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Completion:Muffler-viral 9x Muffler
Performance Tires-icon 9x Performance Tires
Leather Seats-icon 9x Leather Seats
Floor Mats-icon 9x Floor Mats
Rearview Mirror-viral 9x Rearview Mirror
Bonus:Fills businesses 32x faster

The Inferno is an exotic car in CityVille. It can be built in the Custom Car Shop. Once completed, it will fill businesses 32x faster than the normal rate.

It becomes available during the Over The Long Haul!-icon Over The Long Haul! goal.

Trivia Edit

The Inferno driving in the city is based on the Jaguar E-Type, but in the the thumbnail, it is based on the Alfa Romeo TZ2 or TZ3 with some parts from the Ferrari 550 Maranello

Car Inferno

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