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Houses are buildings that increase Player's City Population and provide Player with rent. Houses do not need supplies. New Houses can be obtained by Daily Bonus, leveling up, completing certain Goals or Collections, buying from RewardVille or having a certain amount of neighbors. All Houses bought in the Build Menu are only a Framework, which must be built to complete the construction. Each building has different times between each time you can collect rent and collection items, scaling from 5 min to 4.2 days. Collection items given can change according to the house you are collecting from. As of April 23rd, 2011, Zynga has added population increase to the things possible to collect when harvesting houses. As of August, 23, 2011, you can now remodel some houses.

There is not much information available on this, as of yet. Population is increased with "Pop Min" in the table below upon construction and will go up towards "Pop Max" in increments. Every collection, a house will drop a moving van, similar to the way they drop collectables. Collecting this van will increase population for that house. Chance of drop is low. There are various moving van sizes, that allow for smaller or larger increase in population for that house. Population upgrades are proportional to house size, so a drop for Parkside Villa would be larger than for a smaller house. Parkside Villa, e.g., increments in steps of 60 population (1300, 1360, 1420, etc a total of 14 steps). Bay Point Duplex, in 40 increments (230, 270, 310, etc, a total of 6 steps).


This is a list of the houses currently available in the Build Menu. For all housing, see here.

Name Cost Population-icon.png Min-Max
Coins-icon.png Rent Coins Rent Period Size Energy-icon.png Builds
Rent/Hour Requirements Collection given Category Remodeling Cost/Pop.
Cozy Cottage-icon.png
Cozy Cottage
00000000000000000200Coins-icon.png 200 Coins 00000000000000000010Population-icon.png10-20 50 00000000000000000060every 1 hours 3x3 Energy-icon.png2 50


