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Downtown CityVille has many Businesses. Each can increase your income. Many can be used in your original city, others need to be unlocked with City Cash or by completing Downtown requirements.

Premium BusinessesEdit

Premium Businesses are businesses that will only accept Premium Goods. These businesses are also different because they will sometimes increase in Downtown Value when collected from. When this happens, their income will also permanently increase. Some businesses that use normal Goods can also increase in Downtown Value, but will never increase in earnings.

Peak Earnings refer to the top payout Premium Businesses can have. The peak is 100% of the earnings you'd expect to get from that store. If it's uncollected for over 24 hours the percentage will drop. The lowest it will go is 61%. When it reaches that level, the gold coin symbol above that building will turn to a small, dull, silver coin.

List of BusinessesEdit

Some of these items may not have been released yet.

Note: Placing any Downtown building/item from your Inventory/Storage into your original city, which is not unlocked in the Build menu when viewed in your original city, will cause saving issues!


Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Value Size/Other Info
Day Care-icon Day Care Coins-icon 60,000 Coins Goods-icon 300 Goods Coins-icon 1,626 Coins 00000000000000000260DowntownValue cardIcon 260 Downtown Value 4x4
Cheese Steak Counter-icon Cheese Steak Counter Coins-icon 7,200 Coins Goods-icon 125 Goods Coins-icon 799 Coins 00000000000000000090DowntownValue cardIcon 90 Downtown Value 3x3
Thrift Store-icon Thrift Store Cash-icon 25 Cash Goods-icon 130 Goods Coins-icon 825 Coins 00000000000000000315DowntownValue cardIcon 315 Downtown Value 3x3
Mobile Phone Store-icon Mobile Phone Store Coins-icon 550,000 Coins Goods-icon 355 Goods Coins-icon 1,871 Coins 00000000000000000480DowntownValue cardIcon 480 Downtown Value 4x4
Major Game Stat Change
File:Jewelry Store (Downtown)-icon.png Jewelry Store (Downtown) Cash-icon 70 Cash Goods-icon 425 Goods Coins-icon 2,176 Coins 00000000000000001320DowntownValue cardIcon 1,320 Downtown Value 4x4
Bread Store-icon Bread Store Cash-icon 49 Cash Goods-icon 330 Goods Coins-icon 1,759 Coins 00000000000000000620DowntownValue cardIcon 620 Downtown Value 3x3
Dollar Store-icon Dollar Store Cash-icon 39 Cash Goods-icon 258 Goods Coins-icon 1,435 Coins 00000000000000000300DowntownValue cardIcon 300 Downtown Value 4x4
Real Estate Office-icon Real Estate Office Coins-icon 150,000 Coins Goods-icon 315 Goods Coins-icon 1,692 Coins 00000000000000000270DowntownValue cardIcon 270 Downtown Value 4x4
Pawn Shop-icon Pawn Shop Cash-icon 38 Cash Goods-icon 253 Goods Coins-icon 1,412 Coins 00000000000000000310DowntownValue cardIcon 310 Downtown Value 3x3
Discount Store-icon Discount Store Cash-icon 37 Cash Goods-icon 188 Goods Coins-icon 1,110 Coins 00000000000000000300DowntownValue cardIcon 300 Downtown Value 3x3
Food Truck-icon Food Truck Coins-icon 5,000 Coins Goods-icon 125 Goods Coins-icon 799 Coins 00000000000000000090DowntownValue cardIcon 90 Downtown Value 4x4
Doll Shop-icon Doll Shop Cash-icon 30 Cash Goods-icon 265 Goods Coins-icon 1,469 Coins 00000000000000000150DowntownValue cardIcon 150 Downtown Value 4x4
Brewery-icon Brewery Cash-icon 55 Cash Goods-icon 360 Goods Coins-icon 1,890 Coins 00000000000000000790DowntownValue cardIcon 790 Downtown Value 4x4
Pizza Counter-icon Pizza Counter Cash-icon 35 Cash Goods-icon 282 Goods Coins-icon 1,546 Coins 00000000000000000200DowntownValue cardIcon 200 Downtown Value 3x3
Angie's Art Supplies-icon Angie's Art Supplies Cash-icon 80 Cash Goods-icon 380 Goods Coins-icon 3,230 Coins 00000000000000002500DowntownValue cardIcon 2,500-4,500 Downtown Value 4x4
Gadget Shack-icon Gadget Shack Coins-icon 130,000 Coins Goods-icon 310 Goods Coins-icon 2,480 Coins 00000000000000000310DowntownValue cardIcon 310-630 Downtown Value 4x4
The Hobby Hut-icon The Hobby Hut Coins-icon 146,000 Coins Goods-icon 305 Goods Coins-icon 1,648 Coins 00000000000000000273DowntownValue cardIcon 273 Downtown Value 3x3
Douglas Auditorium-icon Douglas Auditorium Cash-icon 68 Cash Goods-icon 445 Goods Coins-icon 2,263 Coins 00000000000000001230DowntownValue cardIcon 1,230 Downtown Value 5x5
Cedar Specialty Clinic-icon Cedar Specialty Clinic Coins-icon 150,000 Coins Goods-icon 315 Goods Coins-icon 2,772 Coins 00000000000000000400DowntownValue cardIcon 400-700 Downtown Value 6x6
Blockbuster Multiplex-icon Blockbuster Multiplex Cash-icon 99 Cash Goods-icon 495  Goods Coins-icon 2,857-4,257 Coins 00000000000000003450DowntownValue cardIcon 3,450-6,450 Downtown Value 5x5
Island Style Cafe-icon Island Style Cafe Coins-icon 17,500 Coins Goods-icon 258 Goods Coins-icon 1,436 Coins 00000000000000000140DowntownValue cardIcon 140 Downtown Value 5x5
Gino's Falafel-icon Gino's Falafel Coins-icon 8,500 Coins Goods-icon 25 Goods Coins-icon 155 Coins 00000000000000000050DowntownValue cardIcon 50 Downtown Value 3x3

