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The Halloween Mystery Game is a mini-game to win limited edition mystery prizes. This was released during Halloween Event (2011) for players XP-icon Level 10+. It was the first CityVille Mystery Game.

Your first turn is free, but if you want to play again you have to spend Cash-icon 30 Cash for every try. During the Halloween (2011) Sale-icon Halloween (2011) Sale, each try costs Cash-icon 21 Cash for a savings of 30%.

It is possible to win the same item more than once. All items won will be placed in your inventory. Removing these items will return them back to your inventory.

One item won from this game needs to be placed in your city to complete File:Monsters For Hire!-icon.png Monsters For Hire!.

This was re-released on November 19, 2013 as part of the Halloween Event (2013) with some new rewards.

Halloween 2011 Rewards[]

Pixy Palace-icon Magic Fairy-icon Backwoods Blacksmith-icon Whooshing Witches-icon Potion Shop-icon Wood Nymph Cottage-icon
Pixy Palace Magic Fairy Backwoods Blacksmith Whooshing Witches Potion Shop Wood Nymph Cottage
Common Common Uncommon Uncommon Rare Rare

Halloween 2013 Rewards[]

Swamp Shanty-icon Pixy Palace-icon Transylvania Station-icon Crypt Keepers Crib-icon Headless Knight Statue-icon Death Ship-icon
Swamp Shanty Pixy Palace Transylvania Station Crypt Keepers Crib Headless Knight Statue Death Ship
Common Common Uncommon Uncommon Rare Rare