Peaceful Living Collection Family Yes 10
Farm House.png
Farm House
00000000000000000200Coins-icon.png 200 Coins 00000000000000000020Population-icon.png20-30 Energy-icon.png7 Apartment No
Gablefront House.png
Farm House
Energy-icon.png7 Apartment No
House Siding SW.png
House Siding
Energy-icon.png7 Apartment No
House Brick SW.png
House Brick
Energy-icon.png7 Apartment No
Large Motel
Energy-icon.png7 Apartment No
Mission House SW.png
Mission House
Energy-icon.png7 Apartment No
Townhouse L1 icon.png
Energy-icon.png7 Apartment No
Family Townhouse-icon.png
Family Townhouse
00000000000000000400Coins-icon.png 400 Coins 00000000000000000020Population-icon.png20-30 00000000000000000100Coins-icon.png 100 Coins 00000000000000000240every 4 hours 4x4 Energy-icon.png2 25 XP-icon.png Level 3 Suburbia Collection Family Yes 13.3
Country Home-icon.png
Country Home
00000000000000000600Coins-icon.png 600 Coins 00000000000000000030Population-icon.png30-50 00000000000000000010Coins-icon.png 10 Coins 00000000000000000005every 5 min 4x4 Energy-icon.png2 120 XP-icon.png Level 3 Rural Collection Family Yes 12
Suburban House-icon.png
Suburban House
00000000000000000800Coins-icon.png 800 Coins 00000000000000000040Population-icon.png40-60 00000000000000000180Coins-icon.png 180 Coins 00000000000000001080every 18 Hour 4x4 Energy-icon.png2 10 XP-icon.png Level 4 Suburbia Collection Family No 13.3
Loft Apartments-icon.png
Loft Apartments
00000000000000001000Coins-icon.png 1,000 Coins 00000000000000000050Population-icon.png50-80 00000000000000000220Coins-icon.png 220 Coins 00000000000000003024every 2.1 days 4x4 Energy-icon.png3 4.4 XP-icon.png Level 5 Main Street Collection Apartment No 12.5
Modern Chateau-icon.png
Modern Chateau
00000000000000001500Coins-icon.png 1,500 Coins 00000000000000000060Population-icon.png60-200 00000000000000000200Coins-icon.png 200 Coins 00000000000000001440every day 4x4 Energy-icon.png3 8.3 The Burger Joint-icon.png The Burger Joint High Society Collection Mansion No 15
Terraced Brownstone-icon.png
Terraced Brownstone
00000000000000002500Coins-icon.png 2,500 Coins 00000000000000000070Population-icon.png70-130 00000000000000000150Coins-icon.png 150 Coins 00000000000000000480every 8 hours 3x3 Energy-icon.png4 18.8 XP-icon.png Level 10 City Life Collection Apartment Yes 19.2
Brownstone 3-NE.png
Brownstone 3
3x3 Energy-icon.png4 Apartment No
Stylish Contemporary-icon.png
Stylish Contemporary
00000000000000003500Coins-icon.png 3,500 Coins 00000000000000000080Population-icon.png80-140 00000000000000000240Coins-icon.png 240 Coins 00000000000000004464every 3.1 days 3x3 Energy-icon.png4 3.2 8 Neighbors Main Street Collection Family No 25
Apartment Complex-icon.png
Apartment Complex
00000000000000004500Coins-icon.png 4,500 Coins 00000000000000000090Population-icon.png90-170 00000000000000000210Coins-icon.png 210 Coins 00000000000000001440every day 4x4 Energy-icon.png5 8.8 XP-icon.png Level 15 City Life Collection Apartment Yes 26.5
Family Truckster-icon.png
Family Truckster
00000000000000005000Coins-icon.png 5,000 Coins 00000000000000000090Population-icon.png90-180 00000000000000000188Coins-icon.png 188 Coins 00000000000000001440every day 2x2 Energy-icon.png5 7.8 XP-icon.png Level 20 Vacation No 27.8
Ranch House-icon.png
Ranch House
00000000000000006000Coins-icon.png 6,000 Coins 00000000000000000100Population-icon.png100-200 00000000000000000189Coins-icon.png 189 Coins 00000000000000001080every 18 hours 4x4 Energy-icon.png5 10.5 10Neighbors Rural Collection Family No 30
TV Terrace-icon.png
TV Terrace
00000000000000010500Coins-icon.png 10,500 Coins 00000000000000000190Population-icon.png190-350 00000000000000000011Coins-icon.png 11 Coins 00000000000000000005every 5 min 4x4 5 132 Out of Town Birds!-icon.png Out of Town Birds! Suburbia Collection Family No 30
Dordogne Duplex-icon.png
Dordogne Duplex
00000000000000006000Coins-icon.png 6,000 Coins 00000000000000000100Population-icon.png100-200 00000000000000000095Coins-icon.png 95 Coins 00000000000000000120every 2 hours 4x4 Energy-icon.png6 47.5 XP-icon.png Level 20 Apartment No 30
Milan Apartments-icon.png
Milan Apartments
