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Downtown will have many decorations. Each adds to the payout of nearby Housing and Businesses. Many can be used in your original city, others need to be unlocked with City Cash or by completing Downtown requirements.

Some of these items may not have been released yet. Time 'Limited Edition' items are listed separately.

Note: Placing any Downtown decoration/item from your Inventory/Storage into your original city, which is not unlocked in the Build menu when viewed in your original city, will cause saving issues!


Image Name Cost Bonus Payout Size and Value Payout / Land
One Way Sign-icon One Way Sign Coins-icon 500 Coins 1% 1x1 1
Two Way Sign-icon Two Way Sign Coins-icon 400 Coins 1% 1x1 1
Street Sign-icon Street Sign Coins-icon 400 Coins 1% 1x1 1
File:Red Fire Hydrant-icon.png Fire Hydrant (Red) Cash-icon 3 Cash 3% 1x1 3
Yellow Fire Hydrant-icon Yellow Fire Hydrant Coins-icon 1,500 Coins 1% 1x1 1
White Fire Hydrant-icon White Fire Hydrant Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 1% 1x1 1
Parking Meter DT-icon Parking Meter Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 1% 1x1 1
Modern Art Sculpture-icon Modern Art Sculpture Homes For Sale!-icon Homes For Sale! 28% 3x3 4.66
Modern Art Statue-icon Modern Art Statue Coins-icon 135,000 Coins 17% 3x3 1.89
Designer Art-icon Designer Art Park Pals!-icon Park Pals! 35% 3x3 5.83
Downtown Tree-icon Downtown Tree Coins-icon 9,000 Coins 11% 2x6 0.91
Playground-icon Playground Coins-icon 270,000 Coins 35% 4x6 1.46
Phone Booth-icon Phone Booth Cash-icon 10 Cash 10% 1x1 1
Running Track-icon Running Track Cash-icon 80 Cash 80% 5x5 3.2
Dog Park 2-icon Dog Park Cash-icon 20 Cash 20% 5x5 0.8
Skate Park-icon Skate Park Coins-icon 130,000 Coins 7% 5x5 0.28
Monument-icon Monument Coins-icon 140,000 Coins 6% 2x2 1.53
Outdoor Restroom-icon Outdoor Restroom Coins-icon 14,000 Coins 8% 1x2 0.14
Outdoor Lunch-icon Outdoor Lunch Cash-icon 10 Cash 3% 1x2 1.5
Botanical Gardens-icon Botanical Gardens Coins-icon 15,000 Coins 8% 4x4 0.5
Green Leaf Park-icon Green Leaf Park Cash-icon 55 Cash 55% 6x6 1.53
File:Fountain DT-icon.png Fountain Coins-icon 80,000 Coins 15% 3x3 1.67
Downtown Racquetball Court-icon Downtown Racquetball Court Coins-icon 60,000 Coins 20% 4x4 1.25
Downtown Pool-icon Downtown Pool Cash-icon 35 Cash 35% 6x6 0.97
Downtown Community Garden-icon Downtown Community Garden Cash-icon 20 Cash 20% 3x3 2.22
Downtown Tower DT-icon Downtown Tower Coins-icon 28,000 Coins 9% 2x2 2.25
Glendale Cemetary-icon Glendale Cemetary Coins-icon 18,000 Coins 7% 4x4 0.44
Parking Garage 2-icon Parking Garage Cash-icon 28 Cash 26% 4x4 1.63
Pierce Pond-icon Pierce Pond Cash-icon 15 Cash 15% 4x4 0.94
Table And Chairs-icon Table And Chairs Coins-icon 3,000 Coins 5% 1x1 5
Lawn Chess-icon Lawn Chess Cash-icon 22 Cash 20% 4x4 1.25
City Rest Stop-icon City Rest Stop Cash-icon 15 Cash 15% 4x4 0.94
Glass Lamp Pole-icon Glass Lamp Pole Requires the Decoration Wing 2% 1x1 2
Glass Tree-icon Glass Tree Requires the Decoration Wing 6% 2x2 1.5
Glass Clock Tower-icon Glass Clock Tower Requires the Decoration Wing 27% 3x3 3
Glass Sculpture Park-icon Glass Sculpture Park Requires the Decoration Wing 45% 3x5 3
Portia The Reporter-icon Portia The Reporter Photo Finish!-icon Photo Finish! 20% 3x3 2.22
Gala Spotlight-icon Gala Spotlight Build the Red Carpet Gala and
Random reward while collecting RSVPs off the wall
10-20% 2x2 2.5/5
Celebrity Snapshot-icon Celebrity Snapshot Build the Red Carpet Gala 10-30% 2x2 2.5/7.5
VIP Limo (Gala)-icon VIP Limo Complete the Red Carpet Gala!-icon Red Carpet Gala! Goal 20-60% 3x4 1.67/5
Guest DJ-icon Guest DJ Red Carpet Gala 16-32% 2x2 4/8
Red Carpet (Gala)-icon Red Carpet Build the Red Carpet Gala 12-36% 3x3 1.33/4
Carstack Decoration-icon Carstack Decoration Complete Chapter 1 of the City Of The Year!-icon City Of The Year! Saga 100% 3x3 11.11
Boat Trophy-icon Boat Trophy IComplete Chapter 2 of the City Of The Year!-icon City Of The Year! Saga 100% 3x3 11.11
Stock Statue-icon Stock Statue Complete Chapter 3 of the City Of The Year!-icon City Of The Year! Saga 100% 3x3 11.11
City Billboard-icon City Billboard Complete Chapter 4 of the City Of The Year!-icon City Of The Year! Saga 50% 1x1 11.11

Limited Edition DecorationsEdit

Image Name Cost Bonus Payout Size and Value Payout / Land
Great Redwood Tree-icon Great Redwood Tree Cash-icon 18 Cash 18% 5x5 0.72
Bike Repair Guy-icon Bike Repair Guy Cash-icon 10 Cash 10% 2x2 2.5
Lake Pavilion-icon Lake Pavilion Cash-icon 12 Cash 12% 4x4 0.75
Yoga In The Park-icon Yoga In The Park Coins-icon 35,000 Coins 5% 3x3 0.56
Perfect Picnic-icon Perfect Picnic Coins-icon 25,000 Coins 6% 3x3 0.67
Construction Site-icon Construction Site Coins-icon 30,000 Coins 6% 2x2 1.5
Live Radio Broadcast-icon Live Radio Broadcast Cash-icon 20 Cash 20% 4x4 1.25
Parking Garage 3-icon Parking Garage Coins-icon 60,000 Coins 6% 4x4 0.37
Lacrosse Game-icon Lacrosse Game Cash-icon 10 Cash 10% 3x3 1.11
Prosperity Plaza-icon Prosperity Plaza Coins-icon 50,000 Coins 6% 3x3 0.67
Outdoor Boot Camp-icon Outdoor Boot Camp Cash-icon 22 Cash 18% 2x2 4.5
Crunch Buddies-icon Crunch Buddies Coins-icon 40,000 Coins 6% 2x2 1.5

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