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Headquarters is a 5x5 building obtained after a business franchise has been placed on a neighbor's city. This building can be found in player's inventory as a framework. The height and payout bonus of a Headquarters is determined by the number of franchises of a business in neighbors' city.


Headquarters are used to remotely control franchises. See the franchises page for more info.


These Headquarters bases are available in the inventory.

HQ Base A-icon
Headquarters Base A
HQ Base B-icon
Headquarters Base B
HQ Base C-icon
Headquarters Base C


These Billboards appear on top of the Headquarters to determine the business associated with it.

HQ Bakery-icon
Bakery Headquarters
HQ Flower Kiosk-icon
Flower Kiosk Headquarters
HQ Coffee Shop-icon
Coffee Shop Headquarters
HQ Toy Store-icon
Toy Store Headquarters
HQ Burger Joint-icon
Burger Joint Headquarters
HQ Video Game Store-icon
Video Game Store Headquarters
HQ Diner-icon
Diner Headquarters
HQ Cosmetic Store-icon
Cosmetic Store Headquarters
HQ Pool Hall-icon
Pool Hall Headquarters
HQ Greek Restaurant-icon
Greek Restaurant Headquarters
HQ Indian Restaurant-icon
Indian Restaurant Headquarters
HQ Thai Restaurant-icon
Thai Restaurant Headquarters
HQ Taqueria-icon
Taqueria Headquarters
HQ Bike Shop-icon
Bike Shop Headquarters
HQ Shoe Store-icon
Shoe Store Headquarters
HQ French Restaurant-icon
French Restaurant Headquarters
HQ Laundromat-icon
Laundromat Headquarters
HQ Tofu Burger-icon
Tofu Burger Headquarters
HQ Dance Studio-icon
Dance Studio Headquarters
HQ Sunglasses Store-icon
Sunglasses Store Headquarters
HQ Department Store-icon
Department Store Heaquarters
HQ City Supermarket-icon
City Supermarket Headquarters
HQ Panini Shop-icon
Panini Shop Headquarters
HQ Italian Restaurant-icon
Italian Restaurant Headquarters
HQ Pizzeria-icon
Pizzeria Headquarters
HQ Cheese Market-icon
Cheese Market Headquarters
HQ Seafood Restaurant-icon
Seafood Restaurant Headquarters
HQ Handbag Store-icon
Handbag Store Headquarters
HQ Sushi Bar-icon
Sushi Bar Headquarters
HQ Wedding Store-icon
Wedding Store Headquarters
HQ Cinema-icon
Cinema Headquarters
HQ Chic Boutique-icon
Chic Boutique Headquarters
HQ Luggage Store-icon
Luggage Store Headquarters
HQ Jewelry Store-icon
Jewelry Store Headquarters
HQ Furniture Store-icon
Furniture Store Headquarters
HQ Music Store-icon
Music Store Headquarters
HQ Tower Eats-icon
Tower Eats Headquarters
HQ Corner Store-icon
Corner Store Headquarters
HQ Tavern-icon
Tavern Headquarters
HQ Tuxedo Rental-icon
Tuxedo Rental Headquarters
HQ DVD Rental Store-icon
DVD Rental Store Headquarters
HQ Jeans Store-icon
Jeans Store Headquarters
HQ Lamp Store-icon
Lamp Store Headquarters
HQ Seasonal Clothing-icon
Seasonal Clothing Headquarters
HQ Hot Cocoa Shop-icon
Hot Cocoa Shop Headquarters
HQ Appliances Store-icon
Appliances Store Headquarters
HQ Italian Ice Parlor-icon
Italian Ice Parlor Headquarters
HQ Extreme Sports Store-icon
Extreme Sports Store Headquarters

HQ Base & Billboard[]

Headquarters have a number of different appearances in colors and shapes. The main distinguishing difference is the billboard at the top of the building, which gives a clear indication of which business it represents.

Headquarters Base A
Headquarters Base A

Toy Store
Sunglasses Store
Sushi Bar
Tower Eats
Tuxedo Rental
Bike Shop
Department Store
Greek Restaurant
DVD Rental Store
Appliances Store
Extreme Sports Store

Headquarters Base B Headquarters Base B

Flower Kiosk
Burger Joint
Cosmetic Store
Shoe Store
Seafood Restaurant
Wedding Store
Corner Store
Music Store
Jewelry Store
City Supermarket
Jeans Store
Seasonal Clothing
Panini Shop
Italian Ice Parlor
Indian Restaurant

Headquarters Base C Headquarters Base C

Coffee Shop
Video Game Store
Pool Hall
French Restaurant
Italian Restaurant
Handbag Store
Dance Studio
Hot Cocoa Shop
Lamp Store
Chic Boutique
Furniture Store
Tofu Burger
Cheese Market
Luggage Store
Thai Restaurant


Not in game

Computer glitch rendering of type 1 headquarters.


Not in game

Computer glitch rendering of type 3 headquarters.