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This goal has been removed as of November 3, 2011.

Find Lost Luggage!
Find Lost Luggage!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 19
Release DateMarch 16, 2011
DescriptionHelp Alexi replace what's in the lost luggage!
Mission fromAlexi-icon Alexi
Leotard iconAsk friends for 7 Leotards
(Cash-icon 60 Cash)
Collect cosmetics store iconCollect from any 10 Cosmetic Stores
(Cash-icon 30 Cash)
Place decorationsHave 2 Street Clocks in your City
(Cash-icon 30 Cash)
Item UnlockedDance Studio
Goal Completion
DescriptionThank you for outfitting my dancers for the performance! Share your success with friends!
Goods ShareGoods-icon 25 Goods
Fine Arts Theatre-icon Fine Arts Theatre Find Lost Luggage!-icon Find Lost Luggage! Ballet To Stay!-icon Ballet To Stay!

Find Lost Luggage! is a normal City goal in CityVille. It was released as a part of the Twirls and Tiptoes (2011) event.

Alexi says: "We are quite excited to dance in your city, but our luggage is missing with all of our clothing!"

Task 3: Stree Clocks can only be obtained as a free gift either directly from the Free Gifts list or from a Ruby Mystery Gift-icon Ruby Mystery Gift (or any other Mystery Gift-icon Mystery Gift).


Feed quest russian ballet 03 Player replaces ballet clothes from missing luggage.

Player supplied Alexi's ballet troupe with new leotards, slippers and make-up so they're ready to dance in City! Go shopping for XP!