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This goal has been removed as of November 7, 2011.

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 10
Release DateOctober 14, 2011
DescriptionHalloween is coming to CityVille and it's up to you to make the monsters feel at home.
Act 1: Meet The Monsters
Act 2: Hire The Monsters
Act 3: Join The Monsters
ItemDracula's Castle-icon Dracula's Castle
Goal Completion
DescriptionYou've made the monsters feel so at home that they've decided to stay for good!
XP ShareXP-icon 20 XP
Goods ShareGoods-icon 20 Goods

The Happy Halloween! is a Downtown, Lakefront, Alps, and normal City goal in CityVille that requires the completion of 9 goals to earn the grand prize of the Dracula's Castle. Players have until November 7, 2011 to complete the questline.

Completing Act 1-3 will reward Goods-icon 20 Goods to 5 other players via the Wall Post. Likewise, completing the Saga will reward XP-icon 20 XP.

Happy Halloween Menu

Act 1: Meet The Monsters[]

Reward: Swamp Shack
Swamp Shack-icon
Creatures Of Habit-icon Creatures Of Habit Waking The Dead-icon Waking The Dead Blood Relatives-icon Blood Relatives
Unlocks Ghost Ship
Unlocks Abandoned Tomb
Unlocks Witchwart Academy
Ghost Ship-icon Abandoned Tomb-icon Witchwart Academy-icon
You made quite the impression on these monsters! But you're not out of the wicked woods yet!


Feed halloween City is excited about how its new Swamp Shack is shaping up!

Player has helped the monsters feel right at home celebrating Halloween!

Act 2: Hire The Monsters[]

Reward: Beelzebub's Barn
Beelzebub's Barn-icon
In Good Spirits-icon In Good Spirits Grim Sleeper-icon Grim Sleeper At Death's Door-icon At Death's Door
Unlocks Treacherous Tree
Unlocks Creepy Country Cottage
Unlocks Werewolf Lodge
Treacherous Tree-icon Creepy Country Cottage-icon Werewolf Lodge-icon
The monsters love their new jobs! But you still have a job of your own to do!


Feed halloween City is showing the Monsters who's boss!

The Monsters love their new jobs! But Player still has a job of their own to do!

Act 3: Join The Monsters[]

Reward: Pumpkin Palace
Pumpkin Palace-icon
Sweet Spot-icon Sweet Spot Frightening Friends-icon Frightening Friends Dressed To Kill-icon Dressed To Kill
Unlocks Witches Hat Shop
Unlocks Treacherous Trailer
Unlocks Warlock House
Witches Hat Shop-icon Treacherous Trailer-icon Warlock House-icon
You fit right in with the monsters on Halloween! They've made you an honorary monster!


Feed halloween City is having a ghoulish good time!

The Monsters took a liking to Player and made them an honorary monster!

Completion Share[]

Feed quest complete generic City is becoming quite the monster metropolis!

Playerlikes monsters so much that they're thinking about marrying one. The only thing stopping them is the thought of having more than one monster-in-law.