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Fall Event (2011)
Fall Theme-icon
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Start DateNovember 1, 2011
Events Timeline
University of Farmers Promotion (2011) 'Fall Event' (2011) Best Buy Brings More Surprises! (2011)

The Fall Event (2011) is an Event in CityVille. During the event, a number of Fall/Autumn and Thanksgiving themed items were released.


A Barn Burner-icon Harvest Festival!-icon
A Barn Burner Timed Goal

Gold Reward-icon Gold Trophy Rewards:

Harvest Festival! Timed Goal

Gold Reward-icon Gold Trophy Rewards:

Heritage Barn Coins-icon 10,000 Coins Harvest Festival Table Coins-icon 10,000 Coins
Heritage Barn-icon Coin1-icon Harvest Festival Table-icon Coin1-icon
Cider Mill Rules!-icon Apple Farmin' Frenzy!-icon
Cider Mill Rules!


Apple Farmin' Frenzy!


Coins-icon 20,000 Coins Coins-icon 20,000 Coins
Coin1-icon Coin1-icon


Community Buildings[]

Image Community Building Cost Allows Completion Other Info
Agricultural Center-icon Agricultural Center Coins-icon 15,000 Coins Population-icon 500 Population Staff Members-icon 8 Staff Members Limited Edition Item
Referee School-icon Referee School Cash-icon 45 Cash Population-icon 1,000 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members Limited Edition Item
Cider Mill-icon Cider Mill not buyable Population-icon 1,000 Population Staff Members-icon 8 Staff Members Place from Cider Mill Rules!-icon Cider Mill Rules!
McCormick Maple Farm-icon McCormick Maple Farm Cash-icon 60 Cash Population-icon 2,000 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members Limited Edition Item
Mystery Crate Item
Apple Orchard-icon Apple Orchard not buyable Population-icon 1,700 Population 5x5 item sets Place from Apple Farmin' Frenzy!-icon Apple Farmin' Frenzy!


Image Name Cost Stores Reward from
Heritage Barn-icon Heritage Barn not buyable Goods-icon 1,500 Goods Completing A Barn Burner-icon A Barn Burner

with Gold Reward-icon Gold Trophy


Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Other Info
Pie Bakery-icon Pie Bakery Cash-icon 30 Cash Goods-icon 265 Goods Coins-icon 1,468 Coins Limited Edition Item
Turkey Roost-icon Turkey Roost Cash-icon 40 Cash Goods-icon 305 Goods Coins-icon 1,648 Coins Limited Edition Item
Sweater Shop-icon Sweater Shop Coins-icon 35,000 Coins Goods-icon 275 Goods Coins-icon 1,513 Coins Limited Edition Item
Hiking Supply Shop-icon Hiking Supply Shop Cash-icon 35 Cash Goods-icon 165 Goods Coins-icon 999 Coins Limited Edition Item
Barbershop-icon Barbershop not buyable Goods-icon 70 Goods Coins-icon 411 Coins Fall Mystery Game
Department Store 2-icon Department Store not buyable Goods-icon 395 Goods Coins-icon 2,045 Coins Fall Mystery Game


Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
Family RV-icon Family RV Coins-icon 2,000 Coins Population-icon 70-130 Population Coins-icon 270 Coins every day Limited Edition Item
Grandma's House-icon Grandma's House Coins-icon 45,000 Coins Population-icon 240-480 Population Coins-icon 19 Coins every 5 mins Limited Edition Item
Humble Abode-icon Humble Abode Cash-icon 35 Cash Population-icon 350-690 Population Coins-icon 19 Coins every 5 mins Limited Edition Item
Home Field Advantage-icon Home Field Advantage Cash-icon 50 Cash Population-icon 1,100-2,180 Population Coins-icon 149 Coins every 2 hours Limited Edition Item
Leafy Lodge-icon Leafy Lodge Cash-icon 55 Cash Population-icon 1,350-2,650 Population Coins-icon 325 Coins every day Limited Edition Item
Cider Manor-icon Cider Manor Cash-icon 70 Cash Population-icon 2,100-4,100 Population Coins-icon 451 Coins every 3.1 days Limited Edition Item
Turkey Fryer Townhouse-icon Turkey Fryer Townhouse Cash-icon 45 Cash Population-icon 850-1,690 Population Coins-icon 99 Coins every 1 hour Limited Edition Item
Mystery Crate Item
Hickory House-icon Hickory House Cash-icon 40 Cash Population-icon 600-1,200 Population Coins-icon 320 Coins every day Limited Edition Item
Mystery Crate Item
Winchester Manor-icon Winchester Manor Cash-icon 55 Cash Population-icon 1,350-2,650 Population Coins-icon 200 Coins every 4 hours Limited Edition Item
Mystery Crate Item
Schroeder House-icon Schroeder House Coins-icon 5,500 Coins Population-icon 140-280 Population Coins-icon 228 Coins every 8 hours Limited Edition Item
Acorn Cottage-icon Acorn Cottage Coins-icon 200 Coins Population-icon 10-20 Population Coins-icon 8 Coins every 5 mins Limited Edition Item
Fallhouse-icon Fallhouse not buyable Population-icon 410-810 Population Coins-icon 241 Coins every 8 hours Fall Mystery Game
Fall Mansion-icon Fall Mansion not buyable Population-icon 590-1,180 Population Coins-icon 404 Coins every 2.1 days Fall Mystery Game
Fall House With Pond-icon Fall House With Pond Cash-icon 70 Cash Population-icon 2,100-4,100 Population Coins-icon 251 Coins every 8 hours Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Bonus Payout Other Info
Leafy Sidewalk-icon Leafy Sidewalk Coins-icon 20 Coins n/a /
Chokeberry Bush-icon Chokeberry Bush Coins-icon 100 Coins 2-4% Limited Edition Item
Maple Sugar Tree-icon Maple Sugar Tree Coins-icon 200 Coins 4-8% Limited Edition Item
Ginkgo Tree-icon Ginkgo Tree Coins-icon 200 Coins 4-8% Limited Edition Item
Leaf Lamp Post-icon Leaf Lamp Post Coins-icon 1,000 Coins 2-4% Limited Edition Item
Corn of Plenty-icon Corn of Plenty Coins-icon 4,000 Coins 10-20% Limited Edition Item
Kids Playing In Leaf Pile-icon Kids Playing In Leaf Pile Coins-icon 40,000 Coins 12-24% Limited Edition Item
Retired Raker-icon Retired Raker Cash-icon 6 Cash 6-12% Limited Edition Item
Kids Playing Football-icon Kids Playing Football Cash-icon 9 Cash 9-18% Limited Edition Item
Scarecrow Row-icon Scarecrow Row Cash-icon 23 Cash 23-46% Limited Edition Item
Autumn Amphitheater-icon Autumn Amphitheater Cash-icon 27 Cash 27-54% Limited Edition Item
Harvest Festival Table-icon Harvest Festival Table not buyable 72% Reward for completing
Harvest Festival!-icon Harvest Festival!
Mum Flower Patch-icon Mum Flower Patch Coins-icon 100 Coins 1% Limited Edition Item
Sweet Birch-icon Sweet Birch Coins-icon 100 Coins 1-2% /
Stewertia-icon Stewertia Coins-icon 100 Coins 1-2% /
Gum Tree-icon Gum Tree Cash-icon 1 Cash 1-2% /
Fall Dogwood Tree-icon Fall Dogwood Tree Cash-icon 1 Cash 1-2% /
Bonfire-icon Bonfire Cash-icon 27 Cash 27-54% /
Turkey-icon Turkey not buyable 3-6% Fall Mystery Game

See also Fall related: Amur Maple Tree-icon Amur Maple Tree: Coins-icon 100 Coins for 2% bonus


Image Name Cost Harvest Time Goods Other Info
Squash-icon Squash Cash-icon 4 Cash Instant Growth! Goods-icon 360 Goods Limited Edition
Turnips-icon Turnips Cash-icon 4 Cash Instant Growth! Goods-icon 360 Goods Limited Edition


Image Name Cost Other Info
Fall Theme-icon Fall Theme Coins-icon 100 Coins Make your city Fall themed for the season! For a limited time only!
Normal Theme-icon Grass Cover Coins-icon 100 Coins Remove the Fall theme from your city.

Mystery Crate[]

Cost: Cash-icon 40 Cash

Mystery Crate Rewards
Mystery Crate-icon McCormick Maple Farm-icon Winchester Manor-icon Turkey Fryer Townhouse-icon Hickory House-icon
Fall Mystery Crate McCormick
Maple Farm
Turkey Fryer
Hickory House

Mini Game[]

Image Name Cost Other Info
Fall Mystery Game Fall Mystery Game Cash-icon 30 Cash each try First play is free