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Requirements:XP-icon Level 18
More Dam Energy!-icon More Dam Energy!
Construction:Energy-icon 15 Energy
Completion:Rotor-viral 4× Rotor

Flood Gate-viral 4× Flood Gate
Turbine-viral 4× Turbine
Canal Lock-viral 4× Canal Lock

Generator-viral 4× Generator

The Dam is a 8×12 building that increases the energy cap by 7 to 37 (without any other upgrades) at level 1. It can be only placed at a certain location on the river like the Platform Bridge. If neccesary, you will have to expand (on the left side of the river) to place it. As of May 11, 2012, the Dam can be upgraded to level 3, increasing the energy cap by an additional 2.

When placed, You will need 4 of the following items: Rotor, Flood Gate, Hydraulic Turbine, Canal Lock and Generator.

When you get all parts, you will need Energy-icon 15 Energy to build, but when you complete it, you will get Energy-icon 31 Energy, and it increases the population limit by 800.

The Dam can be supplied with Goods-icon 400 Goods every 12 hours, which adds 1 energy to the usual energy cap of 30, allowing you to raise the cap to a maximum of 37. Failing to supply the Dam within 24 hours means you lose one bonus energy each time, subsequently bringing your energy cap down to 30 again.


Level 2 Level 3
Level 2 Dam-icon Level 3 Dam-icon
Required Materials: Silver Rotor-icon 8× Silver Rotor

Silver Flood Gate-icon 8× Silver Flood Gate
Silver Turbine-icon 8× Silver Turbine
Silver Canal Lock-icon 8× Silver Canal Lock
Silver Generator-icon 8× Silver Generator

Gold Rotor-viral 10× Gold Rotor

Gold Flood Gate-viral 10× Gold Flood Gate
Gold Turbine-viral 10× Gold Turbine
Gold Canal Lock-viral 10× Gold Canal Lock
Gold Generator-viral 10× Gold Generator

Reward: Energy Cap: +8
Energy-icon 5 Energy
Zoning Permit-doober 1 Zoning Permit
Energy Cap: +9
Energy-icon 10 Energy
Zoning Permit-doober 2 Zoning Permit


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More Dam Energy!-icon More Dam Energy!Upgrade The Dam Again-icon Upgrade The Dam AgainYou're My Dam Hero!-icon You're My Dam Hero!



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