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Released on 24th April 2011 , The City Hall/Upgrade is an upgrade to the City Hall Community Building avaliable in CityVille.

The enchanced versions give the building: a higher Population limit, more Coins, more Energy, and a chance to recieve Zoning Permits on collection. This all comes with the help of an additional 10 friends 'working' within the building, to achieve its maximum potential.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Requires 3 friends Requires 6 friends Requires 10 friends
Mun townhall SW
Mun cityhall mid SW
Mun cityhall high SW


Benefits of Upgrading your City Hall[]

  • Increased population allowance
  • More coins from collection
  • Better chance of receiving energy when collecting
  • Chance of receiving zoning permits when collecing
  • A great new look!


  • Q: Can I still have more than one(1) City Hall?
    A: Yes
  • Q: Do I have to upgrade each one individually?
    A: Yes
  • Q: If I delete an upgraded City Hall do I have to start over again?
    A: Yes



Goal description

You will need a City Hall built in your city and have a minimum of 500 population.

Level 2[]


Immediately after upgrading your level 1 City Hall, you will see this image (right) and must fill your building with an additional 3 crew members.

Level 2 requires

  • an additional 3 crew members. (Total of 6)

Level 3[]


After you have collected from City Hall five times, you will have the option to upgrade to Level 3. Unlike the last upgrade, this will take you five days.

Level 3 requires

  • A population of 2000
  • Collect from the Level 2 City Hall 5 times
  • An additional 4 new crew members. (Total needed is 10)

You now have a fully upgraded City Hall! Congrats.




City Hall level 2

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Level 3 City Hall


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