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The Daily Bonus system cycles every 5 days, but one must log into CityVille and collect it 5 consecutive days to have a chance to win a special prize on the Day 5. If one day is missed, the "clock" will reset on the system and you will start once again from Day 1.

Daily Bonus

Each consecutive day that you click on the Daily Bonus, you will receive different rewards:

On Day 5, you will receive Energy-icon 5 Energy or a chance of getting the Cash-icon 1 Cash, Grain Silo, Fencing School, Spanish Castle, Weeping Cherry Tree or Flying Fairy. The "clock" will reset once again and repeat the cycle with another random bonus on the 5th day.

Chance Reward
50% Cash-icon 1 Cash
10% Grain Silo
10% Fencing School
10% Spanish Castle
10% Weeping Cherry Tree
10% Flying Fairy


You can also share your bonus energy with your friends by posting it in the feed.

Daily Bonus-feed Player shares the wealth in CityVille!

Returning to their city, Player discovered a huge bonus waiting and would love nothing more than to share with friends!


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