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Calculating Coins Per Good[]

Coins per good is calculated by dividing the amount of coins earned collecting from a business by the goods required to supply the business. This is also known as the business’ "efficiency".

Coins per good

The Coins per good equation

Coffee Shop-icon

For example, the Coffee Shop earns 320 coins, and takes 100 goods to supply. 320/100 = 3.2. You get 3.2 coins per good from the Coffee Shop.

Video Game Store-icon

The Video Game Store earns 50 coins per good, and takes 10 good to supply. 50/10 = 5. You get 5 coins per good from the Video Game Store.

Using this simple equation, you can find the worth of each good that is supplied into any business. The more coins per good, the more the goods are worth. The higher coins per good ratio, the more efficient & more profitable the business is.

Coins Per Good Chart[]

Below is a table with many examples of businesses in CityVille.

Business Coins per Good
Egg Nog Shop-icon Egg Nog Shop 2.6
Coffee Shop-icon Coffee Shop 3.2
Burger Joint-icon Burger Joint 3.2
Toy Store-icon Toy Store 3.6
Taco Truck-icon Taco Truck 3.6
File:Burger Joint 2-icon.png Burger Joint 2 3.65
File:Coffee Shop 2-icon.png Coffee Shop 2 3.72
Sneaker Shop-icon Sneaker Shop 3.75
Flower Kiosk-icon Flower Kiosk 3.8
Arcade-icon Arcade 3.8
Driving Range-icon Driving Range 3.8
Bakery-icon Bakery 4
File:Toy Store 2-icon.png Toy Store 2 4
Egg Nog Shop 2-icon Egg Nog Shop 2 4
Racquetball Club-icon Racquetball Club 4.1
File:Toy Store 3-icon.png Toy Store 3 4.18
Egg Nog Shop 3-icon Egg Nog Shop 3 4.19
Pool Hall-icon Pool Hall 4.2
Candle Shop-icon Candle Shop 4.2
Bowling Alley-icon Bowling Alley 4.25
File:Bakery 2-icon.png Bakery 2 4.25
File:Coffee Shop 3-icon.png Coffee Shop 3 4.26
Italian Restaurant 2-icon Italian Restaurant 4.3
Bookstore-icon Bookstore 4.3
Packing Store-icon Packing Store 4.3
Flower Kiosk-icon Flower Kiosk 4.3
Seafood Restaurant-icon Seafood Restaurant 4.35
Department Store-icon Department Store 4.35
Seafood Restaurant-icon Seafood Restaurant 4.35
Wood Shop-icon Wood Shop 4.37
Bed And Breakfast-icon Bed And Breakfast 4.38
City Supermarket-icon City Supermarket 4.38
Ice Cream Parlor-icon Ice Cream Parlor 4.4
Greek Restaurant-icon Greek Restaurant 4.4
Indian Restaurant-icon Indian Restaurant 4.4
Thai Restaurant-icon Thai Restaurant 4.4
Taqueria-icon Taqueria 4.4
Bike Shop-icon Bike Shop 4.4
Shoe Store-icon Shoe Store 4.4
Zoo Gift Shop-icon Zoo Gift Shop 4.4
Panini Shop-icon Panini Shop 4.4
Hardware Store-icon Hardware Store 4.4
Tavern-icon Tavern 4.4
French Cafe-icon French Cafe 4.4
Hot Cocoa Shop-icon Hot Cocoa Shop 4.41
Tofu Burger-icon Tofu Burger 4.41
Sunglasses Store-icon Sunglasses Store 4.45
Fireworks Shop-icon Fireworks Shop 4.45
Watch Shop-icon Watch Shop 4.45
Camera Shop-icon Camera Shop 4.45
Fast Food Chicken-icon Fast Food Chicken 4.45
Lamp Store-icon Lamp Store 4.45
Fiddle Shop-icon Fiddle Shop 4.47
