Honeymoon Sailboat-SW

The Honeymoon Sailboat is a vehicle that is sent from the Sailboat Pier. Depending on the route chosen, it will take up different amounts of time and fuel. There are a variety of rewards. It takes Energy-icon 2 Energy to unload.

Each time you send the Sailboat, you must choose a destination. Repeatedly collecting from the same route gives you Mastery levels. Getting 3 Stars on a route will give you a reward item. Refer to the chart for route and reward information.

People can post Sailboat trips on their walls. Clicking on them will create Tourists in the neighbor's city when the sailboat is collected from. Neighbors will visit your city if they click on your posts, and Experience will be dropped from a plane. It's XP-icon 10 XP for each trip. Clicking on a neighbor's boat that's left the pier will speed its return.

Sailboat MissionsEdit

Routes Time Requires Collect Reward Mastery Reward
Caribbean Visa-viral
Caribbean Honeymoon
10 minutes Peach Bubbly-icon 5x Peach Bubbly Coins-icon 1,000 Coins
Goods-icon 50 Goods
XP-icon 10 XP
Peach Bubbly-icon 2x Peach Bubbly
Coral Reef Visa-viral Coral Reef Visa
Hawaii Visa-viral Hawaii Visa
Party Palace-SW
Party Palace
Hawaii Visa-viral
Hawaii Honeymoon
30 minutes Peach Bubbly-icon 15x Peach Bubbly Coins-icon 2,000 Coins
Goods-icon 100 Goods
XP-icon 15 XP
Peach Bubbly-icon 5x Peach Bubbly
Coral Reef Visa-viral Coral Reef Visa
Bora Bora Visa-viral Bora Bora Visa
Luau Lounge-SW
Luau Lounge
Coral Reef Visa-viral
Coral Reef Honeymoon
1 hour Peach Bubbly-icon 25x Peach Bubbly Coins-icon 4,000 Coins
Goods-icon 200 Goods
XP-icon 17 XP
Peach Bubbly-icon 5x Peach Bubbly
Amber Bubbly-icon 5x Amber Bubbly
Bora Bora Visa-viral Bora Bora Visa
Coral Castle-SW
Coral Castle
Bora Bora Visa-viral
Bora Bora Honeymoon
2 hours Amber Bubbly-icon 10x Amber Bubbly Coins-icon 7,000 Coins
Goods-icon 250 Goods
XP-icon 20 XP
Peach Bubbly-icon 5x Peach Bubbly
Amber Bubbly-icon 10x Amber Bubbly
French Riviera Visa-viral French Riviera Visa
Lazy Lagoon-SW
Lazy Lagoon
French Riviera Visa-viral
French Riviera Honeymoon
8 hours Amber Bubbly-icon 25x Amber Bubbly Coins-icon 15,000 Coins
Goods-icon 1,000 Goods
XP-icon 25 XP
Peach Bubbly-icon 5x Peach Bubbly
Amber Bubbly-icon 5x Amber Bubbly
The Yacht Yard-SW
The Yacht Yard
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