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Announce holidaytown4

Build your Holiday Town and get amazing prizes!

Holiday Town Expansion: "Expand to and build the first 3 areas of holiday town to get amazing gifts in the 4th area."

The location of expansions will vary. This was released during the Holiday Event (2011).

The completion of these expansions count as "Holiday Gates" of tasks in the Save The Holidays!-icon Save The Holidays! saga.

If the expansions are present on your city map, you can complete the tasks towards unlocking them without buying the expansions, but in order to get the rewards you must purchase the expansions.

Many players experienced problems with their Holiday Town expansions not appearing in their cities. As a result, Zynga placed the missing expansions in these players' inventories. Players can only place these 12x12 expansions on empty parts of their cities or need to purchase expansions and clear them before placing. Once these expansions have been placed, they cannot be moved until the tasks are completed.

Holiday Town Square[]

Holiday Giving Tree-icon

Expand here to start The Giving Tree goals! Help Santa decorate the Giving Tree and complete Holiday Town Square for 50% bonus!

Holidaytown Gate 1

Unlocked message: The Giving Tree is spreading its warmth and cheer upon Holiday Town and brightening everyone's spirits!

Unlocked Goals: Holiday Town!-icon Holiday Town!Star Power!-icon Star Power!Holiday Havoc!-icon Holiday Havoc!On Pins and Needles-icon On Pins and Needles



Feed holiday town tree I'm A Tree Hugger!

And decorator! Holiday Town, here we come! Don't you want to congratulate me?!

Mrs. Claus' Knitting Society[]

Knitting Society-icon

Save the Holiday Sweaters! Help Mrs. Claus build her Knitting Society for 4,500 max population!

Holidaytown Gate 2

Unlocked message: The holiday sweaters have been saved! Mrs. Claus is knitting up a storm so that everyone is bundled up for the holidays!



Feed holidaytown2 I'm A Knit Wit!

Mrs. Claus says so! Next stop, Holiday Town! Come on, congratulate me!

Santa's Sleigh[]

Santa's Sleigh-icon

Help Santa repair his broken sleigh so that he can deliver gifts of permits and energy to your citizens!


Unlocked message: Santa's Sleigh is repaired and Santa is ecstatic. All preparations are finished to deliver presents and cheer across the world!



Feed holidaytown3 I Need To Get Sleighed

Good thing I fixed Santa's sleigh! That's worth a few congratulations, right?!

Holiday Town[]

Unlock the other 3 Holiday Areas: decorating the Giving Tree, building Mrs. Claus' Knitting Society, and repairing Santa's Sleigh to unlock Holiday Town!

Holiday Town 0-SW Holiday Town 2-SW Holiday Town-SW

Unlocked message: Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves cannot thank you enough for all your help! They have decided to take up residence in City!



Feed holidaytown4 I Run This Town!

Player just unlocked Holiday Town by decorating the Giving Tree, building a Knitting Society, and repairing Santa's Sleigh! Congratulate them and get free energy.