Laundromat-icon Laundromat 4.48
DVD Rental Store-icon DVD Rental Store 4.48
Shamrock Sing-A-Long-icon Shamrock Sing-A-Long 4.5
Barbecue Restaurant-icon Barbecue Restaurant 4.5
Noodle Shop-icon Noodle Shop 4.5
City Dojo-icon City Dojo 4.5
French Restaurant-icon French Restaurant 4.5
Zoo Cafeteria-icon Zoo Cafeteria 4.5
Pizzeria-icon Pizzeria 4.5
Appliances Store-icon Appliances Store 4.5
Jeans Store-icon Jeans Store 4.5
Drive-In Movie Theater-icon Drive-In Movie Theater 4.5
Street Grill-icon Street Grill 4.5
File:Bakery 3-icon.png Bakery 3 4.5
Diner-icon Diner 4.6
Seasonal Clothing-icon Seasonal Clothing 4.6
Cheese Market-icon Cheese Market 4.6
Tuxedo Rental-icon Tuxedo Rental 4.6
T-Shirt Shop-icon T-Shirt Shop 4.6
Fireworks Tent-icon Fireworks Tent 4.6
File:Burger Joint 3-icon.png Burger Joint 3 4.64
File:Farmer's Market (Hometown)-icon.png Farmer's Market (Hometown) 4.67
Chocolate Kiosk-icon Chocolate Kiosk 4.69
St. Patty's Pub-icon St. Patty's Pub 4.7
File:Flower Kiosk 3-icon.png Flower Kiosk 3 4.73
File:Bookstore 2-icon.png Bookstore 2 4.74
File:Bike Shop 2-icon.png Bike Shop 2 4.76
File:Shamrock Sing-A-Long 2-icon.png Shamrock Sing-A-Long 2 4.79
Cosmetic Store-icon Cosmetic Store 4.8
Ride Maintenance Shop-icon Ride Maintenance Shop 4.8
File:Sunglasses Store 2-icon.png Sunglasses Store 2 4.81
Blood Bank-icon Blood Bank 4.83
File:Ice Cream Parlor 2-icon.png Ice Cream Parlor 2 4.95
Video Game Store-icon Video Game Store 5
Hot Dog Kiosk-icon Hot Dog Kiosk 5
Jet Ski Shop-icon Jet Ski Shop 5
Fun Slide-icon Fun Slide 5
Garden Shop-icon Garden Shop 5
Best Buy-icon Best Buy 5
File:Noodle Shop 2-icon.png Noodle Shop 2 5
File:Bookstore 3-icon.png Bookstore 3 5
Best Buy-icon Best Buy 5
Karaoke Club-icon Karaoke Club 5
Outdoor Hall-icon Outdoor Hall 5
McDonald's Restaurant-icon McDonald's Restaurant 5
Gas Station-icon Gas Station 5
Health Complex-icon Health Complex 5
File:French Cafe 2-icon.png French Cafe 2 5.01
Mall Department Store-icon Mall Department Store 5.03
Toy Tower-icon Toy Tower 5.04
EV Charging Station-icon EV Charging Station 5.04
Helicopter Tours-icon Helicopter Tours 5.06
File:Bike Shop 3-icon.png Bike Shop 3 5.07
French Restaurant-icon French Restaurant 5.07
Electric Train Shop-icon Electric Train Shop 5.09
Caviar Shop-icon Caviar Shop 5.11
Franken Battery-icon Franken Battery 5.11
Bourdeaux Boulevard-icon Bourdeaux Boulevard 5.13
Aztec Restaurant-icon Aztec Restaurant 5.15
File:Sunglasses Store 3-icon.png Sunglasses Store 3 5.15
File:Ice Cream Parlor 3-icon.png Ice Cream Parlor 3 5.15
File:Noodle Shop 3-icon.png Noodle Shop 3 5.16
Holiday Department Store-icon Holiday Department Store 5.16
Department Store-icon Department Store 2 Department Store 5.18
Music Store-icon Music Store 5.19
File:Video Game Store 2-icon.png Video Game Store 2 5.2
Swiss Chocolate Shop-icon Swiss Chocolate Shop 5.2
Ornament Shop-icon Ornament Shop 5.2
Fish Market-icon Fish Market 5.21
Buffet Restaurant-icon Buffet Restaurant 5.21