Premium BusinessesEdit

Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Value Size/Other Info
Roof Top-icon Roof Top Early Downtown Purchase Premium Goods-icon 400 Premium Goods Coins-icon 3,244 Coins 00000000000000001200DowntownValue cardIcon 1,200-1,980 Downtown Value 5x5
Special Edition
Apex Ad Agency-icon Apex Ad Agency Expand to the Agency!-icon Expand to the Agency! Premium Goods-icon 385 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2941 Coins 00000000000000000700DowntownValue cardIcon 700-1,180 Downtown Value 5x5
Chandelier Store-icon Chandelier Store Coins-icon 600,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 345 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,068-3389 Coins 00000000000000000700DowntownValue cardIcon 700-1,180 Downtown Value 5x5
Modern Furniture-icon Modern Furniture Cash-icon 70 Cash Premium Goods-icon 455 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,690-4,410 Coins 00000000000000001300DowntownValue cardIcon 1,300-2,140 Downtown Value 4x4
Wine Bar-icon Wine Bar Coins-icon 6,300 Coins Premium Goods-icon 110 Premium Goods Coins-icon 673-1,103 Coins 00000000000000000100DowntownValue cardIcon 100-210 Downtown Value 3x3
Exotic Car Dealer-icon Exotic Car Dealer Cash-icon 90 Cash Premium Goods-icon 440 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,658-4,356 Coins 00000000000000003050DowntownValue cardIcon 3,050-5,650 Downtown Value 4x4
Fancy Watch Store-icon Fancy Watch Store Cash-icon 62 Cash Premium Goods-icon 415 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,301-3,771 Coins 00000000000000001200DowntownValue cardIcon 1,200-1,980 Downtown Value 4x4
Wine Store-icon Wine Store Cash-icon 30 Cash Premium Goods-icon 330 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,765-2,894 Coins 00000000000000000160DowntownValue cardIcon 160-320 Downtown Value 3x3
Art Auction-icon Art Auction Cash-icon 30 Cash Premium Goods-icon 258 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,439-2,359 Coins 00000000000000000140DowntownValue cardIcon 140-260 Downtown Value 5x5
Cigar Shop-icon Cigar Shop Coins-icon 135,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 310 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,675-2,746 Coins 00000000000000000320DowntownValue cardIcon 320-600 Downtown Value 3x3
Diamond Jeweler-icon Diamond Jeweler Coins-icon 575000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 355 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,144-3,515 Coins 00000000000000000800DowntownValue cardIcon 800-1,580 Downtown Value 4x4
Italian Suit Store-icon Italian Suit Store Coins-icon 30,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 210 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,163-1,906 Coins 00000000000000000160DowntownValue cardIcon 160-320 Downtown Value 4x4
Kitchen Remodel Store-icon Kitchen Remodel Store Cash-icon 45 Cash Premium Goods-icon 330 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,688-2,767 Coins 00000000000000000610DowntownValue cardIcon 610-1,100 Downtown Value 5x5
High End Restaurant-icon High End Restaurant Coins-icon 590000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 360 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,175-3,565 Coins 00000000000000000800DowntownValue cardIcon 800-1,580 Downtown Value 4x4
Major Game Stat Change
Day Spa-icon Day Spa Cash-icon 55 Cash Premium Goods-icon 380 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,987-3,257 Coins 00000000000000000970DowntownValue cardIcon 970-1,580 Downtown Value 4x4
Club Del Sol-icon Club del Sol Cash-icon 57 Cash Premium Goods-icon 295 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,386-2,272 Coins 00000000000000001450DowntownValue cardIcon 1,450-2,290 Downtown Value 4x4
Shelley's Shoe Emporium-icon Shelley's Shoe Emporium Coins-icon 43,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 295 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,347-2,207 Coins 00000000000000000240DowntownValue cardIcon 240-480 Downtown Value 4x4
Woofgang's Doggie Day Care-icon Woofgang's Doggie Day Care Coins-icon 65,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 300 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,349-2,211 Coins 00000000000000000270DowntownValue cardIcon 270-550 Downtown Value 4x4
Gandel Art Gallery-icon Gandel Art Gallery Coins-icon 618,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 365 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,205-3,614 Coins 00000000000000000810DowntownValue cardIcon 810-1,590 Downtown Value 5x5
