Collections are special groups of items(see collectibles) that when collected and traded in, give out special rewards.

Usually collectibles have a 3% chance of dropping when money is being collected from a building (Businesses or Housing) or when crops are harvested. There are a few exceptions:

Many of these collection items are required to finish goals. There is also a chance of acquiring these collectibles by putting them on your wishlist and opening a mystery gift or clicking a neighbor's train wall post.


Collection Collected From Reward
Peaceful Living Collection Cozy Cottage, Country Home, Lake House, Spring Bungalow and Log Cabin White Picket Fence
Suburbia Collection Family Townhouse, Suburban House, TV Terrace, Bay Point Duplex, Breezy Cabin, Garden Cottage, Family Den and Family Home Red Dog House
Main Street Collection Loft Apartments, Stylish Contemporary, Modular Modern and College Dorm Coins-icon 50 Coins and XP-icon 3 XP
City Life Collection Terraced Brownstone, Apartment Complex, Midtown Apartments, Solar Skyrise, Coastal Rowhouse, Oasis Apartments I and Oasis Apartments II Coins-icon 50 Coins and XP-icon 3 XP
Rural Collection Ranch House, Newlywed House, Rita's Country Home, Spring House, Fun House, Acrobat Apartments, Animal House, Clown Alley, Carousel Cottage, Windmill Manor, Barnyard Bungalow, Ingram House, Antebellum Home, Cow Ranch, Rustic Shack, Tractor Shop, Produce Paradise and Saddles Shop Goods-icon 25 Goods and XP-icon 3 XP
High Society Collection Colonial Chalet, Modern Chateau, Private Estate, Sprawling Mansion, Parkside Villa, and Sturdivant Tower Driveway Gate
Down Town Collection Upscale Condos, Hotel Suites and Downtown Flat Tavern
Jet Setter Collection Skyscraper Condos, Glass Condos, Atrium Lofts, Penthouse Tower, Eco House, Eco Skyscraper, Cubic Modular, Stepped Skyscraper, Skyrise Heights and Infinite Towers I Tuxedo Rental
Just Desserts Collection Rent from Bakery and Donut Shop Coins-icon 50 Coins and XP-icon 3 XP
Garden Collection Rent from Flower Kiosk Purple Flowers
Early Riser Collection Rent from Coffee Shop, Hot Cocoa Shop, Boulevard Apartment and Urban Beans Goods-icon 50 Goods and Energy-icon 3 Energy
Game Collection Rent from Toy Store, Video Game Store, Toy Tower and EV Charging Station Coins-icon 50 Coins and Energy-icon 3 Energy
Fast Food Collection Rent from Burger Joint, Zoo Cafeteria and Circus Snack Shack Gray Hen
Comfort Food Collection Rent from Diner Hot Dog Cart
Forever Young Collection Rent from Cosmetic Store, Dance Studio, Beauty Salon and Mega Nail Salon Pink Flowers
Watering Hole Collection Rent from Bowling Alley, Pool Hall and Tavern Energy-icon 3 Energy and XP-icon 3 XP
Fitness Collection Rent from Bike Shop, Sports Store, Boat Shop, Extreme Sports Store, Skate Shop, Trophy Store, Big Play Brewery, Archery Store, Half-Pipe House, Healthy Home, Red Card Residence, MVP-Most Valuable Palace, Birdie Manor and Gardener's House Coins-icon 50 Coins and XP-icon 3 XP
Designer Collection Rent from Shoe Store, Handbag Store, Sunglasses Store, Luggage Store and Watch Shop Coins-icon 50 Coins and XP-icon 3 XP
French Cuisine Collection Rent from French Restaurant and French Cafe Bird Fountain
Surf and Turf Collection Rent from Seafood Restaurant, Tower Eats and Chippy Shop Black Cow
Asian Cuisine Collection Rent from Sushi Bar and Tea Shop Japanese Maple Tree
Bridal Collection Rent from Wedding Store and Tuxedo Rental Newlywed House
Silver Screen Collection Rent from Cinema, Hot Dog Kiosk, Zoo Gift Shop, Spa, Movie Megaplex, and The Far Out Freak Show Highway Billboard
Convenience Store Collection Rent from Corner Store Energy-icon 3 Energy and XP-icon 3 XP
Perfect Fit Collection Rent from Chic Boutique, Laundromat and Seasonal Clothing Coins-icon 50 Coins and Goods-icon 25 Goods
Home Furnishings Collection Rent from Furniture Store Coins-icon 3000 Coins
Home Entertainment Collection Rent from Music Store Coins-icon 3000 Coins
Houseware Collection Rent from Appliance Store, Cook Ware, Mattress Store and Skillets and Things Coins-icon 50 Coins and Goods-icon 25 Goods
Bling Collection Rent from Jewelry Store Coins-icon 3000 Coins
Bookworm Collection Rent from Bookstore, Print Shop and Back To School House Coins-icon 50 Coins and XP-icon 3 XP
Farm Fresh Collection
Mornin' Joe Collection
Deli Collection
Sushi Collection
Mexican Cuisine Collection
Fruit Stand Collection
General Store Collection
Supermarket Collection
Quick Stop Collection
Sweet Tooth Collection
Grease Monkey Collection
Fast Money Collection
Cute Cuts Collection
Automotive Collection
Wilderness Collection
Lunar New Year Collection Rent from Noodle Shop, City Dojo and Fireworks Shop Country Pagoda
Retail Collection Rent from Tofu Burger, Department Store and City Supermarket Goods-icon 25 Goods and Energy-icon 3 Energy
St. Patrick's Collection Rent from Shamrock Sing-A-Long, St. Patty's Pub, and Fiddle Shop.Harvesting Cabbage. Goods-icon 50 Goods and Energy-icon 3 Energy
Italian Cuisine Collection Rent from Italian Restaurant, Cheese Market, Panini Shop, Italian Ice Parlor, Pizzeria, Tuscan Villa and Milan Apartments Energy-icon 3 Energy and Goods-icon 50 Goods
Heavy Duty Collection Rent from Hardware Store Coins-icon 50 Coins and XP-icon 3 XP
Mariachi Collection Rent from Taqueria, Taco Truck, House of Churros, Sombrero Store, Cantina, Playa Del Rey Apartments, Guerrero Residence, Garcia House, Hacienda De Dolores and Casa del Sol Mexican Lamp
Greek Cuisine Collection Rent from Greek Restaurant, Hades Grill, Greek Carpenter, Club Monaco, House of Ephesus, Villa Galifianakis and Stathatos Mansion Greek Flag Pole
Indian Cuisine Collection Rent from Indian Restaurant Indian Flag Pole
Thai Cuisine Collection Rent from Thai Restaurant Thai Flag Pole
Corn Collection Harvesting Corn White Goat
Strawberry Collection Harvesting Strawberries Coins-icon 50 Coins and XP-icon 3 XP
Watermelon Collection Harvesting Watermelon Goods-icon 25 Goods and XP-icon 3 XP
Pumpkin Collection Harvesting Pumpkins Energy-icon 3 Energy and XP-icon 3 XP
Carrot Collection Harvesting Carrots Gray Bunny
Wheat Collection Harvesting Wheat White Chicken
Eggplant Collection Harvesting Eggplant Coins-icon 50 Coins and XP-icon 3 XP
Pea Collection Harvesting Peas Corner Store
Artichoke Collection Harvesting Artichoke Energy-icon 3 Energy and XP-icon 3 XP
Cranberry Collection Harvesting Cranberries Coins-icon 50 Coins and Energy-icon 3 Energy
Spinach Collection Harvesting Spinach Energy-icon 1 Energy and Goods-icon 50 Goods
Tomato Collection Harvesting Tomatoes