Taffy Shop-icon Taffy Shop 5.22
File:French Restaurant 3-icon.png French Restaurant 3 5.22
Cell Phone Store-icon Cell Phone Store 5.23
Artificial Tree Shop-icon Artificial Tree Shop 5.24
Hungry Dragon Buffet-icon Hungry Dragon Buffet 5.24
Venetian Restaurant-icon Venetian Restaurant, 2, and 3 5.26
Dominic's Restaurant-icon Dominic's Restaurant 5.27
Duty Free Shopping-icon Duty Free Shopping 5.28
Magnifique Men's Clothing-icon Magnifique Men's Clothing 5.28
Cable Car Restaurant-icon Cable Car Restaurant 5.3
Chic Boutique-icon Chic Boutique 5.3
Luggage Store-icon Luggage Store 5.3
Swimwear Shop-icon Swimwear Shop 5.3
Skate Shop-icon Skate Shop 5.3
File:Health Complex 2-icon.png Health Complex 2 5.3
Glass Blowing Shop-icon Glass Blowing Shop 5.31
Big Play Brewery-icon Big Play Brewery 5.32
Sports Car Dealership-icon Sports Car Dealership 5.33
Perfume Shop-icon Perfume Shop 5.33
Ku Drive-In-icon Ku Drive-In, 2, and 3 5.33
File:Video Game Store 3-icon.png Video Game Store 3 5.34
Cinema-icon Cinema 5.35
Jewelry Store-icon Jewelry Store 5.35
Spa-icon Spa 5.35
Balloon Store-icon Balloon Store 5.37
Song Bird Pet Shop-icon Song Bird Pet Shop, 2, and 3 5.37
Archery Store-icon Archery Store 5.38
Suit Yourself-icon Suit Yourself 5.38
Greek Carpenter-icon Greek Carpenter 5.39
The Bratwurst Barn-icon The Bratwurst Barn 5.39
Wedding Store-icon Wedding Store 5.4
Furniture Store-icon Furniture Store 5.4
Donut Shop-icon Donut Shop 5.4
Magic Shop-icon Magic Shop 5.4
House of Churros-icon House of Churros 5.4
Balalaika Shop-icon Balalaika Shop 5.4
Brain Shop-icon Brain Shop 5.4
Turkey Roost-icon Turkey Roost 5.4
Bike Share Business-icon Bike Share Business 5.4
Holiday Tree Lot-icon Holiday Tree Lot 5.4
Glass Shop-icon Glass Shop, 2, and 3 5.4
Spinning Top Shop-icon Spinning Top Shop 5.4
Rocking Horse Shop-icon Rocking Horse Shop 5.4
File:Shamrock Sing-A-Long 3-icon.png Shamrock Sing-A-Long 3 5.41
Body Of Work-icon Body Of Work 5.41
Mummy Exhibit-icon Mummy Exhibit 5.44
Handbag Store-icon Handbag Store 5.45
Tower Eats-icon Tower Eats 5.45
Grooming Parlor-icon Grooming Parlor 5.45
Li's Lanterns-icon Li's Lanterns 5.47
Hotel Restaurant-icon Hotel Restaurant 5.49
Tourist Shop-icon Tourist Shop 5.5
Italian Ice Parlor-icon Italian Ice Parlor 5.5
Boat Shop-icon Boat Shop 5.5
Sushi Bar-icon Sushi Bar 5.5
Scuba Dive Shop-icon Scuba Dive Shop 5.5
The Claw-icon The Claw 5.5
Tapas Restaurant-icon Tapas Restaurant 5.5
Chippy Shop-icon Chippy Shop 5.5
French Bakery-icon French Bakery 5.5
Sweater Shop-icon Sweater Shop 5.5
Russian Tea Room-icon Russian Tea Room 5.53
Halloween Costume Shop-icon Halloween Costume Shop 5.54
Pie Bakery-icon Pie Bakery 5.54
Cozy Cafe-icon Cozy Cafe 5.54
Trophy Store-icon Trophy Store 5.56
Greasy Spoon-icon Greasy Spoon 5.56
Circus Snack Shack-icon Circus Snack Shack 5.58
Produce Paradise-icon Produce Paradise 5.58
Tomb Stone Store-icon Tomb Stone Store 5.58
Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand-icon Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand 5.6