00000000000000007000Coins-icon.png 7,000 Coins 00000000000000000100Population-icon.png100-200 00000000000000000215Coins-icon.png 215 Coins 00000000000000001440every day 4x4 Energy-icon.png5 8.95 XP-icon.png Level 23 Italian Cuisine Collection Apartment No 35
Upscale Condos-icon.png
Upscale Condos
00000000000000008000Coins-icon.png 8,000 Coins 00000000000000000110Population-icon.png110-210 00000000000000000052Coins-icon.png 52 Coins 00000000000000000060every hours 4x4 Energy-icon.png6 52 XP-icon.png Level 25 Down Town Collection Apartment No 38.1
Private Estate-icon.png
Private Estate
00000000000000007500Coins-icon.png 7,500 Coins 00000000000000000120Population-icon.png120-220 00000000000000000150Coins-icon.png 150 Coins 00000000000000000480every 8 hours 3x6 Energy-icon.png5 18.75 XP-icon.png Level 25 High Society Collection Mansion No 34.1
Tuscan Villa-icon.png
Tuscan Villa
00000000000000009500Coins-icon.png 9,500 Coins 00000000000000000110Population-icon.png110-220 00000000000000000080Coins-icon.png 80 Coins 00000000000000000120every 2 hours 3x3 Energy-icon.png6 40 XP-icon.png Level 29 Italian Cuisine Collection Mansion No 43.2
Colonial Chalet-icon.png
Colonial Chalet
00000000000000010000Coins-icon.png 10,000 Coins 00000000000000000120Population-icon.png120-240 00000000000000000158Coins-icon.png 158 Coins 00000000000000000480every 8 hours 3x3 Energy-icon.png6 19.8 15 Neighbors High Society Collection Family No 41.7
Hotel Suites-icon.png
Hotel Suites
00000000000000012500Coins-icon.png 12,500 Coins 00000000000000000130Population-icon.png130-250 00000000000000000231Coins-icon.png 231 Coins 00000000000000003024every 2.1 days 3x6 Energy-icon.png7 4.6 XP-icon.png Level 35 Down Town Collection No 50
Breezy Cabin-icon.png
Breezy Cabin
00000000000000020000Coins-icon.png 20,000 Coins 00000000000000000130Population-icon.png130-250 00000000000000000303Coins-icon.png 303 Coins 00000000000000004464every 3.1 days 3x3 Energy-icon.png7 4.07 XP-icon.png Level 37 Suburbia Collection Vacation No 80
Contemporary Get-Away-icon.png
Contemporary Get-Away
00000000000000000000not buyable 00000000000000002200Population-icon.png2,200-4,200 00000000000000000401Coins-icon.png 401 Coins 00000000000000000401every 2.1 days 4x4 Energy-icon.png7 8.02 Complete Take A Load Off!-icon.png Take A Load Off! Apartment No
Madera Mansion-icon.png
Madera Mansion
00000000000000080000Coins-icon.png 80,000 Coins 00000000000000000290Population-icon.png290-560 00000000000000000312Coins-icon.png 312 Coins 00000000000000000312every 1 day 5x5 Energy-icon.png7 13 XP-icon.png Level 30 Apartment No
Energy-icon.png7 Apartment No
Craftsman Bungalow.png
Craftsman Bungalow
Energy-icon.png7 Apartment No
Casa de Carmen-icon.png
Casa de Carmen
00000000000000000035Cash-icon.png 35 Cash 00000000000000000400Population-icon.png400-800 00000000000000000292Coins-icon.png 292 Coins 00000000000000000292every 18 hours 5x5 Energy-icon.png7 16.2 Apartment No
Timeshare Tower-icon.png
Timeshare Tower
00000000000000030000Coins-icon.png 30,000 Coins 00000000000000000140Population-icon.png140-280 00000000000000000230Coins-icon.png 230 Coins 00000000000000001440every day 3x3 Energy-icon.png7 9.58 XP-icon.png Level 40 Tourism Collection Vacation Yes 107.1
Skyscraper Condos-icon.png
Skyscraper Condos
00000000000000500000Coins-icon.png 500,000 Coins 00000000000000000300Population-icon.png300-620 00000000000000000105Coins-icon.png 105 Coins 00000000000000000240every 4 hours 4x4 Energy-icon.png8 26.3 Jet Setter Collection No 806.5
Beachfront Condo-icon.png
Beachfront Condo
00000000000000500000Coins-icon.png 500,000 Coins 00000000000000000240Population-icon.png240-480 00000000000000000325Coins-icon.png 325 Coins 00000000000000001080every 18 hours 3x3 Energy-icon.png8 18.06 XP-icon.png Level 50 Tourism Collection Vacation No 1,041.7
Midtown Apartments-icon.png
Midtown Apartments
00000000000001100000Coins-icon.png 1,100,000 Coins 00000000000000000800Population-icon.png800-1,280 00000000000000000084Coins-icon.png 84 Coins 00000000000000000120every 2 hours 4x4 Energy-icon.png8 42 XP-icon.png Level 53 City Life Collection Apartment No 859.4
Glass Condos-icon.png
Glass Condos
00000000000000600000Coins-icon.png 600,000 Coins 00000000000000000400Population-icon.png400-700 00000000000000000165Coins-icon.png 165 Coins 00000000000000000480every 8 hours 4x4 Energy-icon.png8 20.6 XP-icon.png Level 55 Jet Setter Collection Apartment No 857.1
