is not a very accurate way of deciding whether or not a business is worth the purchase, as other factors have to be taken into consideration. The chart should not be taken as a guide to which businesses are worth purchasing and does not take into consideration the placement of decorations or the Coins Per Good. However, it can be helpful to refer to this chart when deciding whether or not to place one of the top end businesses such as Tower Eats. As the chart shows, the expensive businesses take a lot of revenue collections before they start generating profit.

Here is a simple chart of investments below. For the full chart of investments, see here.

Business Collections to Profit
Bakery 5
Flower Kiosk 5
Coffee Shop 2
Toy Store 5
Video Game Store 26
Wedding Store 22
Cinema 134
Tower Eats 1,112

As shown in the above table, Tower Eats requires over 1,000 collections before it can become profitable. If we assume that a player is collecting perfectly from Tower Eats at every energy replenishment (5 minutes), this means it would take 92.6 hours before the business started profiting. Therefore, it would seem much more profitable to focus on less expensive businesses.

Total Profit per Energy[]

If energy is the limiting factor in the game, a very important measure would be the amount of revenue gained from each energy (or 100 energy). This would take into consideration the amount of energy taken to farm or ship the goods required to supply the business. First we would calculate how much energy is required for one collection, including the energy or partial energy required from tending the crop. We can then figure out how much energy is devoted to collecting and how much is devoted to growing giving us revenue - cost of goods. The whole formula would be (100/(1+(Goods Required/Goods per Crop))*Earnings)-((100-(100/(1+(Goods Required/Goods per Crop))))*Crop Price).

Significantly, this shows us that if you are growing anything over strawberries (or your neighbors pick your crops for you), you make more money per energy simply going for the business with the highest earnings. Earnings per good is only relevant with low yield crops and when faced with businesses with the same amount of required goods. While the Sushi Bar has the highest earnings per good, it is only better than the Seafood and Italian Restaurants before the Handbag and Wedding Store become more profitable per 100 energy.

Furthermore, if you grow corn, a Wedding Store will net you about 28800 coins, a Cinema 29484 and Tower Eats 32280. It will take you nearly 100 days using all your energy collecting from a Tower Eats to finally surpass a Wedding Store in profitability if you consider building cost. It will take a Cinema 20 days. The Wedding Store may be the better option if space is at a premium or have your neighbors franchise a more expensive business into your city.