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Glass Pyramid
Glass Pyramid-icon
Image © Zynga
Cost:Cash-icon 25 Cash
Sell for:Coins-icon 0 Coins
Bonus:Bonus-icon +20% Payout
Area of Effect: 3 square radius

The Glass Pyramid is a 4x4 decoration available in CityVille. It was released as part of Bastille Day (2011). A glitch happened the day it was released where it appeared in everyone's inventory, and whoever placed it got to keep it, but for the people who didn't know or didn't place it, it got removed from the inventories later in the same day.

It's also a reward for checking into neighbors' French Riviera Casino VIP tables.

It can also be obtained by purchasing the French Pack.

The Glass Pyramid gives a 20% payout bonus to nearby residences and businesses.

This item is based on the Louvre Pyramid of the Louvre Palace in Paris.