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The Hearts may refer to:

Player Help[]

Actionmenu hearts

Hearts are used for you and your neighbors to tell each other exactly where you need help when visiting your cities. This feature is available at Level-icon 10 Level.

How to use in your City[]

1) Go to the Tools tab and choose the Request Help Tool (Heart with "Get Help").
2) Then click on what you want help for:

  • Revive, water, or harvest crops
  • Salvage, speed up, or unload boats
  • Chop down trees
  • Collect rent from housing
  • Send tourbuses to businesses
  • Build businesses and housing under construction
A heart will be placed over the item. To remove the heart, click on the item again and the heart will return to your heart inventory.

3) Once your neighbor helps you out, the heart returns to your heart inventory. The higher reputation level you have, the more hearts you can place in your city. Visit your neigbors to increase your heart inventory!

How to help your Neighbor[]

1) Look at your neighbors bar (on the bottom, to the left side of your build menu) where you use to visit your neighbor.
2) See if there's a heart sign on any of your neighbors' picture, if you see one visit their City.
3) Look for hearts and help them out. You will receive bonus payouts on items marked with a heart.


In the Love Thy Neighbor-icon Love Thy Neighbor Goal, you are required to place 5 hearts in your city, and help friends in places they marked with the hearts.
In the Business Is Booming!-icon Business Is Booming! Goal, you are required to place 6 hearts in your city, and click on 10 hearts in your friends' cities.
In the Toy Chest Pains-icon Toy Chest Pains goal, you are required to place 20 hearts in your city.

Valentine's Day 2013 Material[]

Hearts 3-viral
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Type:Wall Post
Reset Time:4 hours
Expiration Time:48 hours
Cash:Cash-icon 4 Cash each
Host Reward:Hearts 3-viral Hearts
(Max: 6)
Help Reward:Hearts 3-viral Hearts
(Max: 6)

The Hearts is an item needed to complete the Happy Singles-icon Happy Singles, by combining one of these with one Broken Heart-icon Broken Heart.