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For the goal with the same name, see Euro Soccer Stadium!

Go For The Goal!
Go For The Goal!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 11
DescriptionNot only will a soccer stadium bring in revenue to your city, it'll raise the population as well!
Mission fromCoach Jack 2-icon Coach Jack
Place soccer stadium iconPlace the Soccer Stadium
Build soccer stadium iconComplete the Soccer Stadium
CoinsCoins-icon 20,000 Coins
Goal Completion
DescriptionYour new soccer stadium looks amazing! I'm sure glad I'm not footing the bill for it!

Go For The Goal! is a goal in CityVille.

Coach Jack says: "Wanna know how your city can have a leg up on the competition?! Build a soccer stadium!"


Soccer Stadium-feed City is kicking things up a notch with its all new Soccer Stadium!

Player shocked everyone at the new Soccer Stadium today when they scored a goal in the first minute of play. Unfortunately, it was in the wrong goal.

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