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Farm Event (2011)
Farmer's Market 2-icon
Start DateAugust 30, 2011
End DateSeptember 7, 2011
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The Farm Event is an Event in CityVille which started on August 30, 2011. During the event, a number of limited edition Farm themed items were released.


Community Buildings[]

Image Community Building Cost Allows Completion Requirement Other Info
Oaty Oats Factory-icon Oaty Oats Factory Cash-icon 60 Cash Population-icon 1,800 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members / Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Pasteurizing Plant-icon Pasteurizing Plant Cash-icon 75 Cash Population-icon 2,000 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members / Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Other Info
Saddles Shop-icon Saddles Shop Coins-icon 9,000 Coins Goods-icon 225 Goods Coins-icon 1,284 Coins Limited Edition Item
Farmer's Market 2-icon Produce Paradise Coins-icon 12,500 Coins Goods-icon 253 Goods Coins-icon 1,413 Coins Limited Edition Item
Tractor Shop-icon Tractor Shop Cash-icon 30 Cash Goods-icon 140 Goods Coins-icon 876 Coins Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
Rustic Shack-icon Rustic Shack Coins-icon 3,000 Coins Population-icon 80-160 Population Coins-icon 170 Coins every 4 hours Limited Edition Item
Cow Ranch-icon Cow Ranch Cash-icon 90 Cash Population-icon 3,000-5,500 Population Coins-icon 156 Coins every 1 hour Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Ingram House-icon Ingram House Cash-icon 60 Cash Population-icon 1,600-3,200 Population Coins-icon 20 Coins every 5 mins Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Antebellum Home-icon Antebellum Home / Population-icon 2,400-4,600 Population Coins-icon 301 Coins every ? hours Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Windmill Manor-icon Windmill Manor Coins-icon 80,000 Coins Population-icon 300-600 Population Coins-icon 433 Coins every 3.1 days Limited Edition Item
Barnyard Bungalow-icon Barnyard Bungalow Cash-icon 90 Cash Population-icon 3,000-5,500 Population Coins-icon 468 Coins every 18 hours Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Bonus Payout Other Info
Hay Bale (Farm)-icon Hay Bale Coins-icon 500 Coins 1% /
File:Crop Circle-icon.png Crop Critter Coins-icon 36,000 Coins 9% Limited Edition Item
Hay Bale Maze-icon Moo Maze Cash-icon 35 Cash 24% Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Harvest Time Goods Other Info
Sugar Beets-icon Sugar Beets Cash-icon 4 Cash Instant Growth Goods-icon 360 Goods Limited Edition

Mystery Crate[]

Mystery Crate Rewards
Farm mystery crate-icon Cow Ranch-icon Antebellum Home-icon Oaty Oats Factory-icon Ingram House-icon
Farm Mystery Crate Cow Ranch Antebellum Home Oaty Oats Factory Ingram House