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Habitat for Humanity Partnership
Habitat for Humanity Partnership-icon
Image © Zynga
Start DateDecember 24, 2011
End DateJanuary 2012
Events Timeline
Bublé Holiday (2011) Habitat for Humanity Partnership (2011) New Year Event (2012)

The Habitat for Humanity Partnership is a collaboration between Zynga and Habitat for Humanity to raise funds to build houses for those in need.

Players XP-icon Level 5 and up can help donate to Habitat for Humanity.

During this time, a number of items were released. 100% of proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity. Learn more at



Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
Habitat Community-icon Habitat Community / Population-icon 3,500-6,500 Population Coins-icon 40 Coins every 5 mins Only purchasable with real life currency
Blue Habitat Residence-icon Blue Habitat Residence Cash-icon 80 Cash Population-icon 2,500-4,500 Population Coins-icon 76 Coins every 15 mins
Red Habitat Residence-icon Red Habitat Residence Cash-icon 60 Cash Population-icon 1,600-3,200 Population Coins-icon 100 Coins every 1 hour


Image Name Cost Goods Growth Other Info
Habitat Peppers-icon Habitat Peppers Cash-icon 8 Cash Goods-icon 760 Goods Instant! Harvest 15 Habitat Peppers
for Level 3 Mastery and
Bell Pepper Mastery-icon Bell Pepper Mastery trophy


Image Name Cost Goods Time Other Info
Habitat Supplies-icon Habitat Supplies Cash-icon 15 Cash Goods-icon 1,665 Goods 5 mins /