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Chocolate Kiosk
Chocolate Kiosk-icon
Image © Zynga
Reward forMall-icon Mall
CostCoins-icon 6,000 Coins
ConstructionEnergy-icon 5 Energy
Level 1
SuppliesGoods-icon 130 Goods
EarningsCoins-icon 610 Coins
EfficiencyCoins-icon 4.69 Coins per Goods-icon Good
Level 2
RequirementSupplied Chocolate Kiosk 25 times
Max HelpersReputation-icon 10 Neighbors
Help Amount+2 supplies
Upgrade RewardXP-icon 3 XP
SuppliesGoods-icon 195 Goods
EarningsCoins-icon 915 Coins
EfficiencyCoins-icon 4.69 Coins per Goods-icon Good
Level 3
RequirementSupplied Chocolate Kiosk an additional 50 times
Max HelpersReputation-icon 10 Neighbors
Help Amount+4 supplies
Upgrade RewardXP-icon 4 XP
SuppliesGoods-icon 260 Goods
EarningsCoins-icon 1,219 Coins
EfficiencyCoins-icon 4.69 Coins per Goods-icon Good

The Chocolate Kiosk is a 3x3 Limited Edition upgradeable Easter 2014 and Valentine's Day business in CityVille.

It costs Coins-icon 6,000 Coins to buy and takes Energy-icon 5 Energy to build. At Level 1, supplying it consumes Goods-icon 130 Goods and collecting from it earns Coins-icon 610 Coins; Level 2 requires Goods-icon 195 Goods and earns Coins-icon 915 Coins, and; Level 3 requires Goods-icon 260 Goods and earns Coins-icon 1,219 Coins. The Chocolate Kiosk has an efficiency of 4.69 coins per good at all levels.

Upgrading this to Level 2 requires the player to collect from this 25 times; Level 3 requires this to be collected from an additional 50 times. The appearance of this does not change when upgrading.

This business cannot be franchised.

When initially released, this was only available as a reward for collecting from a Level 3 Mall-icon Mall.

Possible Item Drops[]

Level 1[]

Level 2[]

Level 3[]

Collecting Bonuses[]

85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy
Direction SW Direction SE
Chocolate Kiosk-SW Chocolate Kiosk-SE