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This Community building has been removed as of January 31, 2013.

City Center
City Center-icon
Image © Zynga
Reward for:Celebrate CityVille's Birthday!-icon Celebrate CityVille's Birthday!
Requirement:XP-icon Level 15
Population-icon 10 Population
Unlock cost:Cash-icon 40 Cash
Construction:Energy-icon 0 Energy
Level 1
Initial Capacity: 2
Allows: Population-icon 2,500 Population
Level 2
Materials:Noisemaker-viral 4x Noisemaker
Popper-viral 4x Popper
Champagne-viral 4x Champagne
Buy All:Cash-icon 48 Cash
Upgraded Cap.: 3
Allows: Population-icon 3,000 Population
Level 3
Materials:Banner-viral 5x Banner
Streamers-viral 5x Streamers
Balloons-viral 5x Balloons
Buy All:Cash-icon 60 Cash
Upgraded Cap.: 4
Allows: Population-icon 4,000 Population
Level 4
Materials:Games-icon 5x Games
Party Favors-icon 5x Party Favors
Pinata-icon 5x Pinata
Buy All:Cash-icon 60 Cash
Upgraded Cap.: 6
Allows: Population-icon 5,500 Population
Level 5
Materials:Birthday Hat-icon 6x Birthday Hat
Cards-icon 6x Cards
Presents 3-viral 6x Presents
Buy All:Cash-icon 72 Cash
Upgraded Cap.: 7
Allows: Population-icon 7,000 Population
Level 6
Materials:Ice Cream-viral 8x Ice Cream
Cupcakes-viral 8x Cupcakes
Milk 2-viral 8x Milk
Buy All:Cash-icon 96 Cash
Upgraded Cap.: 8
Allows: Population-icon 8,500 Population
Level 7
Materials:Candles-viral 15x Candles
Frosting-icon 15x Frosting
Cake Layers-icon 15x Cake Layers
Buy All:Cash-icon 180 Cash
Upgraded Cap.: 12
Allows: Population-icon 10,000 Population

The City Center is a 8x8 Municipal building in CityVille. It was released on November 21, 2011 to celebrate CityVille's First Birthday (December 2, 2011). Player have until January 31, 2013 to complete the building.

Announce birthday

It is available for free when placed during the Celebrate CityVille's Birthday!-icon Celebrate CityVille's Birthday! Goal and takes Energy-icon 0 Energy to build. Upgrading this requires three different materials to be collected for each level, with the amount of each item increasing and changing for each level. For each level completed, players will be allowed to store at least one additional Community building in it, with Level 7 holding up to 12 Community buildings. The building itself will also increase your population cap. It does not hold Landmarks.

Players can store Community buildings once they've upgraded to level 7 (and activated the bonus) or when the event is over.

To activate the bonus, click on the City Center once it is completed. Upgradeable Community Buildings can still be upgraded when in the City Center.

It will act like a wonder by giving citywide bonuses to:

The bonus effect will run for 3 minutes and cost Cash-icon 10 Cash to add 30 seconds to the timer and get Energy-icon 10 Energy.

You can only run the bonus timer once.


The City Center will not hold the City Hall, Post Office, or Clerk's Office.

If the City Center is not upgraded to level 7 by the end of the event, after activating the bonus the City Center can be filled with hired friends or Samantha to store upto 12 Community Buildings. Where the cost of hiring Samantha is Cash-icon 5 Cash/spot.

Upgrading Using Materials[]

Level Building Materials Total Storage Cap Population Cap Profit Citywide Bonus
City Center Level 1
Level 1
None 2 Community Buildings Population-icon 2,500 Population Coins-icon 500 Coins 50%
City Center Level 2
Level 2
4x Noisemaker
4x Popper
4x Champagne
3 Community Buildings Population-icon 3,000 Population Coins-icon 600 Coins 100%
City Center Level 3
Level 3
5x Banner
5x Streamers
5x Balloons
4 Community Buildings Population-icon 4,000 Population Coins-icon 800 Coins 200%
City Center Level 4
Level 4
5x Games
Party Favors-viral
5x Party Favors
5x Pinata
6 Community Buildings Population-icon 5,500 Population Coins-icon 1,100 Coins 300%
City Center Level 5
Level 5
Birthday Hat-viral
6x Birthday Hat
6x Cards
Presents 3-viral
6x Presents
7 Community Buildings Population-icon 7,000 Population Coins-icon 1,400 Coins 400%
City Center Level 6
Level 6
Ice Cream-viral
8x Ice Cream
8x Cupcakes
Milk 2-viral
8x Milk
8 Community Buildings Population-icon 8,500 Population Coins-icon 1,700 Coins 600%
City Center-icon
Level 7
15x Candles
15× Frosting
Cake Layers-viral
15× Cake Layers
12 Community Buildings Population-icon 10,000 Population Coins-icon 2,000 Coins 900%

Upgrading Using Cash[]

Level 2: Cash-icon 48 Cash
Level 3: Cash-icon 60 Cash
Level 4: Cash-icon 60 Cash
Level 5: Cash-icon 72 Cash
Level 6: Cash-icon 96 Cash
Level 7: Cash-icon 180 Cash