Shipping Out-icon Shipping Out Coins-icon 14,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 35 Premium Goods Coins-icon 172-282 Coins 00000000000000000140DowntownValue cardIcon 140-280 Downtown Value 4x4
Tunes 2 Go-icon Tunes 2 Go Coins-icon 625,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 365 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,205-3,614 Coins 00000000000000000815DowntownValue cardIcon 815-1595 Downtown Value 2x2
Old Mill Cafe-icon Old Mill Cafe Coins-icon 250,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 325 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,756-2,878 Coins 00000000000000000550DowntownValue cardIcon 550-970 Downtown Value 5x5
Helping Hands Hostel-icon Helping Hands Hostel Coins-icon 170,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 316 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,707-2,799 Coins 00000000000000000450DowntownValue cardIcon 450-870 Downtown Value 4x4
Short & Sweet-icon Short & Sweet Coins-icon 135,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 316 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,586-2,599 Coins 00000000000000000175DowntownValue cardIcon 175-295 Downtown Value 2x2
Time Flies-icon Time Flies Cash-icon 60 Cash Premium Goods-icon 480 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,706-4,436 Coins 00000000000000001700DowntownValue cardIcon 1,700-3,150 Downtown Value 2x2
The Phone Zone-icon The Phone Zone Cash-icon 55 Cash Premium Goods-icon 405 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,175-2,485 Coins 00000000000000001375DowntownValue cardIcon 1,375-2,485 Downtown Value 2x2
Fritz Carson Hotel-icon Fritz Carson Hotel Cash-icon 90 Cash Premium Goods-icon 450 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,431-3,985 Coins 00000000000000003050DowntownValue cardIcon 3,050-5,650 Downtown Value 5x5
Pizzera Apartments-icon Pizzera Apartments Tickle Your Fancy!-icon Tickle Your Fancy! Premium Goods-icon 283 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,346-2,208 Coins minimum 00000000000000000240DowntownValue cardIcon 240-480 Downtown Value 4x4
A Cut Above Salon-icon A Cut Above Salon Coins-icon 9,600 Coins Premium Goods-icon 265 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,483-2,432 Coins 00000000000000000150DowntownValue cardIcon 150-250 Downtown Value 4x4
Cobalt Tower-icon Cobalt Tower Cash-icon 30 Cash Premium Goods-icon 150 Premium Goods Coins-icon 957-1,568 Coins 00000000000000000260DowntownValue cardIcon 260-500 Downtown Value 4x4
Tunnel of Love-icon Tunnel of Love Reward
Red Carpet Gala-icon Red Carpet Gala Red Carpet Gala!-icon Red Carpet Gala! Premium Goods-icon 380-485 Premium Goods Coins-icon 3,237-3,880 Coins 00000000000000001000DowntownValue cardIcon 1,000-4,100 Downtown Value 8x8
Special Downtown Item
City Investment Firm-icon City Investment Firm Hedge Fund!-icon Hedge Fund! Premium Goods-icon 150 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,425 Coins 0000000000000001,350DowntownValue cardIcon 1,350-2,190 Downtown Value 4x4
Premium Purse Shop-icon Premium Purse Shop Coins-icon 4200 Coins Premium Goods-icon 80 Premium Goods Coins-icon 430-705 Coins 00000000000000000090DowntownValue cardIcon 90-170 Downtown Value 4x4
Truck Stop Diner-icon Truck Stop Diner Riding High!-icon Riding High! Premium Goods-icon 290 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,885 Coins 00000000000000000228DowntownValue cardIcon 228 Downtown Value 4x4
Metro Knick-Knacks-icon Metro Knick-Knacks Coins-icon 130,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 315 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,565-2,565 Coins 00000000000000000350DowntownValue cardIcon 350-590 Downtown Value 4x4
Shades Shack-icon Shades Shack Coins-icon 680,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 365 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,862-3,052 Coins 00000000000000000900DowntownValue cardIcon 900-1,500 Downtown Value 4x4
Betty's Beauty Boutique-icon Betty's Beauty Boutique Coins-icon 90,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 310 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,561-2,558 Coins 00000000000000000310DowntownValue cardIcon 310-630 Downtown Value 3x3
Rugs and More-icon Rugs and More Coins-icon 200,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 320 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,637-2,685 Coins 00000000000000000450DowntownValue cardIcon 450-870 Downtown Value 3x3
Regatta Drive-icon Regatta Drive Place Regatta Drive!-icon Place Regatta Drive! Premium Goods-icon 380 Premium Goods Coins-icon 3,420 Coins 0000000000000002,650DowntownValue cardIcon 2,650-4,600 Downtown Value 8x8

