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December 2011: release notes of additions/improvements and fixes in CityVille of this month.

December 01[]

CityVille Update: December 1st 2011
Winds of Change-icon Winds of ChangeWindy City-icon Windy CityCaution To The Wind-icon Caution To The WindSecond Wind-icon Second Wind
  • New Winter/Holiday Content added to Build Menu.
  • Added the Holiday Mystery Gift to the Free Gift Page.
  • Added more Expansions for purchase.
  • Reduced the level requirement for the Apple Orchard, Spy Agency, and City Symphony.
  • Made improvements to City Center. Extended this feature by 5 days. Reduced the cost cash for buildable parts. Also, turned "Give One, Get Special Delivery Crate" Feeds for this feature to "Give One, Get One" Feeds.
  • Implemented the ability to place buildings from Announcements and Quests.
  • Fixes:
    • Potentially resolved the recent unable to send or receive request issues.
    • Attempt a fix for the "Need More Storage" message upon entering your City.
    • Resolved the Snowballs not counting towards Snowball Fight! goal.
    • Released a fix to load the images for the trophy, paint sprayer, and paint samples.
    • Made adjustments to the Special Delivery Crate to make sure players get needed items, instead receiving items for already completed buildings.
    • Put in fix to make sure that the Tonga Tower is counted towards Car's first Quest.

December 02[]

CityVille Update: December 2nd 2011
  • Happy Birthday CityVille! - First year after the release
    To celebrate, get a free Birthday Cake-icon Birthday Cake* as a gift and get XP-icon triple XP for neighbor visits through Monday!
    *Note: You must wait for the announcement to pop up in game before you receive this item.
  • New Goals: XP-icon Level 40+
Baking A Difference-icon Baking A DifferenceA Baker's Dozen-icon A Baker's DozenShake & Bake-icon Shake & BakeBake Sale!-icon Bake Sale!

December 03[]

CityVille Update: December 3rd 2011

December 04[]

CityVille Update: December 4th 2011

December 05[]

CityVille Update: December 5th 2011
  • New Timed Goal: A Night At The Ballet!-icon A Night At The Ballet!
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the Multi-friend selector for Italian. Players should now be able to request staff or buildables now.
    • Resolved the "Need More Storage" error issue.
    • Resolved the "Broken String" error message for the Wind Farm Quest icon.

December 06[]

CityVille Update: December 6th 2011
Let's Talk Shop!-icon Let's Talk Shop!Deck The Halls!-icon Deck The Halls!That's A Wrap!-icon That's A Wrap!
  • Fixes:
    • Extended the Ice Skating Hockey Goal. Reduced the number of times you need to collect from Grade Schools.
    • Resolved the following issue: Supplying a mall does not persist for the first car goal if the player refreshes.

December 07[]

CityVille Update: December 7th 2011
  • New Timed Goal: Bring Home The Beacon!-icon Bring Home The Beacon!
  • Added more Winter content into the Build Menu.
  • Implemented more space in your Inventory. You can now store up to 2,000 unique items in your Inventory.
  • Extended the City Center and allowed players 20 extra days to complete.

December 08[]

CityVille Update: December 8th 2011

December 09[]

CityVille Update: December 9th 2011
  • Introduced the Governor's Mansion-icon Governor's Mansion Feature.
  • Reduced the cost of presents.
  • Removed building material requirements for the Doggie Rescue Center feature.
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the issues where players were not progressing to the correct Level.
    • Fixed the "Blanket Statement" message appearing each session.
    • Introduced a fix for the error players were receiving when hitting the daily limit for Special Delivery Crates.
    • Icons not appearing in correct order, with newest on top.
    • Resolved an OOS issue caused by placing a house that exceeds population cap.
    • Fixed an OOS error at the start of the game.
    • Implemented a fix for the City Hall when attempting to start a Campaign Rally! and unable to start the quest.
    • Re-introduced the Santa's Workshop Icon.