Atrium Lofts-icon.png
Atrium Lofts
00000000000000750000Coins-icon.png 750,000 Coins 00000000000000000500Population-icon.png500-920 00000000000000000220Coins-icon.png 220 Coins 00000000000000001440every day 5x5 Energy-icon.png8 9.2 XP-icon.png Level 60 Jet Setter Collection Apartment No 815.2
Parkside Villa-icon.png
Parkside Villa
00000000000001750000Coins-icon.png 1,750,000 Coins 00000000000000001300Population-icon.png1,300-2,140 00000000000000000500Coins-icon.png 500 Coins 00000000000000003024every 2.1 days 4x4 Energy-icon.png9 9.9 XP-icon.png Level 63 High Society Collection Mansion No 817.8
Garden Cottage-icon.png
Garden Cottage
00000000000001000000Coins-icon.png 1,000,000 Coins 00000000000000000700Population-icon.png700-1,180 00000000000000000195Coins-icon.png 195 Coins 00000000000000000480every 8 hours 3x3 Energy-icon.png9 24.38 XP-icon.png Level 65 Suburbia Collection No 847.5
Coastal House-icon.png
Coastal House
00000000000000400000Coins-icon.png 400,000 Coins 00000000000000000210Population-icon.png210-420 00000000000000000600Coins-icon.png 600 Coins 00000000000000003024every 2.1 days 4x4 Energy-icon.png6 12 Vacation No 952.4
Eco House.png
Eco House
00000000000000750000Coins-icon.png 750,000 Coins 00000000000000000950Population-icon.png950-1,580 00000000000000000500Coins-icon.png 500 Coins 00000000000000001440every day 3x3 Energy-icon.png10 20.8 Family No 1,111.1
Eco Skyscraper-icon.png
Eco Skyscraper
00000000000010000000Coins-icon.png 10,000,000 Coins 00000000000000005000Population-icon.png5,000-8,000 00000000000000000750Coins-icon.png 750 Coins 00000000000000003024every 2.1 days 4x4 Energy-icon.png10 15.6 25px The Sky's The Limit! No 1,250
Cubic Modular-icon.png
Cubic Modular
00000000000150000000Coins-icon.png 15,000,000 Coins 00000000000000007500Population-icon.png7,500-13,500 00000000000000001000Coins-icon.png 1,000 Coins 00000000000000003024every 2.1 days 5x5 Energy-icon.png10 41.7 XP-icon.png Level 85 Apartment No 1,111.1
Newlywed House-icon.png
Newlywed House
00000000000000000000not buyable 00000000000000000100Population-icon.png100-200 00000000000000000012Coins-icon.png 12 Coins 00000000000000000005every 5 min 3x3 Energy-icon.png7 156 Completion of Bridal Collection Rural Collection Family No -
Penthouse Tower-icon.png
Penthouse Tower
00000000000000000000 not buyable 00000000000000000200Population-icon.png200-400 00000000000000000230Coins-icon.png 230 Coins 00000000000000001440every day 3x3 Energy-icon.png8 9.6 Daily Bonusreward(2% chance on 5th day) Jet Setter Collection No -
Lake House-icon.png
Lake House
00000000000000000010Cash-icon.png 10 Cash 00000000000000000090Population-icon.png90-170 00000000000000000180Coins-icon.png 180 Coins 00000000000000000120every 2 hours 3x3 Energy-icon.png3 90 Peaceful Living Collection Vacation No -
Swerve Studios-icon.png
Swerve Studios
00000000000000000080Cash-icon.png 80 Cash 00000000000000001000Population-icon.png1,000-1,960 00000000000000000249Coins-icon.png 249 Coins 00000000000000000249every 8 hours 5x5 Energy-icon.png7 31.125 Complete Take A Load Off!-icon.png Take A Load Off! Apartment No
Coastal Rowhouse-icon.png
Coastal Rowhouse
00000000000000000120ZCoin-icon.png 120 zCoins 00000000000000000100Population-icon.png100-200 00000000000000000173Coins-icon.png 173 Coins 00000000000000000030every 30 min 3x3 Energy-icon.png3 34.6 ZLevel-icon.png 60 zLevel Apartment No -
Downtown Flat-icon.png
Downtown Flat
00000000000000000140ZCoin-icon.png 140 zCoins 00000000000000000120Population-icon.png120-240 00000000000000000115Coins-icon.png 115 Coins 00000000000000000240every 4 hours 3x3 Energy-icon.png3 28.7 ZLevel-icon.png 60 zLevel No -
Skyrise Heights-icon.png
Skyrise Heights
00000000000000000160ZCoin-icon.png 160 zCoins 00000000000000000140Population-icon.png140-280 00000000000000000253Coins-icon.png 253 Coins 00000000000000003024every 2.1 days 4x4 Energy-icon.png3 5.27 ZLevel-icon.png 60 zLevel No -
Stepped Skyscraper-icon.png
Stepped Skyscraper
00000000000000000200ZCoin-icon.png 200 zCoins 00000000000000000220Population-icon.png220-460 00000000000000000057Coins-icon.png 57 Coins 00000000000000000480every 8 hours 5x5 Energy-icon.png5 7.1 ZLevel-icon.png 70 zLevel No -

