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The Population Toolbar

See also: Bonus Population, Population Limit

Players build up the Population of their city by building houses. Different buildings add various numbers of citizens into the city, for example a Cozy Cottage adds 10 citizens and a Suburban House adds 40 citizens.

There is a limit to how high a city's population can rise, based on how many completed community buildings are present in the city. A player can increase their population cap by building more community buildings, which require either a set of materials such as building grants, or friends to accept positions on the staffing team of the community building.

From time to time, Zynga will release new features or Events that require you to have a different type of population to complete goals. These will appear below your normal population in the Toolbar (as shown in the image above). The new population will also act a your normal population when it comes to the Expansions requirements; this being the sum of two population types will be used to meet the Population-icon 5,000 Population requirement to expand your city. Some examples include Lakefront Population, Ghosts, Monsters, and World travelers.

Once the Event ends, the two populations will become merged permanently, and all associated buildings will have their population changed over to the normal population.


Bonus Population only appears when "Citizens are happy" (<=75%) or "Citizens are Unhappy" (under 90%, but above 76%). If the "Citizens are Very Sad", the population is at 90% or greater than the capacity, then bonus population will not be granted until the population limit is raised or population is reduced to make the total population below 90% capacity.

A player cannot exceed their population limit. The population limit can be viewed in the bottom left corner of the screen. A building which may push the population over the player's limit cannot be placed, even if it is not completed. If a player attempts to exceed the limit, they will get a pop-up message within the game, informing them that they need to place more community buildings.

How happy a city is will help determine how fast businesses are ready to be collected from. The happier the citizens, the more likely they will shop at businesses.

Icon Population Message
Happy Population-icon
75% or less Citizens are Happy!
Build more houses to increase your population.
Unhappy Population-icon

Citizens are Unhappy

Community Buildings increase your population limit.

Very Sad Population-icon
90% or greater

Citizens are Very Sad
Cannot obtain Bonus Population until population returns to <90%