Coins-icon 25 Coins and XP-icon 3 XP

Alfalfa Collection Harvesting Alfalfa

Energy-icon 1 Energy and Goods-icon 25 Goods

Train Collection

Reward when clicking on your Friends' train wall posts.

Grain Elevator

Rare Train Collection Like above, but even more rarely.

1st trade in: Unlock Permanent +10% Train Payout

New reward: Goods-icon 150 Goods

Tourism Collection Rent from Arcade, Beachfront Condo, Driving Range, Glass Blowing Shop, Hotel Restaurant, Mud Bath, Racquetball Club, Scuba Dive Shop, Timeshare Tower, Tourist Shop, Western Saloon, Destiny's Calling and Little Liner cruise ship at the City Port Coconut Tree
Henchmen Collection Capture the bandits: Silent Rob, Karma, The Smelly Bandits, The Movers and Robbin' Hood Pigeon Man Statue
Super Villains Collection Capture the bandits: Shovelin' Sharon, Sneakin' Sally, Tonie The Techie, The Yeti and Sweeping Ashley Western Saloon
Go Kart Collection Sending tourbuses to neighbor's Go Karts attraction Popcorn Cart
Doggie Rescue Collection Rescue the Doggies: Dot the Dalmatian, Geoffrey the German Shepherd, Goldie the Golden Retriever, Penelope the Poodle and Charlie the King Charles Spaniel. Rent from The Dog House. Dog Agility Course
Horse Racing Collection Rent from Horse Racing Track Championship Horse
Holiday Collection Rent from Egg Nog Shop, Holiday Bakery, McCallister House, Mistletoe Manor Energy-icon 3 Energy and XP-icon 3 XP
Honeymoon Hotel Collection Collecting from Honeymoon Hotel Energy-icon 3 Energy

Limited Edition CollectionsEdit

These collections are/were only available for a limited time during promotional events.

Collection Collected From Reward
Kung Fu Panda 2 Collection Rent from Drive-In Movie Theater Po Statue
Best Buy More Surprises Collection Rent from Best Buy Coins-icon 2500 Coins and Energy-icon 5 Energy
Enrique Collection Rent from Enrique's Euphoria Arena and Miami Skyrise Table Tennis With Enrique
Coke Zero Collection Rent from Coca Cola Plant Coke Zero Can
University of Farmers Collection Rent from University of Farmers Autoboathome Collection Rent from Best Buy First trade-in: Best Buy SignCoins-icon 2500 Coins and Energy-icon 5 Energy
MJ Collection Collect from MJ's Immortal Arena MJ Robot
MB Collection Collect from Buble Bonfire Buble Snowman
Lunch at McDonald's Collection Collect from Springtime McDonald's Coins-icon 2000 Coins and XP-icon 5 XP
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