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January 2012: release notes of additions/improvements and fixes in CityVille of this month.

January 01[]

CityVille Update: January 1st 2012

January 02[]

CityVille Update: January 2nd 2012

January 04[]

CityVille Update: January 4th 2012
Parisian Arch!-icon Parisian Arch!French Cuisine-icon French CuisineSeeing Double-icon Seeing Double
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with items with Expansion quests disappearing.
    • Added confirmation when using Buy All for Car Parts
    • Fixed a localization issue occurring with Internet Explorer
    • Introduced an Inventory Cap for Skyscraper Items
    • Resolved a ZSC loading issue.

January 05[]

CityVille Update: January 5th 2012
  • Released New Year's Resolution Goals.
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the AOE issue not being applied to a Level 3 Mega Nail Salon.
    • Fixed the issue with Petitions for the Wind Farm Quest not counting.
    • Pushed a fix for the Neighbor tend icon appearing in the upper left hand corner issue. This should no longer prevent the accepting of neighbor help.
    • Resolved the unlock cash option not appearing for some users when attempting to expand

January 06[]

CityVille Update: January 6th 2012

January 08[]

CityVille Update: January 8th 2012

January 09[]

CityVille Update: January 9th 2012
  • Added German Content into the Build Menu.
  • Added a timer to specific expansion quests. 24 Hour Timer if quest has not been started and a 96 hours timer to players at Bronze Level.

January 10[]

CityVille Update: January 10th 2012
  • New Goal: Red Envelope Store!-icon Red Envelope Store!
  • Added the Mirror Heights Skyscraper to the Build Menu.
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the Bella Penthouse and Penthouse Tower issue. Players should now be able to place these items.
  • Fixed the Pastries not counting issue towards quest.

January 11[]

CityVille Update: January 11th 2012

January 12[]

CityVille Update: January 12th 2012

January 13[]

CityVille Update: January 13th 2012

January 14[]

CityVille Update: January 14th 2012

January 15[]

CityVille Update: January 15th 2012

January 16[]

CityVille Update: January 16th 2012

January 17[]

CityVille Update: January 17th 2012

January 18[]

CityVille Update: January 18th 2012
  • More Chinese content added.
  • Removed the buildable requirements for the Custom Car Shop.
  • Introduced new cars.
  • Adjusted specific crops and ships harvesting time and payouts.

January 19[]

CityVille Update: January 19th 2012
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the 95% loading issue caused by using the Mirror Heights Bonus and OOSing.
    • Corrected the pricing for the Parkside Villa and Chan Cottage.
    • Made the Snowman House non-deletable from inventory to prevent players from losing this item that is needed to completing a quest.
    • Fixed the ordering of quests.
    • Resolved the following neighbor issue. Players were previously being asked to send neighbor invites to players that were already their neighbor.

January 20[]

CityVille Update: January 20th 2012
  • Introduced the Chinese New Year Quest. This is a limited time quest that is available to players XP-icon Level 30+.
Chinese New Year!-icon Chinese New Year!Shanghai Bound!-icon Shanghai Bound!Year of the Dragon!-icon Year of the Dragon!Boy Meets Girl-icon Boy Meets Girl
  • Added a Cross Promotion for Hidden Chronicles. Players that reach Level 5 in Hidden Chronicles will receive a Hidden Chronicles Mansion-icon Hidden Chronicles Mansion and permits in CityVille.
  • Sneak Peak! Get ready to build an airport to connect it to the world coming soon! - Airports Coming Soon!
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the Venetian Palace placement issues. This item can now be placed on water and land.

January 21[]

CityVille Update: January 21st 2012
Go Out on a Limb!-icon Go Out on a Limb!Grow Your Business!-icon Grow Your Business!Reap the Benefits!-icon Reap the Benefits!

January 22[]

CityVille Update: January 22nd 2012

January 23[]

CityVille Update: January 23rd 2012
  • Fixes:
    • Corrected a text issue with the Dragon Parade! Quest. Changed text to state "Harvest 10 Rice Crops" to "Harvest 10 Golden Peas".
  • Fixed Null Error Text fix for the Dragon Parade Quest. Please confirm in the following thread if you are no longer experiencing issues.

January 24[]

CityVille Update: January 24th 2012
  • New Chinese housing: Ping Palace-icon Ping Palace
  • Introduced the Global Television Network Quest. This is available to players Level 55 and above.
Television Network-icon Television NetworkBreaking News!-icon Breaking News!File:Channel Surfing!-icon.png Channel Surfing!We're On The Air!-icon We're On The Air!
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved Export Port issue. This item will now be unlocked by reaching Level 35.

January 25[]

CityVille Update: January 25th 2012

January 26[]

CityVille Update: January 26th 2012
  • Introduced the Italian Castle Goal. This is available to players Level 30+.
Italian Castle!-icon Italian Castle!To Catch a Thief-icon To Catch a ThiefTourist Attraction!-icon Tourist Attraction!
  • Merged our CityVille Application Fans and CityVille Fan Page Fans. Please use the CityVille Fan Page for updates.
  • Finished rolling out the Great Pyramid Wonder feature to all players.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed a Mystery Gift issue when accepting through the ZSC.

January 27[]

CityVille Update: January 27th 2012
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the categorization issues for the Upgraded Inventory.
    • Resolved the Freighter and Super Freighter Issue for the Television Network Goal.
    • Fixed the Library issue for the Rotonda Quest. The Level 3 College Library should now count towards progress.
    • Made the Hotel Spa sellable item again.

January 28[]

CityVille Update: January 28th 2012

January 29[]

CityVille Update: January 29th 2012

January 30[]

CityVille Update: January 30th 2012
  • Airport Released.
  • All new Italian content added to Build Menu.
  • More board space added.