Limited Edition BusinessesEdit

Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Value Size/Other Info
Modica Market-icon Modica Market Coins-icon 68,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 300 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,812-2,971 Coins 00000000000000000260DowntownValue cardIcon 260-500 Downtown Value 3x3
Modern Marvels-icon Modern Marvels Cash-icon 35 Cash Premium Goods-icon 300 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,752-2,872 Coins 00000000000000000400DowntownValue cardIcon 400-800 Downtown Value 3x3
Headphone Hut-icon Headphone Hut Cash-icon 36 Cash Premium Goods-icon 316 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,750-2,868 Coins 00000000000000000405DowntownValue cardIcon 405-805 Downtown Value 2x2
Rocky Road Ice Cream-icon Rocky Road Ice Cream Cash-icon 35 Cash Premium Goods-icon 315 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,797-2,946 Coins 00000000000000000410DowntownValue cardIcon 410-810 Downtown Value 4x4
Shop 'N Go-icon Shop 'N Go Coins-icon 65,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 300 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,752-2,872 Coins 00000000000000000260DowntownValue cardIcon 260-500 Downtown Value 4x4
The Hat Rack-icon The Hat Rack Coins-icon 70,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 300 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,752-2,872 Coins 00000000000000000260DowntownValue cardIcon 260-500 Downtown Value 3x3
The Teacher's Lounge-icon The Teacher's Lounge Cash-icon 28 Cash Premium Goods-icon 315 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,744-2,859 Coins 00000000000000000260DowntownValue cardIcon 260-500 Downtown Value 3x3
Electronics Emporium-icon Electronics Emporium Coins-icon 125,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 315 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,744-2,859 Coins 00000000000000000400DowntownValue cardIcon 400-800 Downtown Value 4x4
Bean There, Done That-icon Bean There, Done That Coins-icon 75,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 300 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,410-2,310 Coins 00000000000000000300DowntownValue cardIcon 300-620 Downtown Value 4x4
Eggs And More-icon Eggs And More Cash-icon 25 Cash Premium Goods-icon 165 Premium Goods Coins-icon 886-1,453 Coins 00000000000000001150DowntownValue cardIcon 1,150-1,930 Downtown Value 3x3
Pump 'N Save-icon Pump 'N Save Coins-icon 100,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 310 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,249-2,047 Coins 00000000000000000325DowntownValue cardIcon 325-630 Downtown Value 4x4
Sandwich Shack-icon Sandwich Shack Cash-icon 37 Cash Premium Goods-icon 316 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,748-2,865 Coins 00000000000000000400DowntownValue cardIcon 400-800 Downtown Value 3x3
Bageltopia-icon Bageltopia Cash-icon 40 Cash Premium Goods-icon 300 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,812-2,972 Coins 00000000000000000550DowntownValue cardIcon 550-1,070 Downtown Value 4x4
Cityville Choppers-icon Cityville Choppers Coins-icon 65,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 295 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,485-2,434 Coins 00000000000000000260DowntownValue cardIcon 260-500 Downtown Value 3x3
Pipe Dream Plumbing-icon Pipe Dream Plumbing Coins-icon 40,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 280 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,551-2,541 Coins 00000000000000000220DowntownValue cardIcon 220-430 Downtown Value 3x3
Abby's Hat Shack-icon Abby's Hat Shack Cash-icon 40 Cash Premium Goods-icon 330 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,814-2,973 Coins 00000000000000000550DowntownValue cardIcon 550-1,070 Downtown Value 3x3
Golf Pro Shop-icon Golf Pro Shop Cash-icon 35 Cash Premium Goods-icon 315 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,744-2,859 Coins 00000000000000000400DowntownValue cardIcon 400-800 Downtown Value 3x3
Home Remodeling HQ-icon Home Remodeling HQ Coins-icon 65,000 Coins Premium Goods-icon 300 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,752-2,872 Coins 00000000000000000260DowntownValue cardIcon 260-500 Downtown Value 3x3