Cost and Efficiency[]

A player should assess their own situation and consider which housing will be more beneficial to them. Some players who have enough time to spend in their cities to effectively use businesses, or "active" players, may prefer to ignore the coin intake aspect of housing and instead focus on how they can best use housing to build up their population to assist their businesses. However, more casual players who cannot play often or for longer periods, may consider housing a valuable method of collecting coins.

Most profitable houses[]

In terms of rent per hour, the Newlywed House can give 144 coins per hour. However, this would require using all energy gained naturally through the game's energy replenishment system. The TV Terrace is the second most profitable house, it gives 132 coins per hour.

Therefore, it would seem best to build Upscale Condos if you were looking for an energy efficient house with a good return of coins, that does not cost CityVille cash. At 52 coins per hour, it only returns 2 coins more than Cozy Cottages, which are significantly cheaper to build. However, Cozy Cottages do have a much smaller population than Upscale Condos which is worth considering if the player is committed to profiting from businesses.

Efficiently building population[]

Building up population is important in CityVille for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are a number of in-game goals which require you to increase your population to set amount such as "Fuel Town Finances!". But, perhaps more importantly, having a high population means your businesses will be more successful and turn over at a much faster speed. Basically, the more citizens you have, the more citizens who will be visiting your shops and restaurants.

When focusing on building population, players should, of course, build houses with higher population. However, in terms of cost and space efficiency, it becomes apparent that higher level buildings such as Glass Condos and Atrium Lofts, which become unlocked in the highest levels and carry very expensive cost, are not very cost efficient.

Housing Building Cost Population How many required per 1000 citizens Cost per 1000 citizens
Ranch Houses 6,000 coins 100 10 60,000 coins
Upscale Condos 8,000 coins 110 10 80,000 coins
Colonial Chalet 10,000 coins 120 9 90,000 coins
Hotel Suites 12,500 coins 130 8 100,000 coins
Sprawling Mansion 15,000 coins 140 8 120,000 coins
Skyscraper Condos 500,000 coins 300 4 2,000,000 coins
Glass Condos 600,000 coins 400 3 1,800,000 coins
Atrium Lofts 750,000 coins 500 2

1,500,000 coins

Midtown Apartments 1,100,000 coins 800 2 2,200,000 coins
Parkside Villa 1,750,000 coins 1300 1 1,175,000 coins

{C}As the chart shows, the three housing buildings with the highest population are very inefficient in terms of cost. To raise population by 1,000, a player could build 6 Ranch Houses at 1.3% of the cost that they would pay to build Atrium Lofts to raise the population to the same amount.

Colonial Chalets, for example, are a favourable choice as they only take up a 3x3 space (thus meaning a player could place 2 Colonial Chalets in the same space used to build Hotel Suites). However the spring bunglow is the best house available in respect to cost and population.Compared to Colonial Chalets, it costs 1000 less (i.e. 9000) and adds 10 more population than Colonial Chalets at the same area (i.e. 3x3).

Space Efficiency[]

Optimizing land space is another factor to consider. Not only does this conserve land so that it can be used for other things, the closer housing is to a business, the less travel time there is for the inhabitants. To optimize space, consider destroying low-value housing that was constructed in the early days of city construction. Since housing units appreciate in value as they are used (holding more population), units should be deleted as soon as they can be economically replaced: Then the appreciation will happen on permanent units.

Maximizing Housing potential[]

Active players[]

If a player is very active in Cityville, housing may seem a very inefficient way to earn coins. Building up a population is largely useful for businesses - the higher the city's population, the more citizens are available to shop in the city's businesses. Therefore, an active and high level player may wish to focus on buildings which house a high number of citizens, such as Parkside Villas, Garden Cottages, Skyscraper Condos, Glass Condos and Atrium Lofts. An active and high level player might also want to focus on space efficient housing; thus, Parkside Villa. Although these can't be collected from as often as houses with a lower population increase such as Upscale Condos and Colonial Chalets, they serve a greater purpose to players who focus on harvesting goods supplies and keeping their businesses turning over.

Casual players[]

Players who are not active with their cities may find housing a lot more useful than active players. If a player can only play for short periods of time, they probably won't find businesses to be profitable enough to help them advance through the levels. However, housing provides a good way for these players to stay afloat and, though it only provides a small amount of coins per day, housing can essentially be one of their only sources of coins. If a player knows generally what time they will play each day, they can benefit from building houses which are ready for rent collection at that same time each day - so, building a house with a 1 day "cooldown" such as Modern Chateau's or Sprawling Mansions. If a player determines exactly how many hours occur between each log in on a general basis, they can choose housing accordingly. Players who only play once every 3 days should therefore focus on building Stylish Contemporary housing, or Loft Apartments.

Collections requiring houses[]

Collection Houses Required
Peaceful Living Collection Cozy Cottage / Lake House
Suburbia Collection Family Townhouse / Suburban House
Main Street Collection Loft Appartments / Stylish Contemporary
City Life Collection Chateau / Terraced Brownstone / Apartment Complex
Rural Collection Country Home / Upscale Condos / Newlywed House / Rita's Country Home / Ranch House
High Society Collection Colonial Chalet / Sprawling Mansion/Parkside Villa
Down Town Collection Upscale Condos / Hotel Suites
Jet Setter Collection Skyscraper Condos / Penthouse / Glass Condos