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FarmVille Balloon
FarmVille Balloon-icon
Image © Zynga
Cost:Coins-icon 0 Coins
Bonus: No bonus

The FarmVille Balloon is a 2x2 sized decoration. Selling this item sends it back to your inventory. This decoration enables the player to send gifts to their farm in FarmVille. In FarmVille, another decoration, the CityVille Mailbox, allows the player to send gifts to their city in CityVille. A player can only send 1 gift in each game once a day.


Just place the Farmville Balloon and you can surprise yourself every day with a gift from Farmville! You can receive Zoning Permits, Energy, Goods and more!


Using FarmVille Balloon[]

Image Item Requirement Description
Farmville Board-icon Wooden Board None "Use boards to complete buildings."
Farmville Mystery Gift-icon Mystery Gift None "It's a mystery!"
Farmville Brick-icon Brick None "Build things with bricks!"
Farmville Nail-icon Nail None "Nailed it."
Farmville Special Delivery-icon Special Delivery Box XP-icon Level 5 "Contains just what you need!"
Farmville Baby Bottle-icon Baby Bottle XP-icon Level 10 "Feed bottles to baby animals."
Farmville Small Fuel-icon Small Can of Fuel XP-icon Level 15 "Farm equipment needs fuel."
Farmville Love Potion Love Potion XP-icon Level 20 "Breed animals with love potions"
Farmville Golden Egg-icon Golden Mystery Egg XP-icon Level 25 "I wonder what's inside!"

Using CityVille Mailbox[]

Image Item Requirement
+1 Energy-icon +1 Energy None
Goods1-icon 100 Goods None
Building Grant-viral Building Grant FarmVille XP-icon Level 5
City Seal-viral City Seal FarmVille XP-icon Level 5
Marble-viral Marble FarmVille XP-icon Level 10
Ribbon-viral Ribbon FarmVille XP-icon Level 10
Goods51-icon 200 Goods FarmVille XP-icon Level 10
Zoning Permit-doober Zoning Permit FarmVille XP-icon Level 15
+3 Energy-icon +3 Energy FarmVille XP-icon Level 20
Goods51-icon 300 Goods FarmVille XP-icon Level 25