Showbiz IncEdit

Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Value Size/Other Info
Hologram Concert-icon Hologram Concert Seeing Is Believing!-icon Seeing Is Believing! Goods-icon 500  Goods Coins-icon 2,800 Coins 00000000000000002500DowntownValue cardIcon 2,500 Downtown Value 5x5
Cassette Tape Shop-icon Cassette Tape Shop Coins-icon 10,000 Coins Goods-icon 250 Goods Coins-icon 1,545 Coins 00000000000000000117DowntownValue cardIcon 117 Downtown Value 3x3
Showbiz Inc-icon Showbiz Inc Level 0
Vinyl Record Shop-icon Vinyl Record Shop Coins-icon 400,000 Coins Goods-icon 282 Goods Coins-icon 1,399 Coins 00000000000000000174DowntownValue cardIcon 174 Downtown Value 3x3
Showbiz Inc-icon Showbiz Inc Level 0
Showbiz Dance Club-icon Showbiz Dance Club Cash-icon 85 Cash Goods-icon 425 Goods Coins-icon 3,124 Coins 00000000000000001680DowntownValue cardIcon 1680 Downtown Value 5x5
Showbiz Inc-icon Showbiz Inc Level 0
Music Video Studio-icon Music Video Studio Cash-icon 65 Cash Goods-icon 430 Goods Coins-icon 2,198 Coins 00000000000000000900DowntownValue cardIcon 900 Downtown Value 5x5
Showbiz Inc-icon Showbiz Inc Level 0
Magic Merchandise-icon Magic Merchandise Coins-icon 60,000 Coins Goods-icon 300 Goods Coins-icon 1,626 Coins 00000000000000000174DowntownValue cardIcon 174 Downtown Value 3x3
Showbiz Inc-icon Showbiz Inc Level 1
Showbiz TV Studio-icon Showbiz TV Studio Coins-icon 200,000 Coins Goods-icon 320 Goods Coins-icon 1,716 Coins 00000000000000000300DowntownValue cardIcon 300 Downtown Value 4x4
Showbiz Inc-icon Showbiz Inc Level 2

Glass FactoryEdit

Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Value Size/Other Info
Glass Dog Grooming-icon Glass Dog Grooming see Business Wing Premium Goods-icon 340 Premium Goods Coins-icon 1,374-2,254 Coins DowntownValue cardIcon 230-440 Downtown Value 3x3
Glass Artisans-icon Glass Artisans see Business Wing Premium Goods-icon 400 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,287-3,750 Coins DowntownValue cardIcon 700-1,100 Downtown Value 3x3
Glass Art Studio-icon Glass Art Studio see Business Wing Premium Goods-icon 455 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,490-4,082 Coins DowntownValue cardIcon 1,400-2,800 Downtown Value 4x4
Glass Dance Club-icon Glass Dance Club see Business Wing Premium Goods-icon 510 Premium Goods Coins-icon 2,682-4,397 Coins DowntownValue cardIcon 1,900-3,800 Downtown Value 4x4
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