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This goal has been removed as of November 7, 2011.

Frightening Friends
Frightening Friends-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 10
Release DateOctober 27, 2011
DescriptionI've been browsing all over for cob webs. Know where we can find some really scary ones?!
Mission fromVlad The Vampire-icon Vlad The Vampire
Frightening Friends-iconAsk friends for 15 Cob Webs
(Cash-icon 45 Cash)
Collect from Neighbor Residence-iconCollect from 30 Residences
(Cash-icon 30 Cash)
Green Candy-iconHave 50 Candies
(Cash-icon 50 Cash)
Item UnlockedTreacherous Trailer-icon Treacherous Trailer
Goal Completion
DescriptionThanks for letting more of my friends move in! I haven't seen them in centuries!
Coins ShareCoins-icon 50 Coins
Sweet Spot-icon Sweet Spot Frightening Friends-icon Frightening Friends Dressed To Kill-icon Dressed To Kill

Frightening Friends is a Downtown, Lakefront, Alps, and normal City goal in CityVille. It is the second goal of Act 3 of the Happy Halloween!-icon Happy Halloween! Saga. Players have until November 7, 2011 to complete the questline.

Vlad says: "Word is spreading that your city is monster friendly! Get ready for a monster migration!"


Feed halloween City is tricking and treating itself this Halloween!

Player has a lot of skeletons in their closet. When the police asked them why that was, they said, "Because I ran out of room in my backyard."