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This goal has been removed as of September 7, 2011.

Family Value!
Family Value!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
Release DateMarch 23, 2011
DescriptionHelp me make my family proud!
Mission fromChef Lorenzo 2-icon Chef Lorenzo
Panini shop iconCollect from any Panini Shop 5 times in your city
(Cash-icon 15 Cash)
Place decorationsHave 4 Street Flags in your city
(Cash-icon 8 Cash)
Tomato friedgreentomatoesFind 1 Fried Tomato from the Tomato Collection
(Cash-icon 20 Cash)
CoinsCoins-icon 1,120 Coins
Goal Completion
DescriptionGrazie! My family thinks I'm "un grande affare"(a big deal) in your city! Spread the word!
XP ShareXP-icon 50 XP
House The Family!-icon House The Family! Family Value!-icon Family Value! Sneezy Niece!-icon Sneezy Niece!

Family Value! is a normal City goal in CityVille.

Chef Lorenzo says: "My "famiglia" is curious to see and taste the joys and smells of Italy we've brought to your city!"


Feed quest lorenzo family 03 Player helps Lorenzo display his culinary star power!

Lorenzo's visiting family is "molto" proud of the Italian culture he brought to City! Show your pride for XP!