December 10[]

CityVille Update: December 10th 2011

December 11[]

CityVille Update: December 11th 2011

December 12[]

CityVille Update: December 12th 2011
  • New Metropolis 3 Content added to Build Menu.
  • New Timed Goal: Branching Out-icon Branching Out
  • Added more board space to expand to.
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the OOS issue when harvesting boats from Export Port or Pier.
    • Released a fix to give players ability to place boats on the extended areas of the Export Port.
    • Released another fix to help receive Quest items (picnic baskets, petitions, binoculars) that were previously not counting towards Wind Farm quests.

December 13[]

CityVille Update: December 13th 2011
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the Harbor Master's Office issue where players were previously unable to load and send requests.
    • Blank page when clicking "Ask Friend" for buildable parts or help in French.
    • Implemented a fix for players unable to send Mystery Gifts.
    • Released a fix for the OOS players were experiencing through Holiday Town.
    • Fixed an issue with being unable to load game in Japanese.

December 14[]

CityVille Update: December 14th 2011
Elf Absorbed-icon Elf AbsorbedReindeer Games!-icon Reindeer Games!Paint The Town Red!-icon Paint The Town Red!
  • Reduced the requirements for the Cars Feature.
  • Added addition timers to specific timed quests.

December 15[]

CityVille Update: December 15th 2011

December 16[]

CityVille Update: December 16th 2011

December 17[]

CityVille Update: December 17th 2011

December 19[]

CityVille Update: December 19th 2011

December 20[]

CityVille Update: December 20th 2011

December 21[]

CityVille Update: December 21st 2011
  • Fixes:
    • Implemented a fix for Cars Quest progress being altered due to receiving an OOS after completing Part 2.
    • Fixed the "Show Me" button being greyed out for Wind Farms feature.
    • Resolved the OOS error issue when players load Holiday Town - Gate 2 (Mrs. Claus Knitting Society).
    • Attempted a fix to the OOS issue players were experiencing after placing an expansion on available space.

December 22[]

CityVille Update: December 22nd 2011
  • Added the ability to expand and unlock the Holiday Town #4.
  • Implemented a sale on select Buildable Parts.
  • Introduced the Turbo Statue-icon Turbo Statue into the Build Menu. This is available to players Level 30+.
  • Added Save The Holidays!-icon Save The Holidays! - Act 3 - Quest 2 and 3.
  • Reduced Expansions Requirements!
    • We’ve heard your feedback and have lowered the population requirements to expand!
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed an OOS issue when clicking on the Holiday town after completing Holiday Towns 1, 2, and 3.
    • Resolved an issue with the Holiday Expansion 1 and Holiday Expansion 2 rewarding Permit Packs instead of Zoning Permits.
    • Fixed the Elf Polka Dot House harvesting and coin issues.

December 24[]

CityVille Update: December 24th 2011

December 25[]

CityVille Update: December 25th 2011

December 26[]

CityVille Update: December 26th 2011
  • New Car Crafting Goals:
Car Collector!-icon Car Collector!All Washed Up-icon All Washed UpTest Drive-icon Test Drive

December 27[]

CityVille Update: December 27th 2011
  • New Timed Goal: Peak Performance!-icon Peak Performance!
  • Extended the Michael Buble event for 4 extra days.
  • Fixes:
    • Adjusted text in the Sledding Goal to 'Build the Snowman House for the Stumpfords' to reduce confusion.
    • Attempted a fix for the Holiday Town Issue where some players were unable to receive them all. These missing holiday towns will now appear in the users inventory.

December 28[]

CityVille Update: December 28th 2011
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the selection of "No" on Mystery Crate purchase.
    • Fixed an OOS issue when there is one patrolling cop and one sleeping cop.
    • Changed some text in the Custom Car quest to indicate Custom Car Shop must be completed first.
    • Fixed an issue where Holiday Saga Act 1 Part 1 and 3 needed new Presents if they were not complete when Presents were opened.
    • Fixed unable to ask for help on 2nd Mall.

December 31[]

CityVille Update: December 31st 2011
Happy New Year!-icon Happy New Year!Be My Guest!-icon Be My Guest!Ring In The New Year!-icon Ring In The New Year!