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Conductor Charlie is a character in CityVille. He is in charge of running the train and provides the player with a number of goals which introduce them to the train system.

Conductor Charlie's StoryEdit

Conductor Charlie

A screenshot of Conductor Charlie.

Conductor Charlie is in charge of running the train in the player's city. He guides the player to "get working on the railroad" in preparation for unlocking the Charlieville trains - which are essentially fast-track but expensive trains.


Charlieville (aka Choo Choo Charlie) is one of the destinations available on the train service. Charlieville needs to be unlocked by
Send Trains!-icon
completing Conductor Charlie's goals (below) before the service can be used. After completing the goal "Get Charlie Breakfast!", Charlieville becomes available for use. However, once it has been unlocked it can become a valuable source of goods as the train service only takes 5 minutes. Compared to the other train routes though, it is definitely less profitable but is useful for when goods are needed in a hurry.

Unlike Samantha's City, Charlieville can not be visited and Conductor Charlie does not count as a neighbor.


Build A Silo!Edit

See also: Build A Silo!

The objective of the "Build A Silo!" mission is to build 2 Silos. Silos are storage buildings used to store 100 goods. They require 2 builds each, meaning this goal requires 4 energy to complete. The reward is 100 coins.

Scout Train RoutesEdit

"Scout Train Routes" is a goal which involves visiting 5 neighbors' cities. The reward is 50 goods.

Send Trains!Edit

See also: Send Trains!

As the penultimate stage of Conductor Charlie's goal line before the Charlieville trains become available, he asks the player to send 3 trains. These can be to either buy or sell goods. If the player has 15 minutes available, this goal can be completed by sending 3 of the shortest route trains - taking 5 minutes each. The reward is 100 coins.

Get Charlie Breakfast!Edit

The objective of this goal is to have 1 Danish collection item. This collection requires players to collect payout from their bakery and wait until the collection item drops. If the player doesn't already have the collection item, this can be a long process - particularly if they have a low population. One possible idea to speed up the process would be to make sure none of the other businesses in the city are open for business - thus, the bakery will fill up with customers faster. The reward is Energy-icon 1 Energy.

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