Encore Amphitheater
Encore Amphitheater-icon
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RequirementsXP-icon Level 20
CollectionTrain Collection (Band)
Encore Amphitheater Collection

To begin you will need to receive the goal See Train!-icon See Train!

The Encore Amphitheater is a business in Cityville. It can be placed in either city. It has a DowntownValue cardIcon 500 Downtown Value. Payout depends on which band chosen to play. Increasing the Amphitheater's level opens up new bands. It was on released May 30, 2012.

Building requires 5 materials. Level 1 uses 5 of each, Level 2 uses 6 and Level 3 uses 10. You will also need VIP Passes from Encore Amphitheater Businesses. These businesses are: the Outdoor Lounge-icon Outdoor Lounge, Souvenir Stand-icon Souvenir Stand, Concession Stand-icon Concession Stand and Ticket Booth-icon Ticket Booth. Collecting from them gives a chance at a VIP Ticket dropping. You must also harvest the Amphitheater the given number of times.

Playing any band gives you an Encore Amphitheater Collection item. That completed set will award you the Music Hall of Fame.

Removed ConcertEdit

Playing the Train concert gave you a Train Collection (Band) drop item each time. The reward for trading in the full collection was the Train In Concert-icon Train In Concert. However, this concert has since been removed from the Amphitheater concert list.

Encore Amphitheater Level 3-SW

Upgrade MaterialsEdit

VIP Passes Required: Level 1: 10, Level 2: 15 , Level 3: 40
Harvests Required: Level 1: 5, Level 2: 10 total, Level 3: 20 total
Materials Required: Level 1: 5 each, Level 2: 6 each, Level 3: 10 each

Speakers-viral Guitar Stand-viral Lawn Seats-viral Ticket Scanners-viral Stage Lights-viral
Speakers Guitar Stand Lawn Seats Ticket Scanners Stage Lights


Image Name Cost Time Payout Tourists Theater Level
Train NPC-icon Train Goods-icon 150 Goods 5 minutes Coins-icon 750 Coins 20 1
DJ NPC-icon DJ Goods-icon 75 Goods 5 minutes Coins-icon 375 Coins 15 1
Country NPC-icon Country Goods-icon 300 Goods 30 minutes Coins-icon 1500 Coins 30 1
Classical NPC-icon Classical Goods-icon 600 Goods 1 hour Coins-icon 3,000 Coins 50 2
Pop Star NPC-icon Pop Star Goods-icon 900 Goods 6 hours Coins-icon 4,600 Coins 75 2
Bella NPC-icon Bella B Goods-icon 1,400 Goods 12 hours Coins-icon 7,000 Coins 100 3

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