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Hiking Supply Shop
Hiking Supply Shop-icon
Image © Zynga
CostCash-icon 35 Cash
ConstructionEnergy-icon 6 Energy
SuppliesGoods-icon 165 Goods
EarningsCoins-icon 999 Coins
EfficiencyCoins-icon 6.05 Coins per Goods-icon Good

The Hiking Supply Shop is a 3x3 limited edition business in CityVille. It was released during the Fall Event (2011). It costs Cash-icon 35 Cash to buy and Energy-icon 6 Energy to build.

It costs Cash-icon 35 Cash to buy and takes Energy-icon 6 Energy to build. Supplying it consumes Goods-icon 165 Goods. Collecting from it earns Coins-icon 999 Coins.

During the Birthday Sale-icon Birthday Sale, this item cost Cash-icon 23 Cash (35% off).

The Hiking Supply Shop-icon Hiking Supply Shop has an efficiency of 6.05 coins per good.

On 08/12/2012 it became a Natural Wonder themed building, and can drop: a Pearl 35%, Emerald 20%, or Ruby 10%. These are used to build Natural Wonders.

Direction SW Direction SE
Hiking Supply Shop-SW Hiking Supply Shop-SE