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This goal has been removed as of October 25, 2011.

Hook, Line, & Sinker
Hook, Line, & Sinker-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 50
Release DateAugust 12, 2011
DescriptionSomething smells fishy about all this. Hey, that's it! I'll make 'em wish they'd never left those ships!
Mission fromCaptain Rusty 2-icon Captain Rusty
Send Cruise Ship-iconSupply 5 Cruise Ships
(Cash-icon 80 Cash)
Harvest cabbage iconHarvest 40 Cabbage
(Cash-icon 60 Cash)
Send 30 tourbuses cinema-iconSend 30 Tour Buses to Cinemas
(Cash-icon 60 Cash)
CoinsCoins-icon 2,800 Coins
Goal Completion
DescriptionLooks like most of 'em took the bait! It's times like these that I wish I had a shark costume.
Goods ShareGoods-icon 50 Goods
A Shore Thing-icon Cruise Control Hook, Line, & Sinker-icon Hook, Line, & Sinker Pool Pigeon-icon For The Birds

The Hook, Line, & Sinker is a normal City goal in CityVille.

Captain Rusty says: "Arrgh! All these land lubbin' tourists are floppin' around my pier like a bunch of sea lions! This has to stop!"

Tourist Trapper-goal


Beachparty feed City is teeming with tourists!

Player has teamed up with Rusty to try to wrangle all the tourists and get them off the pier. Their best idea so far, unfortunately, involves the use of lobster traps.