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February 2012: release notes of additions/improvements and fixes in CityVille of this month.

February 01[]

CityVille Update: February 1st 2012
Welcome Italy!-icon Welcome Italy!The Family Business-icon The Family BusinessFile:Like Father, Like Son-icon.png Like Father, Like Son
  • Added the Gold Mystery Gift to the Free Gift Page.
  • Removed the Chinese New Year Icon on the right hand side of the screen. You can still ask your friends for help and redeem Red Envelopes through the Dragon Parade.

  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the Mrs. Clause Knitting Society not counting Level 3 Egg Nog for the quest.
    • Fixed the “Show Me” issue for the Italian Restaurants in the International Saga Quest: Act 1.
    • Replaced the Large question mark with item art for the SS Tiburon and Smitherman Stables.
    • Adjusted the image for the Italian flag to be the same height as other flags in game.
    • Corrected Text in the "Welcome the World" announcement to say "Click on a flag" instead of "Click on a character".
    • Corrected Text on the "Welcome to the World" quest to read correct number of businesses/residences required for goal.

February 02[]

CityVille Update: February 2nd 2012
Football Stadium!-icon Football Stadium!Tailgate Time!-icon Tailgate Time!Time for the Kickoff!-icon Time for the Kickoff!
  • Added the Buildable Part sale to specific buildings.

  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the Mouse Cursor sticking issue.
    • Fixed the Airport Cargo Toaster Pop up issue.
    • Put in a fix for an OOS issue when you purchase the first crew member in a community building.
    • Released a fix for feeds sent out by a mobile devices.

February 03[]

CityVille Update: February 3rd 2012
  • Added the ability to upgrade more Community Buildings. Note: These upgrades will not include visible changes.
  • Turned off the sound during pre-loader of the game.

February 06[]

CityVille Update: February 6th 2012
Passport Office!-icon Passport Office!
  • Released new French content in the Build Menu.

  • Fixes:
    • Adjusted the frequency of some in-game announcements.

February 08[]

CityVille Update: February 8th 2012
  • Released New French Content within the Build Menu

  • Fixes:
    • The left arrow on the Torque crafting page does not work if the user has crafted the CV Bus.
    • Players can click on items beneath active popups.
    • Fixed Upgrade Dialog issues for players who previously had a reverted McDonald's so they can build McDonald's in their cities.

February 09[]

CityVille Update: February 9th 2012
French Chateau!-icon French Chateau!
Super Greenhouse!-icon Super Greenhouse!More Super Powers!-icon More Super Powers!Get the Green Light!-icon Get the Green Light!

  • Fixes:
    • Place Lost Bunny Quest does not point correctly.
    • First pages of crops does not list a crop a new player can plant.
    • New players are no longer granted inventory items they can't use at early levels.