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Hotspot: Surrounding a single business or house with decorations to maximize its earnings.

Replacing roads with sidewalks: As long as a City Sidewalk is connected to an Asphalt Road, the sidewalk counts as a road, in that it will allow you to collect from any buisnesses or houses touching it. While sidewalks are more expensive, they take up only a 1x1 area where as roads take up 3x3, allowing for more room to place other things; this also means that more decorations can be placed within range, owing to most


2x3 asphalt road

not having the range to cover the extra distance a road imposes. The 2x3 "under construction" asphalt road shown to the right also counts as a full asphalt road with 3 less squares. This is formed by placing two asphalt roads 2 squares apart and then filling the 2x3 space between with another asphalt road. Once the initial two roads are removed the 2x3 under construction asphalt road is left.

Business Strategy without City Cash[]

Layout 3x3 w-o Cash

3x3 Business

Layout 4x4 w-o Cash

4x4 Business

Layout 5x5 w-o Cash

5x5 Business

Layout 6x6 w-o Cash

6x6 Business

Layout 8x8 w-o Cash

8x8 Business

Layout 10x10 w-o Cash

10x10 Theme Park