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Doc's Date Plan
Doc's Date Plan-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
DescriptionPlan my second date to include something French!
HintsAndre's French Restaurant is perfect for my second date with Louise! Make it so!
Mission fromFile:Dr. Sheperd-icon.png Dr. Sheperd
Have French Restaurant
Have 3 Orchids (Garden Collection)
(Cash-icon 30 Cash)
Collect from a French Restaurant 3 times
(Cash-icon 50 Cash)
EnergyEnergy-icon 9 Energy
Goal Completion
DescriptionDate two with Louise was, as the French say, "Parfait!" Ask friends to plan one for us!
The Date Is On!-icon The Date Is On! Doc's Date Plan-icon Doc's Date Plan Date Tripping-icon Date Tripping

Doc's Date Plan is one of the normal City goal in CityVille. It was released on December 2nd, 2010.


Generic Business-icon

Have French Restaurant

Collection item-icon

Have 3 Orchids (Collectable)

Collect Business 3-icon

Collect from a French Restaurant 3 times


Doc's Date Plan-feed Player arranges French kiss for second date!

The doctor and teacher said, "Ooh la la!" to their fabulous French date in '"City! Get your date Goods now!