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The Holiday Tree may refer to:

Christmas 2010[]

The Holiday Tree is a decoration that was released December 20th 2010 as part of the Holiday Event. The tree started small and would increase in size as the player collected presents and completed goals.

On December 25th gift unwrapping was added, this feature allowed players to open their Presents to receive decorations and other prizes, although the player should keep their presents to complete goals, opening them would lower the total count towards the goal.

After the event ended all player trees were automatically changed to max level and present unwraping was made a permanent addition (before the presents would need to be opened all before the event expiration), as a side effect many people who did not end their goals might see the icon popping on their list just to disapear moments after.

As of an unknown update, all trees regained the ability to ask friends for presents even after the event is over. As a result, any trees that were not removed, cannot be removed because "You can not sell the Holiday tree until the holidays are over". This is most likely a bug.


Place The Holiday Tree-icon Place The Holiday Tree Growing The Tree-icon Growing The Tree Keep Your Tree Growin'-icon Keep Your Tree Growin' Finish The Tree-icon Finish The Tree
Holiday Tree-stage 1 Holiday Tree-stage 2 Holiday Tree-stage 3 Holiday Tree-stage max
0 Presents 10 Presents 30 Presents 80 Presents


Item Possibility
Coins-icon 50 Coins 14%
XP-icon 1 XP 14%
Goods-icon 25 Goods 14%
Energy-icon 1 Energy 14%
Coins-icon 100 Coins 2%
XP-icon 2 XP 2%
Goods-icon 50 Goods 2%
Energy-icon 2 Energy 2%
Chocolate Sidewalk-icon Chocolate Sidewalk 15%
Poinciana Tree-icon Poinciana Tree 2%
Fence-icon Fence 2%
Zoning Permit-icon Zoning Permit 2%
Lion Ice Sculpture-icon Lion Ice Sculpture 2%
Plastic Penguin-icon Plastic Penguin 2%
Well-icon Well 2%
Fountain-icon Fountain 1%
Red Holiday Tree-icon Red Holiday Tree 1%
Hanging Flower-icon Hanging Flower 1%
Giraffe Bush Sculpture-icon Giraffe Bush Sculpture 1%
Panda Ice Sculpture-icon Panda Ice Sculpture 1%
Plastic Snowman-icon Plastic Snowman 1%
Moose-icon Moose 1%
Santa Ice Sculpture-icon Santa Ice Sculpture 1%
Snowball Fight-icon Snowball Fight 1%

Christmas 2012[]

Holiday Tree
Holiday Tree 2-icon
Image © Zynga
Reward for:Chilled Perfection-icon Chilled Perfection
Requirement:Population-icon 10 Population

The Holiday Tree is a 2x2 upgradeable building available in CityVille. It was released during the Winter (2012) Event.

It is available for free when placed during the Chilled Perfection-icon Chilled Perfection and gives no payout boost to businesses and residences.

Upgrading this will allow players to collect different types of gifts during the associated event. Once fully upgraded, it will become the Lit Holiday Tree.

Removal sends it to the players Inventory.


Image Level Building Materials Reward
Green Tree Lights Blue Tree Lights Orange Tree Lights Yellow Tree Lights Purple Tree Lights Holiday Tree Stand
Holiday Tree 2 Level 1-icon Level 1 Green Tree Lights-viral
Blue Tree Lights-viral
Orange Tree Lights-viral
Yellow Tree Lights-viral
Purple Tree Lights-viral
Holiday Tree Stand-icon
Holiday Tree 2 Level 2-icon Level 2 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 5x Zoning Permit-doober 2 Zoning Permits
Holiday Tree 2 Level 3-icon Level 3 4x 4x 4x 4x 4x 7x Energy-icon 12 Energy
Holiday Tree 2 Level 4-icon Level 4 5x 5x 5x 5x 5x 9x Coins-icon 100,000 Coins
Holiday Tree 2 Level 5-icon Level 5 8x 8x 8x 8x 8x 11x Zoning Permit-doober 3 Zoning Permits
Holiday Tree 2-icon Level 6 10x 10x 10x 10x 10x 14x Energy-icon 15 Energy
Holiday Tree 2-icon Level 7 Ice Holiday Gift-icon
50x Ice Holiday Gifts


Upgrading the Holiday Tree will allow the player to hold different types of gifts.
Level 1: Holds Blue Holiday Gift-icon Blue Holiday Gift
Level 2: Holds Green Holiday Gift-icon Green Holiday Gift
Level 3: Holds Red Holiday Gift-icon Red Holiday Gift
Level 4: Holds Silver Holiday Gift-icon Silver Holiday Gift
Level 5: Holds Gold Holiday Gift-icon Gold Holiday Gift
Level 6: Holds Ice Holiday Gift-icon Ice Holiday Gift


Level 1[]

Direction SW Direction SE
Holiday Tree 2 Level 1-SW Holiday Tree 2 Level 1-SE

Level 2[]

Direction SW Direction SE
Holiday Tree 2 Level 2-SW Holiday Tree 2 Level 2-SE

Level 3[]

Direction SW Direction SE
Holiday Tree 2 Level 3-SW Holiday Tree 2 Level 3-SE

Level 4[]

Direction SW Direction SE
Holiday Tree 2 Level 4-SW Holiday Tree 2 Level 4-SE

Level 5[]

Direction SW Direction SE
Holiday Tree 2 Level 5-SW Holiday Tree 2 Level 5-SE

Level 6[]

Direction SW Direction SE
Holiday Tree 2 Level 6-SW Holiday Tree 2 Level 6-SE

Level 7[]

Direction SW Direction SE
Holiday Tree 2-SW Holiday Tree 2-SE

Christmas 2013[]

Holiday Tree
Holiday Tree 3-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirement:XP-icon Level 20
Cost:Cash-icon 5 Cash
Sale Cost:Cash-icon 4 Cash (save 20%)
Bonus:Bonus-icon +1% Payout
Area of Effect: 3 square radius

The Holiday Tree is a 1x1 Limited Edition Holiday decoration available in CityVille.

It costs Cash-icon 5 Cash to buy and gives a 1% payout boost to both businesses and housing.

Direction SW Direction SE
Holiday Tree 3-SW Holiday Tree 3-SE