Rocket Ship Ride-icon Rocket Ship Ride 5.6
Oddities Museum-icon Oddities Museum 5.6
Holiday Bakery-icon Holiday Bakery 5.61
Saddles Shop-icon Saddles Shop 5.71
Mud Bath-icon Mud Bath 5.76
File:French Cafe 3-icon.png French Cafe 3 5.79
Backwoods Blacksmith-icon Backwoods Blacksmith 5.8
Swiss Watch Shop-icon Swiss Watch Shop 5.83
Club Monaco-icon Club Monaco 5.84
Venetian Mask Shop-icon Venetian Mask Shop, 2, and 3 5.84
Barbershop-icon Barbershop 5.87
Real Estate Showroom-icon Real Estate Showroom 5.88
Winter Sporting Shop-icon Winter Sporting Shop 5.88
File:Health Complex 3-icon.png Health Complex 3 5.9
File:Cheese Market 2-icon.png Cheese Market 2 and 3 5.95
Nutcracker Shop-icon Nutcracker Shop 5.96
Thrift Shop-icon Thrift Shop 5.99
Extreme Sports Store-icon Extreme Sports Store 6
Western Saloon-icon Western Saloon 6
Nutcracker Shop 2-icon Nutcracker Shop 2 6
Tea Shop-icon Tea Shop 6.02
The Far Out Freak Show-icon The Far Out Freak Show 6.05
Hades Grill-icon Hades Grill 6.05
Tonga Room-icon Tonga Room 6.05
Hiking Supply Shop-icon Hiking Supply Shop 6.05
File:Tonga Room 2-icon.png Tonga Room 2 and 3 6.06
Nutcracker Shop 3-icon Nutcracker Shop 3 6.1
Beauty Salon-icon Beauty Salon 6.17
Theater Prop Shop-icon Theater Prop Shop 6.2
Tractor Shop-icon Tractor Shop 6.25
Silicon Central-icon Silicon Central 6.25
Theater Prop Shop 2-icon Theater Prop Shop 2 6.3
Cook Ware-icon Cook Ware 6.34
Car Wash-icon Car Wash 6.39
Dance Studio-icon Dance Studio 3 6.44
Snowmobile Mart-icon Snowmobile Mart 6.44
Dance Studio-icon Dance Studio and 2 6.45
Print Shop-icon Print Shop 6.49
Theater Prop Shop 3-icon Theater Prop Shop 3 6.5
File:Health Complex 4-icon.png Health Complex 4 6.6
Slot Car Shop-icon Slot Car Shop 6.67
Cantina-icon Cantina 6.73
Mattress Store-icon Mattress Store 6.8
Potion Shop-icon Potion Shop 6.9
Witches Hat Shop-icon Witches Hat Shop 6.9
Valor Industries-icon Valor Industries 6.94
Bella B Store-icon Bella B Store, 2, and 3 7.05
Sale-Mart-icon Sale-Mart 7.15
Luxury Shopping Centre-icon Luxury Shopping Centre 7.15
Gifts Spring Eternal-icon Gifts Spring Eternal 7.2
Casino-icon Casino 7.21
Shanghai Center-icon Shanghai Center 7.21
Intent Insurance-icon Intent Insurance 7.23
Werewolf Lodge-icon Werewolf Lodge 7.25
Salvador's-icon Salvador's, 2, and 3 7.32
Body Of Work-icon Body Of Work 7.41
Mega Nail Salon-icon Mega Nail Salon 7.44
MicroManage Inc.-icon MicroManage Inc. 7.47
Cirrus Tower-icon Cirrus Tower 7.47
Movie Megaplex-icon Movie Megaplex 7.5
Intuition Technologies-icon Intuition Technologies 7.5
Body Of Work 2-icon Body Of Work 2 7.67
Intent Insurance 2-icon Intent Insurance 2 7.8
File:Mega Nail Salon 2-icon.png Mega Nail Salon 2 7.89
Intuition Technologies 2-icon Intuition Technologies 2 8
Body Of Work 3-icon Body Of Work 3 8
Intent Insurance 3-icon Intent Insurance 3 8.5
File:Mega Nail Salon 3-icon.png Mega Nail Salon 3 8.66
Intuition Technologies 3-icon Intuition Technologies 3 9