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Cozy Cottage
Cozy Cottage-icon
Image © Zynga
Cost:Coins-icon 200 Coins
Sell for:Coins-icon 10 Coins
Construction:Energy-icon 2 Energy
Collection:Peaceful Living Collection
Rent:Coins-icon 50 Coins every 1 hour
Min Pop:Population-icon 10 Population
Max Pop:Population-icon 20 Population
Population Upgrades
Upgrades:Small moving truck 10 Bonus Population

The Cozy Cottage is a 3×3 housing item available to be built in CityVille.

It costs Coins-icon 200 Coins and takes Energy-icon 2 Energy to build. Once built, it increases the player's city's population by Population-icon 10 Population. Rent can be collected every 1 hour and earns Coins-icon 50 Coins. When collecting rent, this building has a chance to give collectibles towards the Peaceful Living Collection.

Building a Cozy Cottage is the first action a player is allowed to make in the game as part of a forced tutorial. The player must place the Cozy Cottage in a pre-determined position on the map and build it to completion before they can name their city and play the game freely. However, they can move the position of the Cozy Cottage or remove it at a later time.

This Family Residence can be stored in the following Neighborhoods:

Cost and Efficiency[]

Until players reach a high enough level to unlock Upscale Condos, Cozy Cottages are widely considered the most profitable housing unit, whilst remaining energy efficient - unlike Country Homes which, whilst being the most profitable housing units at Coins-icon 120 Coins per hour, would involve using all energy acquired through the game's natural 5 minute replenishment system, thus preventing the player from being able to collect from any of their other buildings or crops.

The Cozy Cottage will start profiting after 4 collections. (4 hours minimum)

However, whether a player chooses to upgrade their Cozy Cottages to Upscale Condos when they reach a high enough level is up to them, as Upscale Condos only return an extra 2 coins per hour but cost 8000 coins to build - whereas Cozy Cottages only cost 200 coins. The choice to upgrade could be made based on whether a player needs to increase their population for goals, such as "Fuel Town Finances!" as Upscale Condos have a much higher population increase at 110 citizens, against a Cozy Cottage's 10 citizens.


This building can be upgraded so it holds a maximum of Population-icon 32 Population. For completing the upgrad, you need 4 of the following items:

Cozy Cottage snow

Cozy Cottage with snow top.

Collecting Rewards[]

85%Coins-icon 50 Coins
8%Coins-icon 50 Coins
Coins-icon 13 Coins
5%Coins-icon 50 Coins
Coins-icon 25 Coins
2%Coins-icon 100 Coins
85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy
3%EZ Chair-icon EZ Chair
3%Folding Table-icon Folding Table
3%Garden Gnome Garden Gnome
3%Bird House-icon Bird House
3%Radio-icon Radio


Cozy Cottage takes a 3x3 space and are built in 2 stages costing a total of Energy-icon 2 Energy.

Stage 1 Stage 2
Buildup3x3 1 Buildup3x3 2

Each stage takes 5 seconds to build. Completing last stage rewards the player with these bonuses:

33%Coins-icon 5 Coins
33%Coins-icon 5 Coins
34%Coins-icon 5 Coins
85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy


Direction NW Direction NE Direction SW Direction SE
Cozy Cottage-NW Cozy Cottage-NE Cozy Cottage-SW Cozy Cottage-SE

Goals requiring Cozy Cottages[]

The first "goal" of the game is to build a Cozy Cottage. It must be placed in a specific location, pre-determined by Zynga. This Cozy Cottage must be placed and built before the player can name their city and begin playing the game freely.

There are no other goals requiring the build of Cozy Cottages, however players may choose to build Cozy Cottages in order to build up population for the quest "First Neighborhood".


  • Due to a programming error, when the Cozy cottage is moved next to a building bigger than it, it will seem as if the cottage is on top of the building.


For more information: Remodeling

Image Name Cost Population Payout Unlock Energy
Cozy Cottage-icon Cozy Cottage Coins-icon 160 Coins Population-icon 10–20 Population Coins-icon 50 Coins
/ Energy-icon 2 Energy
Brown Cozy Cottage-icon Brown Cozy Cottage Coins-icon 220 Coins /
Blue Cozy Cottage-icon Blue Cozy Cottage /
Pink Cozy Cottage-icon Pink Cozy Cottage /
Yellow Cozy Cottage-icon Yellow Cozy Cottage /
Fancy Cozy Cottage-icon Fancy Cozy Cottage Coins-icon 300 Coins /
Silver Cozy Cottage-icon Silver Cozy Cottage Coins-icon 400 Coins Population-icon 10–30 Population (+10) / Energy-icon 4 Energy
Crystal Cozy Cottage-icon Crystal Cozy Cottage Coins-icon 500 Coins Population-icon 20–60 Population (+100%) Cash-icon 10 Cash
Gold Cozy Cottage-icon Gold Cozy Cottage Coins-icon 600 Coins Population-icon 10–40 Population (+20) /
Medieval Cozy Cottage-icon Medieval Cozy Cottage Coins-icon 600 Coins Population-icon 30–60 Population (+200%) Cash-icon 3 Cash
Mushroom Cozy Cottage-icon Mushroom Cozy Cottage Coins-icon 800 Coins Population-icon 40–80 Population (+300%) Cash-icon 5 Cash
Platinum Cozy Cottage-icon Platinum Cozy Cottage Coins-icon 800 Coins Population-icon 10–50 Population (+30) /