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Downtown CityVille has a number of useful Community Buildings. Each of them allows more population and more Downtown Value to be added. Many can be used in your original city, others need to be unlocked with City Cash or by completing Downtown requirements.

Some of these items may not have been released yet. Time 'Limited Edition' items are listed separately.

Note: Placing any Downtown building/item from your Inventory/Storage into your original city, which is not unlocked in the Build menu when viewed in your original city, will cause saving issues!

Community BuildingsEdit

Image Name Cost Population Allowed Value Allowed Completion Size/Other Info
Downtown City Hall-icon Downtown City Hall Coins-icon 1,600 Coins Population-icon 350 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 385 Downtown Value Staff Members-icon 5 Staff Members 5x5
Buy from Build Menu
Downtown Library-icon Downtown Library Coins-icon 70,000 Coins Population-icon 750 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 638 Downtown Value Staff Members-icon 6 Staff Members 4x4
Downtown Fire Station-icon Downtown Fire Station Coins-icon 120,000 Coins Population-icon 900 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 828 Downtown Value Staff Members-icon 6 Staff Members 4x6
Downtown Police Station-icon Downtown Police Station Coins-icon 178,000 Coins Population-icon 1,450 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 1,247 Downtown Value 5x6 Materials 4x4
Free from Goal
Downtown School-icon Downtown School Coins-icon 127,000 Coins Population-icon 1,150 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 1,277 Downtown Value 5x8 Materials 4x4
Downtown Bank-icon Downtown Bank Coins-icon 250,000 Coins Population-icon 1,800 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 1710 Downtown Value Staff Members-icon 8 Staff Members 4x4
Downtown Hospital-icon Downtown Hospital Cash-icon 65 Cash Population-icon 2,900 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 3,050 Downtown Value 5x5
Downtown Newspaper Office-icon Downtown Newspaper Office Coins-icon 966,000 Coins Population-icon 4,200 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 4,200 Downtown Value 5x9 Materials 5x5
Free on Map
Planetarium-icon Planetarium Cash-icon 70 Cash Population-icon 3,200 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 2,976 Downtown Value 5x5
Convention Center-icon Convention Center Cash-icon 95 Cash Population-icon 4,960 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 4,945 Downtown Value 6x6
Ampitheatre-icon Ampitheatre Coins-icon 104,000 Coins Population-icon 920 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 940 Downtown Value Staff Members-icon 8 Staff Members 5x5
Union Square 2-icon Union Square Coins-icon 150,000 Coins Population-icon 800 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 816 Downtown Value 5x3 materials 6x6
Free on Map
Downtown City Works-icon Downtown City Works Coins-icon 145,000 Coins Population-icon 1,780 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 1,443 Downtown Value Staff Members-icon 12 Staff Members 5x5
Albee Atrium-icon Albee Atrium Cash-icon 80 Cash Population-icon 0 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 5450 Downtown Value 3x3
Part of the Portal
Major Stat Change
Downtown Capitol Building-icon Downtown Capitol Building Coins-icon 200,000 Coins Population-icon 1900 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 1600 Downtown Value Staff Members-icon 10 Staff Members 5x5
Glass Art Museum-icon Glass Art Museum Community Wing Population-icon 1,000 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 600 Downtown Value 5x5
Glass Symphony-icon Glass Symphony Community Wing Population-icon 1,250 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 1,200 Downtown Value 5x5
Glass Butterfly Garden-icon Glass Butterfly Garden Community Wing Population-icon 1,500 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 2,000 Downtown Value 6x6
Glass Botanical Garden-icon Glass Botanical Garden Community Wing Population-icon 1,750 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 5,000 Downtown Value 6x6
Subway Stop-icon Subway Stop On The Right Track!-icon On The Right Track! 5x10 materials 8x8
Free on Map
Downtown Courthouse-icon Downtown Courthouse Unreleased Free on Map
Opera House-icon Opera House Unreleased Free on Map
Baseball Stadium DT-icon Baseball Stadium (Downtown) Unreleased Free on Map

Limited Edition Community BuildingsEdit

Image Name Cost Population Allowed Value Allowed Completion Size/Other Info
Traffic Center-icon Traffic Center Coins-icon 120,000 Coins Population-icon 0 Population DowntownValue cardIcon 1715 Downtown Value Staff Members-icon 8 Staff Members 4x4
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